Updated: Nov 13, 2022
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Michigan , USA,
Oct 4, 2016,
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I can say first hand stay away from this site. I dont even know where to begin. There premium service is worthless their feeds are garbage and they have no real volume. If you choose to take part in their chat rooms you litterally have no free speech. its like trading in north korea. their mod guy named jasper who touts himself with a bermuda shirt and a forex expert plays the mall cop. Trading in their chat rooms is like a cancer that grows over time. The site mods will pick and choose what they think is appropriate. As a believer in free speech this site is every reason why the media twists everything don trump says. I would stay away from this place with both hands. I been trading for 4 years and since i went and joined that place it literally almost ruined my trading mentality. They also make false accusations against you. They called me prejudice and racist with no grounds. Bunch of yahoos there. Please spread the news about these guys. BEWARE BEWARE