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Updated: Jul 16, 2024

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1.215 • 16 REVIEWS

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Vasilios Bazil
Poole, United Kingdom,
Apr 19, 2024,
Registered user

£1000 /day, Upsells, and NO refunds.

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
I'm from UK. Learn to trade in 3 days is impossible, with pre recorded webinars at £1000 /day. Then BE AWARE of the up sell team, as this is where the experts manipulate to get the maximum of your hard earned cash. By the way NO REFUNDS. This is my experience after 8 months of trading and countless hours of screen time also losing many days of work to attend webinars. I can compare it to golf. If you have best coaches in the world and train many hours everyday, you will not be a pro and win a major tournament within 2 years. Fact 1) 400 000 people trained 800 or (2%) reviewed and not all good.
They offer extra strategies in exchange for good reviews, and you will notice 5 star reviews are all the newbies .
Fact 2 ) £5000000 spent on Smartcharts programme that struggles to give a winning signal.I am down 75 %
Fact 3) pseudonyms are used on the FB learn to trade page for the coaches .
Fact 4 ) THEY HAVE YOUR Dr./Cr. Card details but don't accept bank debit orders or direct deposit.
Fact 5) I'm in UK but initial capital was banked in Australia.
Fact 6) when you start to figure them out the support is stopped immediately. No REPLY to emails phone calls. The deal I was manipulated was £36000 for a funded account of 100000 and 20% of profits of coarse. Please take the time to do the proper research and when you read the smallprint "you can loose your entire investment" BELIEVE IT ! The catch is 3% per month for 3 months in a row limited to 2 years. There were people in the webinars on their 4th year already that could not achieve the 3% 3 months still doing the same courses.
Thanks for reading and hopefully they will do some jailtime.
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London, United Kingdom,
Apr 17, 2024,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
DO NOT deal with them. They are upselling bogus 'advanced programmes' which do not exist. I was asked to fund my account following their regular course. This money has never been credited to my account and they are now claiming it for an advanced course. They are unwilling to credit my account or return my money. Stay well clear.
Huddersfield, United Kingdom,
Apr 3, 2024,
Registered user

Learn to trade £87 for a £10,000 trading account.

Service use: Other Length of use: Have not used
So I pay the £87 (actually £88 was taken out of my account, then you have to book a day of training, I had to organise a day off work at short notice as they expect you to do it within the next few days, I am all happy at this point, I knew they were going to be pushing extra to this at cost, but as they said you get the 10K account to trade and the training to be profitable straight away, I was happy to do this / believe this is what I would get. No, basically they slag of MT4 saying its useless to trade on and say you need SMART CHARTS which does seem so good, that even my pet could trade using this platform. At the end of the day's 'so called training' they say you need to pay the discounted price of 5K +£69 per month to get smart charts (which I can not afford) and no mention of the 10K account to trade that I paid for.....They say leave your number and we'll call you. I explained there really isn't any point as I can't afford that unless you offer some sort of payment plan. They call, (George) speaks down to me because I say I can't afford it, say what could I pay per month, I say £200 a month, then he asks why I cant afford it, so I say I'm a single working class parent who has to pay all my bills and bringing my 3 children up on my own isn't cheap. He said well we have made this affordable for everyone, I said well you clearly haven't as I can't afford the 5k, then he just says come back to us in the future when you have! I am annoyed that I took the day off work and for nothing, it seems. just to be talked down to. I did say I feel ripped off as there was no mention of the 10K account without smart charts then he said you will get an email with the details in 7 working days.
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Leeds , United Kingdom,
Mar 4, 2024,
Registered user

Smart Charts, Learn to Trade, Greg Secker - all connected

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months

I first became interested in this company as they claimed to have a AI tool built into their software Smart Charts. This is plastered all over youtube. It's not AI, it's a group of human beings feeding patterns and price set ups into the software from autochartist and signal centre, two companies that they buy from. False advertising I am sure.
I parted with 17k and feel I am unlikely to receive a penny back from them. I initially paid 5k for a 3 day course which was interrupted by Gurdas with his 'sales pitch'. How much did I plan to trade with, how would I like to trade with 25k. You are led to believe that you will have access to this sum from day 1. They send you access to some groups via email, these groups don't make any sense because you're a novice at trading. Then they have you even if you decide its not for you, you've accessed their training and you're not entitled to a refund. The contract states you must achieve 3% profit for 3 consecutive months in order to receive the 25k company funded trading account, or an amount comparable to the initial fee paid. You put some more money into Smart charts whose only connected broker is Capital index (owned by Greg Secker). The spreads and overnight swap fees are not even competitive with other brokers, they're daylight robbery. Trades are often lost due to charges (all profit for Greg Secker).
You must have a monthly subscription to smart charts and fund a capital index broker account to try to achieve the 3% target. You have to gain the 3% using their strategies. The mentors I believe do know how to trade but certainly don't use the strategies provided by smartcharts. The strategies they provide are 1-1 risk to reward usually risking 2% capital. Lose a couple and its difficult to claw it back.
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South Coast, United Kingdom,
Feb 8, 2024,
Registered user

no refund

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Recently I paid £5000 for a training course with smartcharts.net. I have no complaints about the three day course, which was very professional.
I was given the option of a company account, whereby I invest £5000 through Smartcharts into Capital Markets. They would match this £5000 and would share in any profits made and I would have access to all their trading tools. I paid the £5000.
I was encouraged to join the breakfast club, whilst waiting for the account to open. I was given the link for a number of days and I attended 5.
Within the 14 day cooling off period I decided it was not for me and cancelled the agreement.
I was told that because I had attended the breakfast club I could not cancel and I would forfeit the £5000 paid to open the Capital Markets trading account.
I received an email to this effect and was told the case was closed, no refund would be given and subsequent emails have been ignored.
Their email:
“You have used and accessed parts of your programme within the 14-day cancellation period and because of this, all prices paid will thereafter become non-refundable.

Please note that you have purchased advanced courses and additional coaching that would help you learn further in trading with a chance to trade a Company Funded Trading account worth £5,000 given that you have met the criteria stated in your contract.

Courses that you have attended within your programme:
• Breakfast Club, Mon 15th Jan 2024, 08:00, FX
• Breakfast Club, Tue 16th Jan 2024, 08:00, FX
• Breakfast Club, Wed 17th Jan 2024, 08:00, FX
• Breakfast Club, Thu 18th Jan 2024, 08:00, FX
• Breakfast Club, Fri 19th Jan 2024, 08:00, FX”

This is grossly unfair because:
I did not ask to be allowed to attend the breakfast club
I was not told I would forfeit the £5000 to fund the Capital Markets account if I attended
My account was never opened and therefore I could not benefit from any of the breakfast club webinars
This is appalling behaviour and is at best to stealing £5000. I’m sure Capital Markets too would be concerned about working so closely with a company that operates in this way.
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Watford, United Kingdom,
Nov 29, 2023,
Registered user

Just follow the rules and you'll be fine.

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I first came across Greg when the company was known as Knowledge to Action. I paid my money, attended the live in-person course and went on to make some considerable gains using the tools I had been equipped with. Things took a downward turn when I altered my attitude towards risk management.

Personal circumstances dictated that I needed to take a break from trading for a while but I recently acquainted myself with the new system, attended a new set of training and went for the upgraded offer to get better signals through Smart Charts. Yes the brokerage is owned by Greg but you can use ANY broker you like. In fact there is no secret regarding brokerage ownership. The sessions that I attended were extremely candid about exactly how the broker / client relationship works, it just depends on whether or not you are listening to be honest. A considerable amount of time was spent explaining how many brokers / platforms dedicate a large portion of their budget to the classic "Churn and Burn" marketing techniques and how this is ultimately damaging for the business as a whole.

My package includes DAILY access to virtual trading rooms, mentoring, market monitoring, possible review of previous webinars / courses as well as access to upcoming courses in ALL elements of learning and training. Regular sessions on a 1-2-1 basis with my coach / mentor and regular sessions on trader psychology that really do keep you on track and get you to "Check yourself" before placing any trades.

Very high on the agenda is risk management and STRICT market analysis - both fundamental and technical - and your coach really does hold you to account, but more importantly gets you to hold YOURSELF to account. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme, nor should it be interpreted as such. However if you follow the rules that YOU draw up with your coach and MANAGE your RISK, you will see the right kind of returns.

Am I making money with Learn to Trade and Smart Charts? Absolutely!! Am I pulling in 20% a day making stupid risks? Absolutely not! but then it really does depend on your mental attitude and willingness to understand yourself as a trader. Typically I am seeing returns of between 3% and 8% per month. And guess what? If a trade goes south I don't sit whining about it. I re-check my analysis and LEARN from what happened.
Gold coast, Australia,
May 4, 2023,
Registered user

Big upsell after you pay 5k

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
As the below reviews. Don't do it you'll be asking payback to try and get your money back.
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Scotland , United Kingdom,
Apr 18, 2023,
Registered user

Big promises, but not worth it.

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
If there was a chance that the sales promise could have come good, then the headache and heartache could of been worth it. It wasn’t. On both counts. And here’s why.
No one who has the secret ingredient to making money through trading sells it to others. They trade it themselves. Rule
Number one of trading : another’s loss is another’s gain so no - the model they’re selling Isn’t bona fide : and no amount of fuzzy feel good philanthropy in marketing slides should persuade you to believe otherwise.
Rule two: company that has its education tied to its own broker is riddled with an inherent conflict of interest. Ie. Brokers earn commissions and this can be either profits or losses. Greg Secker makes his money from education AND from the trades you place - but that’s his little secret.
I’m not sure if the company has tidied up their act since I signed up, but their intake process is based on a lot of deception and the Stockholm factor is high. Why? No one wants to accuse fraud and simultaneously no one wants to admit to being ‘stupid’ enough to be defrauded either. It’s simply easier to choose the fuzzy feel goods and pretend it never happened, and go away and write a positive review because of some incentivised offer that covers the lies. Don’t fall for it. Either believing the positive reviews or falling foul of the brainwashing or letting them make you believe / do it either. If you’ve been ‘scammed,’ by this organisation there are people who can help.
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Sydney, Australia,
Aug 7, 2022,
Registered user

Not really a forex course

Service use: Live
I took this course (AU$5000) at the beginning of 2020. They provided educational materials and access (paid) to their proprietary trading platform, SmartCharts. Platform itself is well maid and gives you semi-automated trading signals, which you filter according to other criteria.

The course started at 8:00 am on a Saturday, and at the first tea break we were hit with the marketing spiel for a bigger and better course, which in essence was recruitment for a prop firm. It happened again at lunch. Later that day everyone received a phonecall where you were told about the details: the course would give you an access to all features of the software which would, verbatim, tell you "exactly where to buy or sell", and funded account of AU$50k. The cost of the course was AU$30 plus. Another phonecall at lunch that day. Mine was from one obnoxious marketer by the name Andrew who took the offer further and suggested another, an even better course, for AU$60. This option would give you a AU$100k account, if you demonstrated your ability to produce profits. In essence, you would not be taught to trade, but to operate the proprietary software, with the risk manager watching over your shoulder.

The course promised ongoing support for some time, and I must admit this was fulfilled, at least partially. My wife had couple of sessions with one of the traders who was quite helpful, at least for a while.

In spite of some education this is not really a forex course, but rather a marketing campaign to get more money out of you. You have to admire to audacity: you listen to the advert for three days and pay several thousand bucks for it. I give it two stars because it does provide some basic educational material and you do get to learn couple of trading strategies.
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Perth, Australia,
Jul 28, 2022,


Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Software provider doesn't support the signal's anymore. Gross upsells with high-pressure sales tactics while doing the course (They offer you course they value at 100k for 20k for example). 1:1 risk/reward on signals.
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