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Updated: Jun 4, 2018
3.77 · 15 REVIEWS
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3.77 · 15 REVIEWS
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Rotterdam, Netherlands,
May 31, 2018,
Registered user

Your crazy if your looking for a better trading group

After 2 years trying to figure things out for myself and losing a lot of money. I came across MM4X. I spend a little while in there free telegram chat and already saw the value they bring in the trading game. I knew I had to join them and that was one of the best decision I made. How can you not learn from someone who spend 12 years of his time trading like the banks do? The learning material is so rich and well explained that it instantly made me a better trader. i almost made all the money i lost. back within 6 months and still going strong. i would recommend anyone who is struggling to make profits as a trader to stop searching anywhere else and start learning at MM4X to gain a lifetime of knowledge and consistence profits. It all depends on you...
May 26, 2018,
Registered user

Best Forex Investment You Deserve

MM4X is an amazing community with amazing trainings and trading system./tools They have one of the best forex price action trainings out there. You get to learn tons of easy-to-apply trading strategies from various practical tutorials. You get to not only learn how to analyze the market accurately but also how to take trades with tight stops and minimal or no drawdowns.

The chat community is well organized for you to get the kind of support you want and require.

Mind you, the community is not designed to tolerate negativity or any form of negative vibes. If you want to join MM4X community, you must be willing to first learn, watch all the available trainings.

Those not willing to abide by the sane ethics of the community will be excused, so I guess am not surprised by the few lousy individuals already exited from the community.

For me, its still one of the best investments made towards my forex trading skill development as I see the market clearly more than ever.
Florida, USA,
May 25, 2018,

I have been using the MM4x trade assistant software for almost 2 years to date and I can honestly say that using it has been the reason for my trade success as I found this software at the beginning of my trade career. I'm sooo thankful that I found this company and its owner in my beginning stage of learning to trade the markets especially after hearing all the horror stories of blown accounts due to poor trading education. I'm considered bless to have not lost the thousands that others have because I received the right information and training from the start! Soooo if your looking for that missing puzzles in your trade success, MM4x is your missing link!!!
Texas, USA,
May 25, 2018,
Registered user

Forex knowledge for ANY skill level!

The content Yen guy and the mm4x team put out is gold!

I'm a new retail trader, less than 6 months experience. I've already doubled my account, thanks to the principles that are taught.

Yen guy has even personally reached out to me to make sure he answered any questions I had.

Top notch content, top notch signals, top notch traders. I'm honored to be apart of the team!

- Jason
Mar 17, 2018,
Registered user


Sad MM4X ban me because I'am a free member, because I understood their system. Couple years ago I used BTMM and learned TDI with Dean Malone It was easy to incoporate The Quarter Theorie and understand their system!!! very sad
Sunshine Coast, Australia,
Sep 10, 2017,
Registered user

Changed my perspective and outlook.

I was losing money trading forex because of false breakouts, trap moves, sudden reversals and bounces off minor and major support and resistance levels. My profits kept evaporating. Now I use the MM4X software and I am making a profit each week. A complete system is built into the MM4X software showing the correct time to trade, when a currency pair is moving, which pair to trade, money management, what a pair is telling you ,solid entry patterns and take profit points, market timing boxes, price point lines that contain price action, a currency strength meter and a scanner to help you choose the best pair to trade.
I don’t have to wait for retracements and miss a big portion of a trend. I can enter early in a move. The software doesn’t freeze my computer or make my charts run slowly.There are a lot of instructional videos and we are shown what to look for in each of the three trading sessions that take place each trading day. The owner of the company has been very helpful. I thought forex trading was a very hard way to make money but now it looks much easier.
Sep 10, 2017,
Registered user

Good value for money.

Great software and training. Very noligable, honest and down to earth owner who is happy to help. Great response time on questions. Best value package available for forex traders who want to go to the next level.
Sep 10, 2017,
Registered user

MMX4 is great get involved we need more females to rule the trade market

I am currently a member of the MM4X trade group and have been following them since October of last year. I have not one single complaint. There was a breakaway for a short period of time, nothing to do with the organization, and when requested to to have payments cease it was with no issues. Since then I have returned and enjoy every aspect of it. The fun, the training, the hands on live trades, signals, support, and the software is simply awesome. The leader of the pack called Ninjas, pours his heart and soul into the group for the simple truth he wants us to succeed beyond just receiving signals but be in the position of taking and giving signals for ourselves. We work together, learn and grow together as a trade community.
Sep 9, 2017,
Registered user

I have been trading forex for about 10 years. Which means i have been ripped off alot over years. Forex peace army has helped with this. About 2 1/2 years ago I became exposed to mm4x and Joe Shaw (theyenguy). At frist Joe made me mad. And i spend 2 years trying to prove everything he was saying wrong. And i could not do it. So a few months ago i threw down the money and joined mm4x. As a ten year vetran of forex i didnt expect to learn alot but the mm4x training dis teach me alot. More importantly their homework gave me the ability to see i to the pairs with new perspective in a way that i never had before. I gained the abilty to predict moves in a way i never had before. I told some guys about mm4x and they have joined too. Most of these guys were noobs and green enough to think a pip was a type of dance. They in about 6 weeks of work are now calling 50 to 100 pip moves in The market regularly. The mm4x software has become my most important tool in trading. And for Joe
(the yen guy) he is not a guru. He knows his stuff but he is down to earth and approachable. I hate the normal forex guru bullshit with fancy cars look at me crap you see from most forex guys. Joe is the oppositeof those scammers. I had a issue with my software on labor day. I knew joe was on vacation with his family but he still got back to me and helped me fix the issues. He is one of most honest and integrity filled forex provised i have met. If you want to have your brain permenantly changed into a pip making machine check out mm4x. His signals rock too.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Sep 9, 2017,
Registered user


I have been trading fx since 2012 and i must say ... all system has got a good and downside.... when it comes to mm4x, i am testifier as the bank line plus the entry parameters on the price action based system is awesome. permit me to say a big thanks you for the coder. using mm4x has made my trading so gorgeous. when it comes to system and service , i want to see a real time excellence service and prompt response to issues and a life chat room and a close mentor-ship with the coder is an added advantage.... the , yes uses cpu resources, but at the same time made me a very good friend with my bank account officer.... Thanks