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Updated: Feb 5, 2023
MidasGlobe is a forex broker. Midas Globe offers MT4 and Mobile top forex trading platform. MidasGlobe.com offers over 30 currency pairs, energy, futures, cfds, commodities, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.
Scam Confirmation

August 2017:  Based on Midas Globe's handing of DavidK's case as well as the company's extremely unfair Terms of Service, the FPA believes that this company should be considered to be a scam.

The FPA warns all traders against placing funds with Midas Globe.  If you already have deposited money with this company, the FPA recommends you attempt to withdraw it as soon as possible.

Scam Confirmation
July 2017: There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with MidasGlobe unless this issue can be resolved.
June 2017:  Midas Globe has some very unusual items in its Terms of Service.  These include...

1.  The right not to distribute profits to a client if MidasGlobe.com will suffer any fiscal, regulatory, or pecuniary disadvantage.

The FPA interprets this as the company not only being able to withhold legitimate profits if a client makes a regulatory complaint.  The company could also interpret an honest negative review or forums post as putting the company at a disadvantage.  Even worse, the company would be able to not give profits legitimately owed to a client because the withdraw itself would put the company at a fiscal and pecuniary disadvantage.

2.  Clients of MidasGlobe.com are required to trade 8 full lots per $100 deposited, even if there are no bonuses.

This means a client who makes a deposit and needs the money back is forced to reach a significant trading volume before being able to withdraw their own deposit without penalty.

Based on this, the FPA warns against depositing funds with MidasGlobe.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.


Recent User Reviews of MidasGlobe.com

NZ, New Zealand,
Aug 27, 2018,

What my funds back

What can I do to receive my fund back from Midasglobe.com who keep asking for tax% all the time? Hoping to get back
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
If taxes are due, those should be sent directly to the tax authority, not to the broker.
Mokhtar Bassily
Toronto, Canada,
Nov 30, 2017,
Registered user

100% SCAM

This is a SCAM broker with no address, just a phone number and support e-mail address that does not respond to any communications
After I was contacted by agent Kira Klien, I made deposits of about US$ 1800, traded myself and took the account to a balance of US$ 11,700
I made a withdrawal request of US$ 5000, but no response
Then requested to close the account and withdraw the balance of US$ 11,700 again no response.
Kira Kline did not respond to my contacts, Midas Globe support e-mail did not respond for weeks and I had to report this to Action Fraud
Kira Kline contacted me asking for a commission of 17% of my profit to her to be transferred and to process the withdrawal in 72 hours ... not only a continuation of SCAM .. but also a MAFIA act.
Avoid this Broker ... full SCAM..
Mokhtar Bassily
Live Account # 14365
Aug 2, 2017,
Registered user

i have been called by midasglobe.com with the message that i could earn money with this broker. first i was not convinced. i only had to deposit 200 dollar and then the profit could be made.
the personal account manager, is jack hartman, and the secreterin is julia greyson, she is from support.

i opened an account and deposit 200 dollar. and indeed they started to make trades. but not much further they asked for more money to make more and more profit.

they decided to withdraw me an amount of 175 dollar to make sure all the information was correct and i really get the money back. and indeed that happened, but after all that was only to made me believe that they were honest people and that i should decide to deposit more and more.

but after a while i wanted a withdrawal and then every time they had a different excuse that it could not be done, because of any reason they could make up.

many withdrawals i made, but i never get any amount back in my account.

i made screenshots of all the transactions i have made, even on midasglobe as the one on metatrade with the balance, equity and free margin.

they made withdrawal on 4th of july, but that money never came to me, they want me to sent 10 k and then i become that withdrawal .

on july 18th i get the following message from julia greyson:
hello dear roos, on 31.07.2017 all money from your account will be transferred to charity organization you can choose: wwf, serving our world or maybe some other.

i sent back sent it to foundation cat, with a banknumber, but still nothing happened.
Jun 22, 2017,
Registered user

Scammars and not registered broker

Issue escalated to Traders Court DavidK vs midasglobe.com | GUILTY
Dangerous people they use different tricks and tactics to get all your money .
I do not believe in MG's case, or he is enough naif to deposit more and more money, but never ever can get his money out from the hands of midasglobe.

I ask all traders to be a ware from midasglobe and do not believe in what midasglobe promises and from their publicities and claims on phone, on the website and through the partnering company (pairsindexpro.com).

May 13, 2017 - 1 Star Midasglobe has been introduced to me by a robot provider(Pairsindexpro.com) as the best regulated and most honest forex broker. They offered to me a free robot service if I open a live account this broker (midasglobe.com). Pairsindexpro told me that they are partnering with midasglobe . I was very sceptical to open an account with this unknown on the forex market broker ,, but Pairsindexpro has convinced my and even told me if I don't make money with this broker, we (pairsindexpro) will return your money to you and it's only $200,.

I decided to open a live account with Midasglobe broker. Deposited $200 USD, then they asked me to add $1000 more to make more money, Then another $1000. Now I have a balance of almost $5000 in my trading account. I decided to test this broker and requested a withdraw of $2500 from my gains. Right a way they started yelling on me and a guy who is name is Mike Byron called me and insulted me on phone, he said I sent you $170 withdraw take it and don't ask more. You just cam,e in and asking for woithdraws? I asked him to be polite and I asked for $2500 from my gains and it's my right to ask for a withdraw that I need. He started making a lot of noise on the phone., so I entered to my trading account on their website and requested a full withdraw.
It's for the second week I am waiting for a withdraw. Midasglobe doesn't release my withdraws and creating different stories, their personals are hiding themselves from me and nobody gives me a concrete answer when I can get my withdraws. When i asked for the first partial withdraw, one person by name of Mike Byron called me and starting yelling on me why I am asking for a withdraw, and insulted me. Then I entered into my account and asked for the total withdraw. Until now, no withdraw, and the account is still open but I never traded since. In all their terms and conditions marked that any trader has right to withdraw which can take between 1 to 5 days, Except if the trader had accepted bonuses. I didn't take any bonuses at all, as I am aware of bonus conditions.
Now on Skype, the support person, telling me (( after $20000 on balance - you can withdraw $2000 every 3 working days)). Please note that I have documented all my correspondence messages with this broker. Please help me to solve this problem and withdraw my fund and gains from this broker(midasglobe.com) . I did all steps to recover my money, I have entered on the website midasglobe.com and more than 10 times sent messages that I am still waiting for my withdraws, please close my trading account with you and send me my money to the credit card account that I have provided to you. Nobody replied to me. On the Skype the account manager Andrew Belfort tells me that he is not my account manager no more, please ask about you case Julia Greyson on Skype. Julia says please send your request and questions to the support department. and so on. On May 12, they closed my trading platform and I can not login into my account on the platform. But I have already all my screenshots of the trading history, which are ready to be sent to your court, also I can provide you with all messages exchanged with personals of midasglobe.com broker.
Thank you in advance,
Jun 15, 2017,

Review of MG

On April 4, the day I started to invest with Midas Globe, as based on the received proposal for 1000 investment to get 4 percent interest per month and has guaranteed 40 percent of the profits from their trading operations carried out by brokers.
It was quite hard to believe that such a thing is possible in general. But when MG practically interpreted that banks in Lithuania does not only protect my money, but having people deposits x billions per month, bank brokers from every 1000 earn banks a similar amount of money. This thought can`t be very difficult and Midas Globe brokers earn promised me a 40 percent profit.
In May, another profits not calculated, but the first gain in April, then saw my bank account transfer from MG was 443.
Now I expect a much more, because I put in 3000 deposit.
How much I will get for May month I`ll write here.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
The investment plan you describe sounds like a Ponzi scheme.
Santarem, Portugal,
Jun 10, 2017,
Registered user

Midasglobe broker is a scam

My story with the Midasglobe is short, but it has caused me many damages.
On April 21st, Jim Donegan contacted me, and I do not know where he got my number, because I registered on some sites but I do not remember registering at Midasgobe.com.

Jim managed to trick me into entering on Midasglobe to make money easily. I agreed, and I sent the first 200 dollars and Midasglobe added 100 dollars credit.

Jim did some trades and showed to me that it is possible to make lots of money in trading.

On April 24th, Jim called me and asked for more money to be deposited, I added another 300 dollars, I added, and I saw the account growing with few trades. Later, Jim again called me to add another 500 dollars, but I said that I wanted proofs and to make a withdrawal test to see if it’s possible to receive money without problems, I asked for a withdrawal of 100 dollars and I received 2 days later. I started believing them and added another 500 dollars.

I was encouraged by Jim to add another 500 dollars, and then another 500 dollars and then another 300 dollars. I asked for more proofs that I could raise more money, and Jim told me to withdraw 100 dollars, after 2 days I already had the 100 dollars in my banking account.

Jim made some trades and then stopped. Soon after, I discovered that my account did not grow to make more money. I sent an email to Jim and he did not answer.

I registered another trading account on the Midasglobe website with different email address. Few minutes later Jim called me thinking that, I was a new customer. I explained to Jim that the account was blocked and the account doesn’t grow to raise more money, Jim told me that the problem was with the financial department and that he was going to deal with the problem and that the next day I would be able to raise more money. 3 days later the problem continued.

Since I had never worked in trading (no experience in forex trading ) , I decided to try doing my trades by myself, I went wrong and in a few hours, I lost some of the money.

The next day Andrew called and told me that my account had lost money and that was not what the Midasglobe intended. He said that Jim was not a good trader and that he had blocked my account on purpose!

Andrew told me that if I chose him, he would unblock my account and send me some money.

Andrew said that just need to select option #2 to deposit funds, I added 500 dollars, and he should become my trader and account manager.

I deposited another $ 500 and shortly after that, a superior called Jack approached me and said that Andrew Belfort is a good trader but he is very expensive, so if I want him (Andrew Belfort) to be my account manager I must add another 300 dollars to my trading account. I asked if 100 dollars would be OK, since I did not have more money, and Andrew accepted.

Now Andrew says that the company changed the rules and made him more expensive. So, I must send the whole amount of 1000 dollars to him, he could become my account manager. Since I had recently sent 600 euros to the deposit option number 2, Andrew said that there were 400 Euros missing because he asked me to send 1000 Euros in full.

At this moment, I do not want to send any more money, because I have the certainty that they are crock gang and professional scammers with big capacity to influence people's minds and washing their brains. If you spend more than 5 minutes on the phone with them, then you will already be hooked and willing to send all your money to these scammers.

PLEASE GET AWAY FROM MIDASGLOBE AND ITS PERSONALS. They invent personal stories and other people's stories to dominate their heads.

Garciano Coelho
Account number with midasglobe 12102
PS: If they decide to pay my balance, I remove this text.