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Updated: Feb 7, 2019
0.799 · 11 REVIEWS
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There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a high level of caution dealing with GTPCapital.com until this issue is resolved.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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0.799 · 11 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

London, United Kingdom,
Dec 21, 2017,
Registered user

Avoid talking to them and do not sign forms forcing you

They are worst case of friendly persuations to get all their money and yours too.. I lost over £50,000 from July 2017- I had the lot from them -Unauthorised bonuses, Unauthorised Margin loans, Refusal to withdrawals from healthy account, No support lines from last 2 weeks in December 2017, Account closed 5 days ago? Etc etc ..No where to be seen
Edward Donie,
Orlando, Florida, USA,
Jul 29, 2017,

Extortion and Fraud.

These people lie to you about what you need to do to get your money back. They often asked for more deposits from you. Then they lie about initiating wires that never happen.

These people will leveraged you to make further deposits to withdraw funds. Then they keep coming up with excuses no to wire you money or they promise a wire and don not. They are frauds. Many terrible comments on the internet on how they have taken peoples money.

Jul 14, 2017 - 1 Star They have been stalling for two months wiring my funds to me. I have a written agreement from them that says my account is liquid. Their site says they process withdrawals in 2-3 business days. All I get is stonewalling and excuses. Thye act like criminals.
United Kingdom,
Jul 3, 2017,
Registered user

Tesler and gtpcapital.com are all fraud scammers

Issue escalated to Traders Court scared-victim vs gtpcapital.com | GUILTY
Tesler and gtpcapital.com are all fraud scammers

https://www.gtpcapital.com/ scammed me almost £38,000
it was Tesler advert in facebook who referred me to this scammer broker gtpcapital.com
so aside from my local authorities in the UK, i reported both Tesler and gtpcapital.com to facebook as well

Hello i am also a victim , i reported www.gtpcapital.com with the help with action fraud police, citizens advice , then local MP, then local police , inform Experian for credit score freeze, report your case to Cifa for more Fraud protection, then stepchange debt advisor if ever your in "fraud debt".

At the minute i am waiting for the result of my credit card company, some of them are helpful and some credit card company won't help. I hope you can do the first steps in your local authorities first to get help and dispute your credit card for they are fraudulent criminals... I feel feel like dying and hopeless but the police assured their help and MP as well.
Jun 25, 2017,
Registered user

GTPcapital is fraud, Andrew Grace and Alice Johnson and Jan Braun are players i know and i have to put them behind bars with your help.

GTPcapital is scam 1000%, Andrew Grace and Alice Johnson and Jan Braun are names i know. they ask you to send a lot of money before they will transfer to your requests of withdrawals, they block your account, so you can not trade anymore, (77800€) they add bonus just like that(20200€) i didn'd asked for it, they make sure you can not withdrawal, they call you to add more and more money, even if you have traded 30 times the value of bonus, and i did, they refuse to send you any money, they keep silence for many weeks and do not answer mails, Skype or phone calls, or support mails. i need contact to other victims, build a group and put them behind bars. please contact me and, thanks
singapore, Singapore,
Jun 23, 2017,
Registered user

james Gordon from Gtpcapital.com is a big scam fraudster avoid him at all cost

I have been cheated into binary option trading by www.cfdstocks.com Max Barkley, of Usd $2150 deposit with account 911633 & practices account of usd $1000 914296, he initially made profit on 2 trading & on the third trading he purposely treate me to anyhow buy & sell thus causing some lost, he trick me into opening a practice account & deposit usd $1000, & another usd $900 for further trading, ever since that lost I was sure something not right & when I request to get back my practice account of $1000 , he & the support group just ignore me. 1-2 week later max barkley inform me he have left the company which I believe is an scam. later 1 week later his colleague call me saying to help me trade big win, but when I told him I need withdraw first usd $1000 from the practice account, he just no reply at all. Up till now though there were still profit in both account but I am still unable to get back any amount.

For Gtpcapital James Gordan one of the most evil trader tricked me to open an account of euro $250 & another deposit of euro $2000, after I Deposited he told me profit have been made, & I can withdraw out the $2000 euro, he told me he have approved but more than one month have passed my money still stuck in the account, & no more response from him & from the company support team My Gtpcapital.com account is 130617.

YesOption.com also another company which refused my withdrawal , my account number 3267, I have deposited euro $500 but unable to withdraw out at all.

All these 3 company are big scammer, fraud company please do not invest & deposit with them & need to put the trader behind bar. www.Gtpcapital.com James Gordon, www.cfdstocks.com Max Barkley, www.yesoption.com Howard Scott.
Berends Peter,
Altendorf, Switzerland,
May 4, 2017,

GTPcapital is fraud

Hi there, my name is Peter, i'm convinced GTPcapital is a fraud, this is my story:
thirst transaction was on 17.09.2016, followed up with more and more transactions.
250€+1000€+3195€+951€+1000€+2000€ and on 26.04.2017 3000€+3610€, after thees transactions now calls anymore, my account is 25K but frozen, i can not trade and my broker Andrew Grace and Alice Johnson don't answer for a week now. The did send me proposals to get of bonus i have to add 9210€ then they propose me to invest 15000€ to have approx. payout 300'000€, only by phone of corse. They invest in DAX 25K and lost my money. I lost 23k and Alice called me, if i pay 7210€ the insurance will cover the loses, i pays as i could 6610€ a week ago, now only silence left.They know i need money for my wedding, they are cold as ice
Bristol, United Kingdom,
Apr 11, 2017,
Registered user

Do NOT try these people - think its a Franchise for fraudsters

Sadly I am in the same situation as most others here. I stupidly did not search the company name before being persuaded to invest/re-invest/grow/take Margin Loans etc, and now I am facing bankruptcy as my credit score has vanished trying to repay my credit card company £15k+ Usual requests for withdrawal ignored; promises to pay what they kept stressing was MY money "in a couple of days" have come to nothing. Complaint to Financial Ombudsman Service just started; takes 8 weeks+ In meantime how do we buy food/fuel? Bankruptcy costs £600 each for joint bank a/c, which we can't afford. Angela Simmons seemed lovely & caring, if not clear about MLs/bonuses etc. Alex Julian also nice & clearer, but still no joy. Once hubby got involved (very angry), they hung up. Have not heard since. Now website changed. At despair point now. Life ruined as approach retirement.
Apr 9, 2017,
Registered user

GTP Capital binary option broker is a first order SCAM Broker.

I am one of the victim of GTP Capital scam. I lost US$ digit investment. I released my margin loan and sent a wire to reach the volume requirement. My account number is 186596. They promised withdrawal but after my withdrawal request they do not correspond with me either by mail of thru telephone. GTP Capital support mail and hotline are not responding. GTP capital is a SCAM broker and advise not to invest any money with them. They are first order SCAM brokers. GTP officers to watch are Alice Johnson, Adam Weiss, Jason Pool, Alex Julian and Jonathan Hunter.
Toronto, Canada,
Apr 5, 2017,

I invested LARGE amount of money unable to withdraw.Not answering my emails or messages

I invested Large amount of money with GTP capital.It started as a mistaken identity.I gave my credit card thinking they are a diff company.Then they showed me profit and asked me to invest more.Now unable to withdraw.They promised me if I send some more money I will be able to withdraw in 3days.They reinvested my money.I tried to withdraw the rest of the money it won't let me.They are not answering my calls or emails .
Klang, Malaysia,
Mar 28, 2017,
Registered user

GTPcapital scam!!

I'm one of the victim of this scam company. Submitting withdrawal for over a month now but nothing happened. Does not reply to emails or chat. They did call once asking why i want to withdraw but when i mention FPA they rudely hang up the phone.