3.19 · 47 REVIEWS
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December 2016- March 2017:  Large numbers of fake and highly suspicious positive reviews submitted for Managed Forex Ltd.
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3.19 · 47 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Bethany hamilton,
Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Oct 27, 2018,

Yep. No probs. Account goes up.

Was reluctant to start because I lost before in fx.
Could see from start this was different. Better trade selection and less random by nature.
Decent few months I've had. Far as I see a gain is a gain. Hard to get a gain in fx....I tried many many times.
Glad to see they don't use martingale.
Easy to open account as well.
Pleased by all metrics.
Salim tomsvesagh,
Male, Maldives,
Oct 16, 2018,

Hi professional

Good traders. I stand by the investment.
Easy to withdraw profits regularly.
I still use some ea but performance better here.

High professional service.
Forex too hard for me other wise.
Ibrahim milosav,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 13, 2018,

Very good. Safe.

Top class manager.
Always month profit.
No silly strategy.
Nice system. Wasn't sure about broker they use but actually good.
Do not hesitate.
One of the better fx investments out there.
Sep 28, 2018,
Registered user

SCAM? Juge yourself..
1- the man picture on website IAN (Customer support does it exist?)Never talk to him in all my messages with them...
2- Don't understand reviews with five stars about the way they trade? We can not see the trades... Broker Tell me to talk to managedforexltd to have access of the trades.. Managedforexltd tell me to talk to the broker to see them...(You can not choose the broker(tierfx in Bahamas)... Conclusion...i cant see the trades..
3- How do they trade? Plenty of entries a day..I dont think this is the best way to trade..(my opinion)..Maybe here is the business for both of them...
This is a truly real review..
Reply by managedforexltd submitted Oct 2, 2018:
We do not let client see real time trades in MT4 due to copy and intellectual property protection, it been like this since 4 years.
Backoffice broker login you can see all trades in real time.
From our history you can see we actively trade. Having plenty of entries does not qualify for scam neither does -21% when we had open equity gains that was not calculated.
Ian is and still works here.
Thank you.
Mario balicci,
Rome, Italy,
Aug 15, 2018,

Fantastic guys!!your the best.......

Very good trades very impressed
Make fx look easy
I like the style and service
I used many signals in past all useless
This is the way to win
Best decision for me
Reply by managedforexltd submitted Oct 2, 2018:
Thank you.
Mako rakotic,
Cavtat, Croatia,
Jul 3, 2018,

Very successful relationship. 5 star all way.

Where to,start.....well highly trained traders with exceptional trading ability.
Very good performance for definetly.
Nice guys to speak with....make you feel not.nervous.
Great overall..
Reply by managedforexltd submitted Oct 2, 2018:
Thank you Mako. !
Maxine DBA Pinpoint Capital,
Coventry, United Kingdom,
May 28, 2018,

Reputable and Calm Managers

Very professional team. We did an allocation from our fund a few months back. Very strong Q2 performance.
One of few managers able to take edge from FX.

Maxine Danish
Pinpoint Capital.
Robin van halmen,
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
May 16, 2018,

Very good system they have. 5**

Very good trading system . I watch it very close.
Good risk. I didn't have any success trading forex so better to leave to a pro.
Good choice. Been a client 5 months now. Very happy.
Pistood Maheed,
Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates,
May 11, 2018,

Yes, very strong FX traders.

I opened 5k originally but i added more when i seen how good they are
each month win profit.
very good and safe trading with sound risk plans.
i didnt find anyone better,
Good broker as well with them ICmarkets.
Good combination.
Mackie stegens.,
London., United Kingdom,
Apr 19, 2018,

The best. So happy.

The only people that can make money in forex i know.
Great team and support.
Icmarkets account just keeps.going up.
Thanks guys. A pleasure.