1.213 · 24 REVIEWS
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2020-07-01:  The Brazilian CVM (Securities and Exchange Commission) has stated that Dolphin Corp, at website, is not authorized to seek clients in Brazil.  The CVM has ordered the company to cease trying to attract clients in Brazil.  CLICK HERE for details.
February-September 2019:  Multiple fake and highly suspicious positive reviews submitted for Binomo.
2017-12-18  The Spanish CNMV has issued an unauthorized firm warning against  CLICK HERE to confirm.

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1.213 · 24 REVIEWS
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Jun 19, 2017,
Registered user


SCAM! I do not know how such a brokerage is still working. If you win, you can be sure that they will block your account.
May 29, 2017,
Registered user


Binomo it's scams, same people from Plustocks.. nothing good, be cerifull with sending money for that company..
Компания мошенников ни в коем случаи не отправляйте деньги
Назад вы их не получите
Биномо это тот же Плюссток
abatia, Brazil,
May 23, 2017,
Registered user


Brokerage firmly blocks the account claiming security investigation for anyone who made non-standard profits from it, has several people with the problem look like me, this is frustrating.
Sao Paulo, Brazil,
May 23, 2017,
Registered user


This was the worst broker I have ever dealt with.

They have a BAD support, where the employers doesn't even speak a good english and send over and over again the SAME answer on almost all emails.

After 6 months trading with them (The only reason was their good payout during 21-22gmt) they blocked my account and from a few of friends for no reason.

First, they requested me a video conference (after 6 months using the broker with all documents OK). So I did it via SKYPE.

They said I should receive an email from the Security Departament.

In the next day, nothing happens, then I sent an email again and they said I have to wait 90 days to receive a message from their departament. In the meanwhile, I have not acess to my account or even can withdrawl my funds.

I consider this as a theft.

As I said in the begin, their support is the worst ever, so I will never get my money again. I have friends who loose over 6.000, some 3.000usd each one. Stay away from this broker.
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