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Lewis Glasgow

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Six Figure Capital is the industry-leading educator in harmonic trading and market cycles. We provide our students with structured online trading courses, weekly live trading webinars and access to our private community to network with likeminded traders.


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5 · 16 REVIEWS
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Oct 20, 2018,
Registered user

Best course out there

I purchased this course along with a few others and in my honest opinion Lewis' course is the best that you can get. Sure when compared with other courses the price is notably higher but it is worth every penny. I tried a lot of different strategies throughout my trading experience and Lewis' methods and strategies give me the best results. He provides a massive amount of video content, everything is explained very well and there is a telegram community for the members. Although I would consider Harmonic Trading an advanced strategy, the course is beginner friendly and also covers all the basics for beginning traders.

Best education I ever received.
Evansville, Indiana, USA,
May 6, 2018,
Registered user

This system works

I wasn't planning on buying the course. I messaged (Lewis) about trading and we talked about everything from music to our trips to Finland. Being able to know Lewis on personal level and know the kind of person he is, I bought the course. Since then, I've made my money back tenfold.

Please realize - This is a tool. If you're not disciplined to set aside time every day to work on what you learned from the course, don't spend your money on the course. This isn't a signals group, there's no monthly fees, no account managers to place trades, and it's not based on affiliate marketing - there's a one time investment $, and the rest you need to put in the time and effort.

That being said, with the 14 day course, you get all the knowledge you'll need to get started making money. From then on, Lewis replies to questions and guides you every day in the group Telegram (group message).

This is the best investment I've ever made. I hope it is for you too!
Scotland , United Kingdom,
Dec 19, 2017,

This course is easily the best course out there, it's perfect for beginners and even advanced traders. I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking to start trading or even advance their skills. Lewis makes everything clear and even points you in the right direction to get speaking to other traders, truly there to help. Again, great course so GET INVOLVED!
United Kingdom,
Nov 21, 2017,
Registered user

Great couse!

By far the best course I have came across! full of great information that is broken down to make it very easy to understand. you are not just given the course then sent away on your own, Lewis has created many additional things to help you study and organise your revision and also is always just a email away. Would recommend this course to everyone with every level of experience in the trading industry.
Michael Collins ,
West lothian, United Kingdom,
Nov 13, 2017,

My trading journey I have been on since starting six000

This top quality course was my real starting point in forex, I'd trialled, tested, lost money and repeated the loop several times before seeing Lewis on Instagram, he was local to me which reassured me. Not some untraceable account that you find online, the course has learned me more about the markets than what I otherwise would find, easy to understand, very engaging with students and willing to help! all this is what you want and need when starting out trading, I promise there will be times where you will be sitting questioning yourself but that's the trading journey I have learnt. Although Lewis does have a thing for KISS though, you'll find that out on the inside.

Good luck on your trading adventure guys
Birmingham, United Kingdom,
Jul 13, 2017,

Getting the Result I Want

I joined Six Figure Capital over two months ago, prior to that I was with IML and my trading was at a standstill. Now I can say it has took a full 180 and changed for the better, finally getting the results I want! Lewis cuts out any useless info and sticks to what really makes the difference.

He's always looking to progress, I can't thank him enough for the opportunities he throws at me. Over the past two weeks I've learned a lot about cryptocurrencies as well as forex, definitely worth the investment and I'm glad I joined.

Thanks again!
Livingston, Scotland, United Kingdom,
May 17, 2017,
Registered user

Excellent courses, can't wait for more!

I've tried a couple of online courses before and didn't know what to expect; I was day trading before coming across Six Figure Capital. Lewis' material and approach to the program has completely transformed my trading. I'll soon be looking to trade full time thank you to the courses he provides!
This course could literally help anyone who's new to trading, or experienced traders who simply want to dive into a new strategy. It's great for everyone! Thank you, I really appreciate the effort that went into making price action as simple as possible.

Keep up the good work!
Benalmadena, Spain,
Mar 22, 2017,

I’d just like to say thank you to Lewis for all of the free analysis and education he provides, it is hands down the best I have come across since I started trading. I initially found him on TradingView as one of the top authors, and I started following his analysis as I could relate to a lot of what he was posting.

I am so happy I did, he seems to have an eye for profitable trading opportunities… Most of the time I do not know how the hell he does it but I was extremely impressed and actually made a lot of profit
United Kingdom,
Feb 27, 2017,
Registered user

Highly Recommend to anyone!

By far the best educational course I have undertaken!
If your a beginner to forex or never placed a trade in any market and looking to find a good course that is direct & simple to follow then Six Figure Capital is just that!
Lewis has a wealth of knowledge and his ability to simplify to the "average Joe" like myself, I was amazed at the amount of education I took on board quickly in areas I've been learning for months prior.
Dundee, United Kingdom,
Feb 25, 2017,

Lewis is the Real Deal!

Highly recommend their forex education, simplistic and in-depth catering all experience levels.

Most individuals think to take a trading course you first need to be able to understand the basis of the financial markets. This is not the case when it comes to Lewis' education, he covers the essentials whilst cutting out the useless information. What I like the most about him is he sets realistic expectations, he doesn't showboat and most of all I thoroughly enjoy his style of teaching.

Over the past 2 months I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge by completing his courses.

If you are looking to start trading, or advance your current position... Sign up, you won't be disappointed!
Angela ,
Perth, United Kingdom,
Feb 12, 2017,

If you are looking for a system to teach you how to trade and grow your trading account month to month then this is it. The 14 day course at Six Figure Capital will set you on the correct path, you will not regret it.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Jan 19, 2017,

Lewis is a down to earth, genuine guy and I cannot thank him enough for his education. If you know the forex industry you will agree there are very few people like this!

Previously I had spent about 6 months trying to do my own research and learn how to trade forex independently, without much success or consistency.

I have completed the Six Figure Capital 14 day course and I can confidently say I now know how to trade the market effectively. The course is designed for you to take at your own speed, so that you understand every facet of the course. I am now focusing on perfecting my strategy!

I recommend Lewis' course to anybody who wants to make a noticeable difference in their life. Thank you very much Lewis!
Evansville, USA,
Jan 15, 2017,
Registered user

aThe 14 Days spent on this course has provided more value to me than my Degree in Finance ever has. The way Lewis has cut the fat in Forex trading kno

For those of you who are wanting to become a profitable trader and stand out from the rest, Six Figure Capital is the way to go!!!!

If I had more than two thumbs, I would be putting them up as well when rating Six Figure Capital.

This is BY FAR the best educational platform I have experienced. I have tried other forms of forex education is the past and nothing has worked as well as Lewis' trading strategy. It is very rare to come across someone such as Lewis Glasgow who can teach his strategy as well as he can implement it himself.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Jan 12, 2017,

Highly Recommend

I’ve only recently joined Six Figure Capital and I am very impressed by the quality of the educational material, and the varied methods of teaching (video, text, ebooks and spreadsheets).

What most people want to hear about is “the cost”. Well, Six Figure Capital make education affordable by providing a monthly payment option rather than having to pay it all upfront. I’d say that is a key factor as many individuals (including myself) do not have a lot of money sitting around to pay for training.

On top of the educational material, there are regular market analysis videos providing excellent trading opportunities. Not to mention I receive live trading signals to keep me posted on current and future trades. I certainly like the trading style Lewis embraces, as I do not wish to spend countless hours in front of a screen. I’m looking forward to the rest of my journey as a forex trader and my time within the Six Figure Capital community!
Lynn Smith,
Glasgow, United Kingdom,
Jan 9, 2017,

I highly recommend joining as it changed my trading and life completely. My way of thinking is entirely different from when I first joined the course, I now understand the major importance of trading psychology.

The quality of information, fast email response and profitable trading signals is the main reason why I'm leaving a 5 star rating.

Lewis Glasgow is the mentor you need, trust me.
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 5, 2017,

Don't Think Twice

Before finding Lewis Glasgow I went through an awful experience with another educational provider (not Six Figure Capital). At this point which was over 1 year ago, I decided to give up trading due to being dealt with poorly... But I always thought about my past experience in comparison to other traders, I thought that surely their must be at least one genuine forex trading course out there due to others success within the market.

Upon deciding to start trading again months later I looked for someone in the United Kingdom who was a successful trader, I found this genuine chap called Lewis Glasgow. I firstly downloaded his ebook which I read the same night and contacted him via social media with a few questions.

What I initially liked about Lewis was his transparency and his desire to help others succeed, in this world it can be hard to differentiate between someone who wants a sale and someone who wants to help. I developed a trusting relationship with Lewis, therefor I joined Six Figure Capital during 2016 and to this day I cannot thank him enough for the education he provides. Having Lewis as a mentor is excellent he replies to your questions promptly and always looks out for his community of students.

We have a private online forum where we post our trading setups, thoughts and motivational materials. It's the type of environment I want to be involved in to learn and grow as a trader.

If you're looking to become a trader, I highly recommend as the place to learn and prosper.