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Updated: Aug 14, 2018
2.469 · 33 REVIEWS
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2018-07-31  The CFTC has filed a lawsuit against JAFX.  CLICK HERE to verify.
The FPA has become aware of an accusation that JAFX was paying money for reviews.  Evidence supporting that accusation has now been posted HERE.

The FPA warns that paying money for good reviews is unethical and is also illegal in many countries.

The FPA can no longer be certain that any positive reviews for JAFX were left based of how the company performs or were left based on the reviewers being offered $20 for a good review.

JAFX is a forex broker. JAFX offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. JAFX.com offers over 65 forex currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.


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JAFX.com profile provided by Official_JAFX, Jan 5, 2018

broker which allowed our clients to enjoy unparalleled levels of service in terms of liquidity, execution, trading conditions and customer service.


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2.469 · 33 REVIEWS
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Aug 14, 2018,


Aug 9, 2018,
Registered user

Avoid JAFX!!!

Stay away from JAFX! All the reviews you've read about the length of time it takes to withdraw your funds are true. I made two deposits in May and then made a withdrawal shortly after to my original payment method. When I noticed that it had reached about a week and I had not received my money, I went to their customer service chat and was stunned when I was told that it can take up to 60 days to receive my money. Fast forward to August when I finally reached the 60 days and I still haven't received my money. I contacted JAFX and let them know about the issue. The first agent I spoke to in the live chat was completely unwilling, and wanted credit card statements up to the current day (despite my credit card being in the middle of the cycle). I had provided the agent with my last two statements, and a print out of my current transactions. He let me know there was nothing he could do until I provided my current statement. Later on I spoke to another agent who was much more pleasant and helpful, and he opened a ticket for me with their payments department. I was then contacted by their payments department the following day who informed me that it can take up to 60 BUSINESS DAYS!!! to receive my money (this must have been a new rule as I had read their frequently asked questions several times and it did not say business days). So now I have to wait almost another month before they can even inquire as to what is going on with my money. I do believe JAFX is a total scam and I would advise against putting your money into JAFX. At this point I've lost all hope of getting my money back as they seem to just make up rules to avoid paying out. Be warned!!! Stay away from JAFX.
Washington, DC, USA,
Jul 22, 2018,
Registered user

Fast growing company that still somehow has very good support.

So far, my experience with JAFX support has been very promising. John Anthony has a lot of credibility for long time traders. I just hope they are solvent until 2020 So I can do a crazy Nasdaq 1 year long lol.

But seriously, I have deposited about .5 BTC and asked many questions to support team from leverage sizing to SWAP fees and they have been very helpful. I do recommend that they post more public information about their SWAP fee calculations. I have done intensive research into their BTC wallets and they have been getting millions a day, so obviously they have something people want.

All in all very positive experience and the best spreads and leverage ability I have been able to find.
Kaliningrad, Russian Federation,
Jun 26, 2018,
Registered user

Perfect broker

I'm very surprised with a lot of negative reviews here. To my mind this is an ideal broker. Perfect execution, very helpful support. Highly recommend to everyone.
london, United Kingdom,
May 15, 2018,
Registered user

Jafx has been one of the best broker I have ever come across, I promised I am not paid to say so. The spread for all the concurrencies pairs are sticked with bitfinex and it is the best trading condition you can ever find in the market, the fund withdraw take a few days but it finally goes back to your bank account anyway, I have withdraw my deposit and my profit twice without any troubles (2000 pounds and 1300 pounds at each time).
This is a broker that needs some applause from the crowd, I do hope jafx can acquire a regulation quickly so that ease the doubts
May 9, 2018,
Registered user


This is one company to stay away from because the inconsistencies they produce is beyond belief. I made a transfer into my account only to be told it takes 60days for it to reflect in my account. I made another withdrawal into my Skrill account only to be told that my krill Withdrawal Request has been denied because company policy states that clients must first withdraw an equal amount that they have deposited to a credit card source before been allowed to withdraw through another method.

Now if this is not an elaborate con I do not know what else is. Please Please Please stay away from this company. The crowd can not be mad, its no wonder they are getting so many bad reviews on here.
United Kingdom,
Apr 30, 2018,
Registered user

JAFX always been good for me.

I have used JAFX for a year now and overall I have been very happy.
I have withdrawn more than I have deposited and never had any issues with withdrawals.
Their spreads are the lowest I can find and recently I have started trading Crypto there too(which you can do 24/7)
Apr 24, 2018,
Registered user

Jafx is a criminal group!!!!

They are criminals. They dont honor take profits. They stop hunt you. I have initiated a withdrawal of all my funds
Apr 5, 2018,
Registered user

Tech Issues and Unhelpful Customer Support

I've been with JaFX for 2 months. I haven't tried withdrawing money, but based on the reviews here, I'm quite worried. My experience, like many others here has been somewhat nefarious on the part of JaFX. I experienced server downtime twice. The first time, I emailed, and, according to their policy, they refunded my account, since trading was affected. JaFX issued an email apologizing for the downtime. The second downtime followed the email. WHen I lost money due to not being able to close my trades, I emailed again. This time the "Trading Desk Manager" assured me that the email forewarned of the downtime. It did not. After going back and forth with the trading desk manager about the English language, and the contents of the email, the manager conceded that we WERE NOT warned. He still refused to refund my trade, because, after the server came back on, I "could have closed the position". Well it was the middle of the night. And so I did not get my refund, and have been incredibly unhappy with customer support, except for the one time they followed their stated policy.
Apr 1, 2018,


I’ve been with Jafx for about 4 months and my experience with adding funds have been terrible. For days I continue to get the ” Credit/Debit Card Deposit Temporarily Unavailable”. I’m missing out on trading opportunities because of this and looking for other options now. I’m somewhat happen that I found this thread because I was about to send a large wire instead but will definitely not send now. They continue to give the excuse that they’re “adding more staff to meet the demands” but it’s been months now and they’re having the same exact issues. I’ve been in the business long enough to know that it doesn’t take that long to meet demands. Beware for serious traders and look for other options. I feel sorry for the person that has to respond to the messages on this thread because they’re all consistent with what I’m experiencing. I posted this in another form two days prior and has checked the funding function every 4 times since then and nothing has been resolved. This is a joke and seeing the overly positive reviews are suspicious and outlandish. Even when the site worked, there were still major issues.
Reply by Official_JAFX submitted Apr 4, 2018:
Hi Tracy, i am really surprised that you have had trouble depositing via credit/debit card over the last 4 months when it has only been down for 4 days...? (3 of which were a holiday) The Credit/Debit card terminal will be live again very soon, hopefully within the next couple of hours however it needed to go down so that we could make some core changes to the processors we use. We do offer a whole range of other deposit options that you can use as a temporary solution. As the page says, fill in your email address and we will email you as soon as its live again.

Yes, you are right in the fact that we are still hiring more staff to keep up with demand and you are simply wrong that "It doesn't take this long". It takes a considerable amount of time to find agents and train them to a level whereby they can work without supervision.

I'm guessing you have zero experience in running a Forex broker, otherwise you would be trading on your own platform and not ours, so please avoid commenting on something you have zero experience in.

Our daily signups increased 10 fold over a considerably short amount of time and still continue to rise so although you think we should be caught up by now, it is not the case, it is an ongoing process.

If we continue to grow at this rate and clients feel the need to come and give us a 1 star review for simply making a change to our credit card service or not replying to a ticket within a few days then we will simply shut down registrations to new clients and only focus on existing clients.