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3.137 · 26 REVIEWS
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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IIInvestments.com profile provided by iiinvestments, Mar 15, 2017

We are an alternative investment fund specializing in commodities as well as FX trading. We take pride in supporting our clients 24 hours a day and providing multiple high-yielding trading systems under our umbrella fund servicing clients from over 35 countries around the world. Contact us anytime with any questions at support@iiinvestments.com - we will reply promptly.


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3.137 · 26 REVIEWS
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Theo Boeckx,
2400 Mol, Belgium,
Mar 30, 2017,

My experience in forex trading goes back to ca 5 years but I only lost money, not only with normal trading but also with digital trading. It has been a big disappointment,
untill I found this managed account starting three months ago.
I started with the silver account with the required minimum investment of 3000 euro. The days thereafter my account was steadily growing, therefore I applied for a gold account with a funding of 10 000 euro. Today my profit is exactly 3418 euro, that's 34.18 %, so it's great ! I stopped all my other forex accounts, because I have high confidence in this company : their chosen brokers are all licensed, their only fee is 15% per netto profit for a silver account and only 10% for a gold account, you can reach them 24 hours and they respond very quickly, you get a personal manager, bank wire for withdrawing funds within two days (I withdrawed 900 euro and two days later it was in my account).
I am quite sure I am going to invest more money in the near future.
And let it be clear : I am not paid nor have any advantage to publish this review, I am just a very satisfied user and I am going to introduce this system to my family and friends.
Graham J.,
Leicester, United Kingdom,
Feb 25, 2017,

Real, non-hyped service.

will personally vouch for Jurgen, Jacob, Natalia, James, and the team...

this service is trustworthy and has produced very impressive returns primarily on Oil, Gold, and GBPUSD trading.
I have personally introduced several friends to this company and we have all had the same experience.

I have had an account over 8 months and it is THE best Managed Account service I used in FX. Ever.

withdrawals usually take literally one business day and they literally reply to emails in 5-10 minutes sometimes.

good team here.
Alessandro Moretti,
London (From Torino Italia), United Kingdom,
Feb 5, 2017,

Great service! I highly recommend

I have been an investor at I² for 18 months now and can now share a detailed perspective of my funds here. I was introduced by a friend of mine who had a small account here and I invested €25,000 EUR to see for myself how they perform. Almost each month has been profitable minus two losing months which were very reasonable losses. The profits have ranged from about 7% to 20% a month. They have an "aggressive" style of trading that doesn't have too much risk considering how large the returns are.

The account manager team is also extremely helpful and replies to most of my emails within a few hours.

Withdrawals have generally only taken 1-2 days and I like to take my profits every few months or so.

They are based in Europe and also were at some of the expos recently - I wish they had team in Italy as we have such little Managed Forex traders, but the transfer in costs are not bad and they trade in EUR which is a positive compared to most trade in USD I find for my other manage account investment.

All in all, this is a very refreshing firm to work with. I recommend the team.
Ahmad Raza,
Lahore, Pakistan,
Jan 24, 2017,

9/9 months profitable, the returns are about 95% close to the same returns they show on their performance.
And the performance fee of 12% is also very low compared to what I have paid for other not as strong managed fx accounts.

Withdrawals take about 1-2 business days to arrive. Good.

Customer support is VERY fast.

Usually 10+ trades per week. Sometimes less. Not complaining.

Happy client.
Liam Brown,
NSW, Australia,
Feb 28, 2017,

Gday FPA Readers--
Opened Managed Traders Account December 2015.

Profit has been steadily growing.

Most months over 10%. Sometimes much better.

Trades never kept open for long period (No big DD ever). Very refreshing to see.

My account manager Jacob replies VERY PROMPT to my emails.

FYI – I use “MODERATE FUND” setting on my account. I do not believe in over-leveraging in an already aggressive market (FX) and this firms Gold/Oil trading seems to be where they make the majority of account earnings.
I trust them because of the regulated brokers they use, very fast support, proven profits, and very fast withdrawals.

I am very glad I found this company and wish there were more like it.
UK, United Kingdom,
May 26, 2017,


This is my taste of the aggressive FX market, I honestly think the Fx market is practically rigged but if you're willing to take on the huge risk it's okay I guess.

I put in €10,000 into this fund and have had really positive results with pretty reasonable DD. Up to about €16,000 since beginning.

Customer service (my account manager Jacob) is VERY fast to reply to emails as well - they really do seem to care which we need more of!
Logan Armstrong,
Ontario, Canada,
Mar 14, 2017,

Good managed account traders

I have had a managed trading account here for 9 months and have been profitable almost every single month. Mostly about two trades a day, and they seem to win a consistent 70% of their trades. The support replies very fast, only done one withdraw request and they sent me my funds the same day. I am happy with the service here.
Cebu, Philippines,
Apr 20, 2017,
Registered user

Positive Experience.

I had an account via their FXCM IB until FXCM got in all their trouble and then I moved it to the Swiss Quote / Liquidity provider setup that's much easier.

I have also tested withdrawal function four times - no issues obviously.
Have more then tripled my investment.
Always have taken out profits around every 3-4 months, and always get speed replies from their team. They are VERY fast to reply to any emails I send them.
abdullah ,
saudi , Saudi Arabia,
Apr 20, 2017,

great job so far

Professional respect fast respond a great team been trading with them note then 3 months
Anna Bryant,
Worthing, United Kingdom,
Apr 20, 2017,

Worth investing in

Efficient, good returns, good service - what's not to like? An excellent alternative to the usual investment forums.