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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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IIInvestments.com profile provided by iiinvestments, Mar 15, 2017

We are an alternative investment fund specializing in commodities as well as FX trading. We take pride in supporting our clients 24 hours a day and providing multiple high-yielding trading systems under our umbrella fund servicing clients from over 35 countries around the world. Contact us anytime with any questions at support@iiinvestments.com - we will reply promptly.


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3.137 · 26 REVIEWS
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United Kingdom,
Jan 13, 2017,

Due diligence failure

iiinvestments.com A.K.A i2 (squared) investments, offers a managed investment service, client funds are deposited into segregated accounts and are pooled for trading. The website states that they are regulated by 'the Broker-Dealer Compliance.' They are not regulated by SEC, FINRA, FCA or other recognised body.
The legal entity is difficult to track down, the website appears to be hosted on servers in NL and their trades with recognised 'partner brokers' are in Euros.
Although compliance policies and use of client funds appears to be comprehensively stated, these do not include client funds withdrawal policies and procedures.

Any dealings or further information on this company
Reply by iiinvestments submitted Feb 19, 2017:
Dear STP,
I would be happy to clarify the confusion you have outlined for you. We are an alternative investments dealer offering Managed Accounts in Commodities such as Gold, Oil, and Spot FX currencies as well as BitCoin pairs. We also do not accept clients from the US, where Finra, SEC, NFA etc you've mentioned are based. (For your info though, regulators like SEC don't handle alternative investment instruments).

Therefore, the regulation you've referenced is not relevant to our firm.
Furthermore, we are Regulated by the BDC and our brokers are all regulated by the largest regulators in Europe, Australia, etc.

Lastly, our withdrawal process is clearly outlined at the very top of the log-in area for all our clients. You may process a withdrawal and will receive a bank wire/credit card refund transaction/BitCoin Transfer within 1-2 business days.

Thank you for your question!
Shanghai, China,
Jan 19, 2017,
Registered user

I've had an account here over a year now and can report the following.

- All withdrawals have been processed to me within a day (to my bank account).
- The trading generally does about 10-15% a month in NET return after they take their fee. Which is not that high I must say.
- They reply to queries VERY fast which is quite impressive.
- They have an IB program that is quite popular but I have not used this yet but plan to soon.

Overall, the fast support withdrawals from this firm make it valuable to me and one of the few funds (Forex Funds, I should say) that I feel comfortable depositing significant funds in.
Ahmad Raza,
Lahore, Pakistan,
Jan 24, 2017,

9/9 months profitable, the returns are about 95% close to the same returns they show on their performance.
And the performance fee of 12% is also very low compared to what I have paid for other not as strong managed fx accounts.

Withdrawals take about 1-2 business days to arrive. Good.

Customer support is VERY fast.

Usually 10+ trades per week. Sometimes less. Not complaining.

Happy client.
Alessandro Moretti,
London (From Torino Italia), United Kingdom,
Feb 5, 2017,

Great service! I highly recommend

I have been an investor at I² for 18 months now and can now share a detailed perspective of my funds here. I was introduced by a friend of mine who had a small account here and I invested €25,000 EUR to see for myself how they perform. Almost each month has been profitable minus two losing months which were very reasonable losses. The profits have ranged from about 7% to 20% a month. They have an "aggressive" style of trading that doesn't have too much risk considering how large the returns are.

The account manager team is also extremely helpful and replies to most of my emails within a few hours.

Withdrawals have generally only taken 1-2 days and I like to take my profits every few months or so.

They are based in Europe and also were at some of the expos recently - I wish they had team in Italy as we have such little Managed Forex traders, but the transfer in costs are not bad and they trade in EUR which is a positive compared to most trade in USD I find for my other manage account investment.

All in all, this is a very refreshing firm to work with. I recommend the team.
Graham J.,
Leicester, United Kingdom,
Feb 25, 2017,

Real, non-hyped service.

will personally vouch for Jurgen, Jacob, Natalia, James, and the team...

this service is trustworthy and has produced very impressive returns primarily on Oil, Gold, and GBPUSD trading.
I have personally introduced several friends to this company and we have all had the same experience.

I have had an account over 8 months and it is THE best Managed Account service I used in FX. Ever.

withdrawals usually take literally one business day and they literally reply to emails in 5-10 minutes sometimes.

good team here.
Liam Brown,
NSW, Australia,
Feb 28, 2017,

Gday FPA Readers--
Opened Managed Traders Account December 2015.

Profit has been steadily growing.

Most months over 10%. Sometimes much better.

Trades never kept open for long period (No big DD ever). Very refreshing to see.

My account manager Jacob replies VERY PROMPT to my emails.

FYI – I use “MODERATE FUND” setting on my account. I do not believe in over-leveraging in an already aggressive market (FX) and this firms Gold/Oil trading seems to be where they make the majority of account earnings.
I trust them because of the regulated brokers they use, very fast support, proven profits, and very fast withdrawals.

I am very glad I found this company and wish there were more like it.
Queensland, Australia,
Mar 14, 2017,

Be Cautious and please read before investing.

Be cautious with this company. Too many alarm bells going off for me to invest in them. At the time of writing this(14/3/17), I can say all information is true and correct and i2 Investments may have changed information on their site since i posted this review. I have used the alias of Sam as I have an account registered with them, which means they do hold information on me and I wish to remain anonymous.

This is what I noticed:

As of today (14/3/17) the address stated on their website is 2 Gebäude G, Vienna, Austria 1120. I did a search of this address and it comes up with virtual offices for hire. I understand that the address provided is for a satellite correspondent office, but this is not an office owned by them and they do not provide any information of where a head office is located.
See here: https://www.alliancevirtualoffices.com/AT/am-euro-platz-2-virtual-office-3934

Unfortunately I don't have any proof, but approximately 2 weeks ago when I first started looking at their services, the address stated on their website was Sterngasse 3, 1010 Wien, Austria. This is also the address for KMU Centre which also offer Virtual Office services.
See here: https://www.kmu-center.at/en/virtual-office/

Secondly, the "verified" results. This one will need some explaining from i2 Investments.
- ForexVerified.com is clearly a fabricated site designed only for i2 Investments. All the charts are PNG format and not tracking any account performance. There are no other account from other traders or brokers available that have been verified by ForexVerified.com. And the "reviews" link on their website links to reviews back to here, Forex Peace Army. All the advertising on this site is for i2 Investments and none of the links in the menu bar don't really go anywhere, just give very basic information.
See here: http://www.forexverified.com/iiinvestments.html

- MyFXbook Verified account is not their account. The account is linked to AlgoTradeSoft Innovative EA, and makes no mention of i2 Investments.
See here: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/AlgoTradeSoft/algotradesoft-innovative-ea-v-950time/1373958

- FXStat Verified account is not their account either. The account is linked to SmarterFX Capital Funds, and makes no mention of i2 Investments.
See here: http://www.fxstat.com/en/performances/view/Elite-Gold-Trading-58093

Thirdly, i2 Investments claim to be regulated by a company named Broker Dealer Compliance. The website is similar to ForexVerified.com and looks fabricated to favour i2 Investments. It shares the same font and also has links that don't really go anywhere and have basic information on them. The member directory is not a directory, its a search bar and the only company that show's up is i2 Investments, so search whatever you'd like. A google search will show that no other broker that I could find is regulated by BDC.
See here: http://brokerdealercompliance.org/

The awards that i2 Investments have received are also questionable. If you go to i2 Investments home page and scroll down, you will find 7 images of awards they have received.

Best Portfolio Management 2016 by 24hr Finance - When you click on the image you come to the home page of 24Hr Finance. This page has a lot of information and talks a fair bit about Invest Worldwide Inc. Google this and you will find a website for Invest Worldwide Inc and all the information on 24Hr Finance is a copy and paste from here. Also their logo has an extreme similarity to 24Hr Car Finance. Just saying.
See here: http://24hrfinance.com/
Here: http://www.investworldwideinc.net/
And Here: http://24hourcarfinance.com/

Best Performing Manager 2015 and 2016 by Dubai Finance Guide - When you click on the image you come to the home page of the Dubai Finance Guide. Click on the Award winners button at the top and you will find i2 Investments under here as an Award Winner. Yet none of these award winning financial institution's acknowledge on their websites that they have ever won an award with the Dubai Finance Guide. Also there is no contact number or address, apart from an email address in the bottom left corner of their site. Also none of the button at the base of the website go anywhere, so click on them all you want.
See here: http://dubaifinanceguide.com/

Best Managed Fund 2016 and 2017 by China Forex Expo - This is the only award that holds some sort of legitimacy. There is no information on i2 Investments winning any award on the China Forex Expo website (the 2017 expo hasn't even been yet, but congrats on winning). BUT i2 Investments can be found under the Sponsors + Media link on the China Forex Expo page.
See Here: http://www.chinaforexexpo.com

Most Loyal Client Base 2015 and Top FX Fund 2015 by Best Finance Directory - Clicking on the image from i2 Investments takes you to the directory page of Best Finance Directory. Here is makes no mention of any awards but does have a long list of Forex Brokers. If you look at who they are regulated by, you will notice familiair names like ASIC and CySec, but will also notice some are also regulated by BDC (Broker Dealer Compliance). If you go check there broker's, it will show they are not regulated by them and are regulated by a different regulator. Also, half the links in the menu bar don't lead any where and some have basic information on them.

This is the research I have done and I do not wish to slander i2 Investments. I may be overreacting and be missing out on making 600% a year, but I urge you to do your own research before investing.
Reply by iiinvestments submitted Mar 15, 2017:
While we do appreciate your efforts to be transparent, it would be far more professional if you had reached out to us first and we could have easily debunked all of your observations. I will be more than happy to do so for you right now however. Regardless of you (nor do you claim to have been) not being our client and leaving a very opinionated review.

1. “Virtual Office": The address on our website is our correspondent satellite office. This is clearly stated. Nowhere does it claim to be where our traders live/work. Our traders are in other countries around the world and we cannot advertise those locations or we would have to hold a license/formal office in each of those countries. This practice is very common.

2. “Linked Websites”: ForexVerified.com, BDC, Awards sites mentioned have all been around longer than our website. (many by 5+ years!) A very, very simple 2-minute WHOIS.com check would confirm this. So I won’t even bother trying to debunk the fact that our website as somehow created “with” these sites.

3. The MyFXBook / FxStat profits, etc are all some of our traders that work independently from us as well. We have partnerships with many traders. They don’t have to list our name on their profile as some of them are independent contractors who trade for many sites including competitor signal/social trading platforms that charge higher fees.

4. I won’t even bother defending two 3rd party websites “using the same font” that were both registered between 2005-2010 and are widely respected sites.

5. Our awards and reviews (seen on the home page at www.iiinvestments.com) can all be easily verified. You could have easily contacted organizations like the China FX Expo or any of the sites but you also made the decision not to do that and instead post your suspicions here to degrade us publicly.
All of your suggestions are basically based around that large FX website the largest FX expo in Asia, ForexVerified.com, a licensed CPA, several verified traders, finance sites up to 10 years old, are all somehow connected to us. I strongly suspect you a competitor as this argument is so easily debunked had you have contacted us as a serious client prospect.

We challenge anyone to find *ONE* client of ours that has lost any funds and can post actual proof of this here on the FPA.
They simply do not exist. We wish you the best in your business and own trading.
Logan Armstrong,
Ontario, Canada,
Mar 14, 2017,

Good managed account traders

I have had a managed trading account here for 9 months and have been profitable almost every single month. Mostly about two trades a day, and they seem to win a consistent 70% of their trades. The support replies very fast, only done one withdraw request and they sent me my funds the same day. I am happy with the service here.
Simon Hemsworth,
Luton, N.London, United Kingdom,
Mar 15, 2017,

Very Very Murky....

I think this may be an elaborate scam.
Brokerdealercompliance is not a real regulator, i think its made up by I2, a fake compliance website.
Wire instructions are Beneficiary Name / Address: UPAYCARD LTD, 20 Mortlake High Street STE 308, SW14 8JN, London, United Kingdom
Bank Name: KBH Andelskasse
Bank Branch Address: Tingskiftevej 5, 2900 Hellerup, Copenhagen, Denmark

This is real real fishy, sending money to a upaycard account? C'mon.

Track record certainly looks like a load of rubbish, forex verified, what even does that mean.
Its impossible to tell who the company actually is and their physical location is very murky.
A 10% performance fee, no one charges a fee this low.......almost too good to be true.
Then putting other peoples myfxbook links on their site.....my god its appalling.

One big can of worms.
One to dodge I believe,
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
This review was is one of several submitted by ManagedForexLTD, which is a competitor to iiinvestments.

The FPA is disappointed to see ManagedForexLTD decided to engahe in such unethical behavior.
Reply by iiinvestments submitted Mar 16, 2017:
Sadly, it would appear you are the same person attempting to leave us negative reviews here in the last 10 days (out of 3+ years in business) under various names and not even a client of ours (or a real name that’s ever contacted us).
Regardless, in the name of transparency, we will still address these sad accusations that hold no merit.

#1 – The payment gateway “UPayCard” is one deposit option from one of the liquidity brokerages. They are a well-known payment service and one of many choices offered that you seem to not like for no specific reason.

#2 – Track record rubbish? We are CPA Audited, our FX traders are all on MyFXBook / FxStat / ForexVerified/Fx Blue.

#3 – Broker Dealer Compliance is a Membership organization that costs heavily to be a member and has a recovery fund over €3 Million for victims of fraudulent trading companies. They are very helpful to people and I’m sorry you feel that is not satisfactory. Our brokers are also all regulated by various European, UAE, Australian, etc regulators.

#4 – Our fee is 15% and most funds charge 20-25%. You are correct (for the first time!). We are a business, and we focus on high performance and low fees to attract customers to invest with our traders instead of our competitors such as yourself.

#5 “Impossible to tell who the company is”. We have a whole page dedicated to our team and you can call us 24x5. I think we’re quite transparent and here to help our customers as proven here as well! ; -)

We wish you the best in all your endeavors.
Ronnie H. ,
QLD, Australia,
Mar 16, 2017,

Good support and even better trading.

Opened an account in the middle of last year and have had almost every month be positive. I'm surprised anyone has anything bad to say about these guys as the gent below. All withdrawals processed immediately, and support is extremely swift. Also, it was important to me to find traders that don't hold positions more than 1-2 days. This team is very good at keeping DD low. Will post another review after I've had my account open a full year. Currently up over €12K on a €7500 deposit.