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Out of business Black Parrot (Blonde Bear)
Updated: Aug 2, 2023
CAC400 was a scam forex broker. CAC400 offered the MetaTrader 4 and Mobile forex online trading top platforms. offered over 5 forex pairs, commodities, stocks, indices to try to scam you.

September 2018:  CAC 400 is part of the Black Parrot/Blonde Bear group of companies.  This group has at least 5 FPA Traders Court guilty votes against them.  All companies in this group are hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.

The FPA warns traders not to do business with any company associated with the Black Parrot/Blonde Bear group.

CAC 400 is part of a group of websites tied to Black Parrot Limited and Blonde Bear OU. Sites which are part of this group include,,,,,,,,, and

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
2.188 • 10 REVIEWS

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asas, Greece,
Nov 13, 2017,


bad service. no good talk, no money back, no knowledge of what they do thhere and still calling for new offer.
Aug 31, 2017,

CAC400 Scam alert

Bunch of cockroaches trying to scam people, I went by the office and took my money finally, I informed the authorities and the financial police. Money was not much, but I was trapped in a kind of Mom account where nothing was happening. The guy that used to call me did never show presence. Stay away and better set your money on fire, at least you'll get heat out of them.
ITALY, Italy,
Aug 17, 2017,
Registered user

CAC400 110% SCAM

CAC400 and TRADESPRIME are 110% scam website. Please never deposit anything with them! I lost "only" 100 Euros.... Please help our organization to help others know!
AJ Mouton
JHB, South Africa,
Aug 2, 2017,

Avoid !!!

They do not react on withdrawal requests or E-mail.
I wouldn't advise anyone to trade with them....most likely a SCAM !!!
Spain, Spain,
Apr 21, 2017,
Registered user


cac400 is a part of and thus a scam. Sorry to say if you have invested money at cac400, tru to withdraw your money.. its gone
Dion Alexopoulos
Apr 20, 2017,
Registered user

I live in Athens, Greece. Before six months i opened an trading account to CAC400 com. I want say thanks to cac400, and to mr. Toris and to mr. Manolis. They help me about my fund and they give me, meny useful informations and instructions.
Before i made trading in two others companyes. But here in cac400 is much beter.
I will continue here.
Athens, Greece,
Apr 12, 2017,

First time trader, begginer

100% Bonus, very helpful all of them. The office is in athens. The cooperation with the account manager is very good till now. They call me and inform me on news and staff. Not very long with them.
Antonis K.
Thessaloniki, Greece,
Apr 6, 2017,

Satisfied with Mr Andreas Toris and

Mr Andreas Toris suggest me to go to I am very pleased with and especially with the guidance of Mr Toris. Wenn i lost my fund, he called me and gave me some instructions about forex. Also he told me to call him whenever i want and discuss about forex and all my questions about it.
london , United Kingdom,
Mar 20, 2017,
Registered user

Got a cold call, so i tried to get them to send me something in writing this is where got hung up :-)
for me a total scam.
somerset, United Kingdom,
Mar 16, 2017,

CAC400 con artists just trying to rape you of your money.

This company has rang and rang and rang me until one day I answered to be told how much profit I could earn I said I was not interested over and over again, I was then put through to "an Agent" who again persisted in trying to get me to sign up, 15 minis later once he realised I was not interested he starting abusing me telling me to go f*** my mother and that I am a cockroach and if i was in front of him he would slap the f*** out of me. The next day I receive exactly the same phone call i was then put through to "an agent" where I asked to speak to chris, after getting through to chris I asked him for an apologise for the way he spoke to me, he did apologise and gave me a load more cr** about how I was wasting his time!!! Wasting his time?????? I told them from the start I was not interested. They say they work from King Edward Street in London floor 13. Well I cant wait to go to London in April and go and see chris and see how far he gets with slapping the f*** out of me. I also don't believe for one minute that they were based in London they all speak with a Pakistani accent and there is no way a reputable company would have someone that unprofessional working for them.
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