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Updated: Jul 17, 2019
2.362 · 32 REVIEWS
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November 2018-March 2019:  Multiple fake and highly suspicious positive reviews submitted for OlympTrade.


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2.362 · 32 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Bangkok, Thailand,
Jul 13, 2019,

I'm satisfied with everything.

Length of use: over 1 Year

I've been trading with Olymp Trade for years by now. Basically, I'm satisfied with everything. I think this company does its job pretty well, though in any case it all mostly depends on the trader and his trading system. All the success I've reached in trading is my success, and I owe the results of my efforts genuinely to myself. In its turn, the platform earns fees for its work, and everyone's happy.
Probably I wouldn't even bother to leave a review, but I'd like to help the newbies comb through all this flood of words and emotions coming in on this site. First and foremost, Olymp Trade does not scam you (at least I wasn't scammed), just like it doesn't manipulate charts or delay withdrawals. If you know how to trade, you'll be receiving profits. If not, the result will be disappointing regardless of the platform. So learn trading, practise with a demo-account (it's free here), and only then you can switch to the real money trade. That's what I recommend you.
Manila, Philippines,
Jul 9, 2019,
Registered user

Good trading platform

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Olymp Trade is a good trading platform for me because it does what it promises -- it helps me by giving me enough educational materials and a good demo account to practice my skills in trading. When I was a newbie it helped me a lot that there are different review materials that I can access all over the internet. But the main resource I used is the one from the Olymp Trade website and youtube channel because those are easy to understand.
Hamza Najam,
Lahore,, Pakistan,
Jul 3, 2019,

they are fake

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Its a fake company, they will not process your withdrawal, they will not verify your documents so they have good reason to keep you waiting for months, I requested withdrawal almost 2 weeks back so i am now opening a dispute with the regulators and forexpeacearmy as well, dont trade with them
Egypt, Egypt,
Jun 24, 2019,

One of the best

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

One of the best, Actually I started with them like 2 years ago and I have no complaints at all! the withdrawal are pretty fast and they are the first company ever to proceed the withdrawals in the holidays! < I would recommend them for BinaryOptions trading that's for sure but they really sucks in forex!
Chernivtsi, Ukraine,
Jun 18, 2019,

Decent company for trading

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I started to trade with Olymp Trade because I came across the overview on the internet and wanted to try out what is trading by myself ) Now it’s been half a year since I’ve been trading, the results are slowly getting better, I’m trying to learn from my own mistakes. Last two month I made it in black. I like Olymp platform, it works smoothly with no bags and downs and the deals are executed perfectly. I’m happy with everything and didn’t have any issues so far, so as for now I’m planning just to grow slowly as a trader and then we will see. At least, for now, Olymp Trade is considered as a good reliable company, I’m not going to leave them.
May 29, 2019,

This company scammed me out of 6k in bitcoin. Do not send them anything - THEY ARE A SCAM!!!!
Madiha Sadiq,
Lahore, Pakistan,
May 2, 2019,


Just terrible, I opened an account with them 2 days back, deposit 200 and opened a forex trade, i was in profit and would you believe they charged be overnight swap of USD 41.23, they turned my trade from profit to loss and their chat and support is as pathetic as their name, I will advise not to trade with them, they will steal your whole deposit with their freaking swap rate, and their chat say calculation is freaking right. lastly this company doesnt know at sell there is no swap charged infact company pay swap on overnight trades, now my trade is in loss and still no reply from company, i wanna say this should be banned
Eduardo M,
catlunya, Spain,
Apr 19, 2019,

experiencia con olymptrade

very bad broker, the second you mention you want to withdraw, the persons who used to be really nice, disrespect you over and over, then they disappear. One of the worst experiences of my life

a total scam, I do not recommend to Olymp Trade, withdrawals of money are impossible also I recommend reading
Saudi Arabia,
Feb 23, 2019,
Registered user

When see you made a profit will add execution delay on your account to delay the trade opened on the correct price do you want , I'm not sure why but this is bu***, You have make one min holding for Binary Option I do not know what she need more then to add my account execution delay that is Binary Option?

This is unreasonable. All companies add you the delay feature so you do not take advantage of the price you want.

Everyone wants you to lose until you pay more money. I will add 2 star for the withdrawal made successful.

Unfortunately, I Was consider it a good company but eventually it will turn on you.
Feb 11, 2019,
Registered user

I saw Olymp Trade administration disputing with its traders several times

I saw Olymp Trade administration disputing with its traders several times and, what's interesting, not all cases were resolved by the regulatory company in favour of Olymp Trade. In the end, they agreed and payed. I had to google translate most of it, but it was worth it, such cases, in my opinion are quite demonstrative. Disputes between financial companies and customers happen all the time. It's okay. It'd be weird if I didn't find them. On the example of such disputes I can easily draw conclusions about the legitimacy of broker's business1, and in this case the conclusion is rather positive.
Russian Federation,
Feb 9, 2019,
Registered user

That's a great platform!

That's a great platform! I registered there out of curiosity. In the end,I got really into it. I'm better at working with currencies and indices. Crypto is not profitable now. Rises and falls seem to be alright, but you still don't profit much. Commissions are large, but the leverage is not.
Jan 13, 2019,
Registered user

Cryptocurrency exchanges

I used to work on crypto exchanges, on two, to be more precise. In order to profit from crypto, you need to switch from crypto to fiat and wait for a convenient opportunity to buy when it's low, and sell when it's high. But when crypto is falling, you can profit only from cyclic fluctuations, which happen no more than once in 24 hours now, but in most of the cases the rate is just falling, and small rises are devoured by spreads. I had to look for other options, and I chose Olymp Trade. With a broker, you can play for a decrease and increase, without being distracted by the conversion. Olymp Trade's commissions are slightly higher than commissions on cryptocurrency exchanges – 0.2% vs. 0.45 %, but at least there's no spread. And the most important thing is the x10 leverage, which exchanges don't have
Dnepr, Ukraine,
Dec 27, 2018,

no complaints

I have no complaints about this broker. It provides qualitative assets and solves controversial situations fair enough. Once I lost my bank card and blocked it the account, of course, just in case. After short conversation the administration allowed me to use another method of money transfering.
Dec 23, 2018,

fast withdrawal

i made withdrawal with faster than any other broker
i do not have any trouble with them, i have tried the withdrawal from my profit and it takes only 15 minute to my epayment wallet
Moscow, Russian Federation,
Nov 20, 2018,

My opinion about olymptrade

It's not very convenient to use commissions instead of spreads. And commissions as well as spread constantly change, actually. The changes are small, but it would be fai1r to show the usual spread. The rest is fine!
Oct 19, 2018,

great platform

When you deposit money, the broker gives you a bonus. When you withdraw money, the bonus is deducted, so the full deposit amount can become less the the minimal required amount for the VIP account. You need to rememeber this in order to avoid unpleasant situations. Also, this broker really doesn't like duplicated accounts. I wanted to get an opportunity to have risk-free deals, and I thought of opening a new separate account for the VIP status. It's good I asked the support group and was thoroughly instructed, what I can and cannot do. Generally, I'm satisfied. The vip account is pretty good as it allows you to get bigger profits and risk-free deals.
Oct 8, 2018,

"A" class broker

I started to trade on Olymp 3 years ago. It was my first experience. What i do like most - the education system. That`s the main reason I choose them. For true to say, now i`m well experienced and don`t need a lot of education articles. But I already have a habit to trade with they self-mad platform.
Taiwan, Province of China,
Sep 26, 2018,
Registered user

In binary options, Olymp is one of the swindlers. Please do not participate in the trade without the supervision of CY
izhevsk, Russian Federation,
Sep 21, 2018,

I find Olymp trade's conditions quite convenient. I especially like the trading platform. The interface is simple and functional. I am very glad that the broker teaches to respect the conditions of risk management, by limiting the losses of all transactions (I trade forex). There were no problems with withdrawals. Although I didn't violate any rules, so. I'm happy with everything. In my opinion, what other brokers offer is nothing compared to Olymp trade.
Viet Nam,
Sep 14, 2018,
Registered user

Scam broker, lose $2300, lock account can not withdraw

Hi everybody, As the title I just olymptrade blocked account without reason. I opened my account at olymptrade about 3 months, after 3 times each charge $ 100 burns are burned clean. Yesterday (12/9) I loaded $ 2000 to the VIP account and was able to get back over $ 300. Actually withdraw $ 100 on September 12, ok about 15 minutes on the bank account. Yesterday I made $ 200 withdrawal again. (the account is still more than $ 2000 because this number, according to the consultant said, after 15 days to withdraw). I received the email yesterday to verify the account has finished withdrawing money. I have followed the instructions in the email, send back the photo ID card, photo bank card, ... This morning I logged on to the web to receive a message locked account without any reason. I tried to contact through email, but the phone did not receive a reply.
Helsinki, Finland,
Sep 8, 2018,

Easy platform.

Olymp has an easy platform, which works in the browser. No need to install it on the computer. There are a large number of assets including stocks, currencies, crypto-currencies and stock futures. In addition to everything in the platform, a good reference system, working on the principle of second screen, and a deposit of 10$. This is important for a newbie, that's why I decided to open an account with this broker. I learned the basics of graphical analysis and a dozen different strategies here.

Fortunately, the training materials are free. I haven't made a lot of money yet but I don't lose hope.
Aug 30, 2018,
Registered user

Avoid at all cost - WEB OF LIES

It's another Bulgarian and Cypriot binary scam. Stay away trader's, avoid market makers at all cost. Also they do not give any bonuses and make up bull*** stories when you question their stupid online support based in India. I;m also giving this opinion in forexpeacearmy so that no other trader fall under their Web of lies.
Aug 29, 2018,

Userfriendly platform and fast withdrawals

Olymp Trade is a great broker for forex and binary options trading. Withdrawal process have two advantages here. First - it's superfast. Second - no commisionfee required. Why i think Olymp really differ from other brokers is userfriendly web platform. It builded with all principles of intuitive design. Strongly recommended for traders whos love comfort.
DT, Viet Nam,
Aug 13, 2018,
Registered user


In some specific times, every candle has 2 tails to wide out traders' position (other platform don't have this).


1 trader has found this review helpful
Jul 28, 2018,

Interesting bonuses without working off

Experienced traders consider it beneath their dignity to use broker's bonuses. They believe that goofballs and freebies lovers do this. I agree to consider myself a goofball, if bonuses bring a good profit. And Olymp Trade where I trade has exactly bonuses like this. The broker doesn't require working them off and the profit from trading with bonuses can be withdrawn right away. Olymp Trade is a fine broker, actually. There're a lot of assets for trading, and I use all its opportunities actively. I trade with currency pairs, shares, indicies and commodities. Their analytics helps a lot in this. It's easy to register and undergo verification on this platform. The minimum deposit is only $10. You can even trade without restriction on a demo account. You can participate in a partnership program and have additional income. The use of advisors is also not forbidden. By the way, I noticed that the forecasts published on Olymp come true at about 70 percent. You just need not neglect this information, considering yourself smarter than everyone else. One can trade well with cryptocurrency on Olymp as well. It's a pity, though, that one can't deposit an account directly with crypt.

Los traders con experiencia consideran indigno usar los los bonos del broker. Creen que lo hacen sólo los tontos y los adictos a la ganga. Estoy de acuerdo considerándome como un tonto si los bonos llevan un buen beneficio. Y Olymp trade donde opero tiene estos mismos bonos. El broker no exige pagar por ellos con mi trabajo y el beneficio del trading se puede retinta inmediatamente. Y en general olymp trade es un broker bueno. Tiene muchos activos para el trading y uso activamente todas sus posibilidades. Opero con los pares de las divisas, las acciones, los indices, las materias primas. Su analítica me ayuda mucho hacerlo. Es fácil registrarse y pasar la verificación en esta plataforma. El depósito mínimo es sólo 10$. Se puede operar en la cuenta demo sin restricciones. Se puede participar en el programa de la cooperación y tener el beneficio adicional. No está prohibido usar los consejeros. A propósito, he notado que de los pronósticos que publican en olymp cumplan unos 70$. Sólo tienes que no menospreciar esta información considerándote el más inteligente de todos los demás. También puedes operar bien en olymp con la criptomoneda. Qué lástima que no se puede recargar la cuenta directamente con la criptomoneda
Jul 13, 2018,
Registered user

Olymp Trade is not worth it.

Don't put money on Olymp trade. It's not worth it. After "investing" more than 2.500 us dollars in this company, they blocked my account, leaving me no access to extracts, chat logs, and every thing else claiming that I've had violated clause 1.8.1...
The only clause I've violated was to trust olymp trade. By the way, I've only used the tools they provide in the platform, they blocked my account with money in it, and after all I got back the money I "invested" on them MINUS all the taxes I had to pay because they randomly change ways withdrawals are made.

I will let market itself to deal with you..
Russian Federation,
Jun 27, 2018,

Easy to use platform and no problems with withdrawal

Maybe I'm wrong, but Olymp Trade helps me a lot in trading. The main this is that everything's convenient and ergonomic. You can always find any information within a seconds. I trade with all assets, and there is a great choice of them on Olymp. However, these are my personal impressions, nothing more. I think it's not even appropriate to talk about funds withdrawal. If a broker doesn't make it, you have to go to court. And Olymp makes funds withdrawal steadily. If only it wasn't necessary to pass the verification, it would be just great. But, unfortunately, this is inevitable. It's considered that this contributes to security.

About review below. Well, you know that you can't have more than one account in one company. This cannot be done in any bank, it cannot be done on forums. There were unspoken (now forgotten) rules of network ethics once at the beginning of the Internet. But it's strange to me that a man with $12k doesn't know this. Even I with my miserable $500 know this. You'd better consult the support or your consultant. You, for sure, have a VIP status with such an amount. I bet they will return your the money if you wasn`t frauding with platform or you should open a case in FPA forum. Administrators always help in such situations.
Viet Nam,
Jun 11, 2018,
Registered user


They are an excellent scammer. I created deposit with them (2000usd), then I won 1000usd, total balance was 3000usd. At the time I went to sleep, they assigned a hacker to attack my account, they made the trading to decrease my account to 390 usd. WTF?. I try to contact with them to give me their solution, but they rejected or did not want to answer my question !!.

South Africa,
Jun 4, 2018,
Registered user

OlympTrade - Deposit only broker

I opened an account with Olymp Trade on 31 July 2017. I made numerous deposits and was never able to make profit on their site.

On 7 May 2018, I clicked on an ad for one of their affiliates. In order to see his strategy, I had to open a new account with OlympTrade and fund it with $40. I did this with another e-mail address, not knowing that I was not allowed to have a second account.

After this date I decided to try my old strategy again and deposited $2000 in my old account. It went well for a while but I lost this money. I deposited another $10 000 and for the first time started making money, but then the problems started.

I started seeing weird things on the platform when trades were about to expire. When I queried this, Olymptrade was not happy. I asked for a big withdrawal and because of me making money Olymptrade closed my account, refused to pay out my initial investment + profits. They used the second account I funded with $40 as a reason for breaking their Terms and Conditions. This is obviously only an excuse to pay me what is rightfully mine.

Why didnt they inform me of the violation before investing more than $12 000 in May 2018? Why did it only become a problem when I wanted to withdraw? Is this a deposit only scheme and the broker is only happy while you deposit and never withdraw?
May 3, 2018,

Great broker for newbies. For experienced traders VIP account may have interest.

My opinion about the broker

I've been trading on Olymp for a while, more than for half a year. I'd like to share my feedback.

Minimal deposit amount is 10$, minimal transaction amount is 1$. Newbies can use a demo account for a limitless amount of time. Depositing and withdrawing money can be processed almost with any cards and electronic wallets, and they actually withdraw money quite fast, I get mine on my wallet in less than a day. There's no commission for withdrawing.

There's a bonus system, which you can use and withdraw profit in the meantime (!). You can participate in tournaments (although they are for vip accounts), where people win real money. On the olymp website there're a lot of training materials and there's also a functioning technical support group. There are risk-free deals. They are organized between users from the FB group. The owners of the vip accounts have these deals depending on the deposit amount. The minimal sum which you need for a vip account is 2000$, but it gives you a lot of advantages. The profitability on the vip account can reach 90%. Those who have extra money can try it.

The interface of the platform is convenient for trading. Charts are easily scaled, you can trade on different time frames. The platform also has a deal history with charts, which lets you clarify some interesting details of the previous deals, if you need it.

I'd recommend it to the newbies. The experienced traders should decide for themselves.
Hope the feedback was useful.
Apr 17, 2018,
Registered user


The Brokers blocked my account and did not let me withdraw the capital and keep the yields, I wrote to them, I called them and ignored them, they stole my time and money. Be very careful in investing in this broker it is not reliable and they steal you.
Mar 15, 2018,
Registered user

Easy to understand, straight forward rules.

Easy to understand, straight forward rules.
Break regulations = sanctions.
I don't get why people would say a scam, when all deposits and withdrawals are always processed by OT.
Feb 21, 2018,
Registered user

Account Blocked after Double my Account

My account blocked after I have made profit and double my account in 3-4 days. I was using VPS located in United State for better connectivity. The reason given for blocking is due to use of anonymizers or other software to hide Your real ip address is also a violation of the Agreement (paragraph 1.4.8). Using VPS is so common in forex trading, this broker simply find way and reason to refuse payment and just block my account.
Russian Federation,
Jan 22, 2018,

Good broker for comfortable trading

I have traded with olymp trade for a few monthes and have to say - they have very comfortable platform. But most interesting feature for me is education. In the right side of platform you can open an education menu. Here you can find step by step explanation of important for trading things.
What is little worried me, that i haven`t heard a lot about they regulator Finacom. But as i saw at regulator site - they members are quite a big brokers. So I hope i can rely on Finacom.
Benin city,edo state, Nigeria,
Dec 21, 2017,
Registered user

Olymptrade blocked my account of $1324 and blocked me from accessing my trade account


Hello traders,
this is fapohunda olaniyi john a citizen of NIGERIA have been trading on Olymp Trader platform (https://olymptrade.com). It is a binary option broker called Smartex International Ltd.: Registration No.: 144540, Registered Address: 103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

I know they don't have CySEC license though FINACOM license. 2 weeks ago, after I made $1324 I got my account id: 15838515USD and balance blocked above allegation to violote the rule 1.8.4 (take actions coordinated with other Company Clients to cause the Company harm (losses) and uses other unfair and dishonest methods and means to make trades (transactions) with the Company gain financially from those actions.)

I make my own trades by myself and I never have used a robot or whatever illicit method to have an advantage over them but it has been a hard way to convince them about my case.
They threatened is impossible to get my account or my funds.
I have done all i could to get my funds back,but they still persisted my account funds is gone forever...

Please the FPA traders court should help me get. Back my funds

Dec 20, 2017 - 1 Star Olymptrade.com blocked me from accessing my account and my funds worth $1324.

I messaged them to close my account and give me my funds ,but they replied saying its impossible.

Am usimg this medium to call the attention of the public and the forexpeacearmy traders court to help me in retrieval of my money $1324 from #olymptrade.com .
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Former FPA Member Johnesky400 was removed from the FPA.  He had multiple accounts and was implicated in scamming another FPA member.

The 1 star rating of this review has been removed.  The FPA recommends treating anything Johnesky400 says with extreme caution.
Salvador, Brazil,
Aug 31, 2017,
Registered user

A complaint against Olymp Trade

Hello traders,
this is Charles Correia, a Brazilian citizen that have been trading on Olymp Trader platform (https://olymptrade.com). It is a binary option broker called Smartex International Ltd.: Registration No.: 144540, Registered Address: 103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

I know they don't have CySEC license though FINACOM license. 2 weeks ago, after I made $500 became $4051,60 I got my account id: 12401136USD and balance blocked above allegation to violote the rule 1.8.4 (take actions coordinated with other Company Clients to cause the Company harm (losses) and uses other unfair and dishonest methods and means to make trades (transactions) with the Company gain financially from those actions.)

I have tried to say them and FINACOM: I make my own trades by myself and I never have used a robot or whatever illicit method to have an advantage over them but it has been a hard way to convince them about my case.