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Nenad Kerkez Chris Svorcik
Updated: Dec 5, 2023
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What is EliteCurrenSea?

EliteCurrenSea is a forex services company, offering forex trading EAs, managed forex accounts as well as educational workshops and seminars.

EliteCurrenSea's EAs include Zeus EA and Athena EA, both EAs are grid trading robots and work with MetaTrader platform.

Please read EliteCurrenSea Reviews below and share your experiences with this company.


Established: 2014
Contact: info@elitecurrensea.com

EliteCurrenSea.com Performance tests

Status Account Product P/L Weekly,% Weeks tested P/L Gross,%
Portfolio ECS +0.5 64.1 +37.787
Athena EA +0.24 90.9 +24.507
Portfolio ECS VT Markets +0.57 55 +36.713
Zeus EA Gold VTMarkets +0.56 17.8 +10.5
ECS Portfolio Flagship +1.97 65 +256.088
Athena EA VT Markets -2.41 50.5 -70.877
Zeus EA Gold from EliteCurrenSea.com +0.93 28.5 +30.253
Athena EA RannForex -0.04 65.3 -2.838
Please click the Product name to see detailed test analytics, trading statement, and use our Performance Simulator.
4.351 • 88 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of EliteCurrenSea.com

Atlanta, USA,
Mar 23, 2020,
Registered user

Beware - I have lost money with this company

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I subscribed to their signals but there was no way to replicate their signals. Here is why: The only way they publish their signals are in telegram channel, normally during night time of US Eastern time zone. Now that is perfectly acceptable, its their choice and they have right to run their signal service in time zone they live in. Here is why 1 star review: Their signal group has lot of other irrelevant messages, so I cant even put an alert to wake up every time there is a message in that group. I asked them to create one group just for signals OR send signals in some other way like via email. That way USA users can set up an alarm to wake up and execute the trades. But they refused! Then I asked for my money back, of course they refused! This company is out there to make themselves money, not to make you money. Especially if you live in USA. Horrible service.
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Reply by EliteCurrenSea submitted Mar 31, 2020:
Thank you for the feedback, we’ll try to address every point below.

On the non setups materials in the premium channel:

We understand your concern, although there’s only a handful of updates with no setups. That said, we have a plan of splitting the setups channel from the rest, to ensure there's as little delay and distraction between setups and traders. Plus there is no reason for us not to share more useful non-setups insights (will be available in a separate channel). We do understand your concern though, and are sorry to hear that these circumstances didn't allow you to take the full benefit of our services. Should you still be around to see the change, we hope the change will benefit your waking life habits!

The time zone for East & West Coast USA:

Nenad usually trades when the most price action occurs, namely 7AM - 6PM GMT (3AM - 2PM GMT -4). This does make life a bit harder for West Coast traders, but atm we aim at quality rather than quantity, as the pressure to manage active setups can pile up.

On Refunds:

We do give funds back within 48 hours after the purchase for ecs.LIVE but not after 2 days. The reason is because some people would misuse this loophole and use ecs. LIVE for most of the month and then ask for a refund.

The refund policy is clearly explained on the website. For SWAT and CAMMACD, there are no refunds because it is video content which cannot be taken back as is the case with the physical goods.

This being said we try to address each trader's concern and issue refunds, should the service cannot be used for a significant reason.

The money we earn with helping traders is small compared to our gains with trading and servers to diversify income, and have a fixed revenue to invest in news trading methods that we later share with the community.

If you compare us to other trading educators, there are not many who show live track records with the precion we do. E.g.

CAMMACD (Main Source of ecs.LIVE signals):


Ultima EA (automated trading):


Should you have more feedback, clarifications questions or would want to give our service a second shot, don’t hesitate to reach us out via the website.
Tio Guru
Santiago, Chile,
Mar 10, 2020,
Registered user

Telegram Live Channel is awsome

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Hi, I'm from Chile in South America and I have been following Tarantula since 2018. My account went in profit since the first day I subscribed to their telegram channel, If you follow the rules and respect de money management risk, you will become in a profitable trader, I swear.
I bought the complete CAMMACD system and that added to the telegram signals let me understood how a professional trader think.
I recommend follow the telegram channel, the subscription pays for itself.
Belgrade, Serbia,
Mar 7, 2020,
Registered user

CAMMACD Signals are the top notch

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
I have been with EliteCurrenSea for more than 6 months. Calling these traders scammers is far from the truth as it can ever get. I dont know much about Ultima but I can see that they have proofs for everything they do. Personally I am very satisfied with results which CAMMACD signals provide and I will not change it. These guys are the best.
United Kingdom,
Mar 1, 2020,
Registered user

Don’t waste your time and money with this people

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
A year ago Ive subscribed to their live signals and I bought the system called CAMMAD, both not working. Now they have a new Automated system which they have been promoted on Vladimir Ribakov group and they are selling It for €3к. They were saying that this system made a growth of a account from 1000 to 1,000,000 what a joke. Do you think if they have such a profit from this robot they will selling to you guys. Don’t get hooked and don’t trust this scammers
1 trader has found this review helpful
Reply by EliteCurrenSea submitted Mar 4, 2020:
Hi Manol, we are sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied. That said, calling us scammers is factually incorrect, because we have 5 live trading accounts that are all substantially profitable and 1 account with a small loss (see myfxbook links below). Only real traders can provide this type of proof, scammers certainly not. I hope that you understand this point. And it is not only us, just read the chats below to see how happy other Ultima EA and CAMMACD traders are. Now, please allow us to clarify some other things as well.

First of all, we offered Ultima EA (in Jan and Feb 2020) via a profit share module with no upfront costs. Traders could join for free and we can only earn when traders earn. This account has more than 50+ other traders. The gain in Feb 2020 was +204%. Keep in mind that this type of performance will not happen every month, nor did we ever claim that. But sometimes, we do get months with big wins. And Feb 2020 was such a great month. Now we are offering it as rental indeed, because some traders prefer renting it rather than sharing the profits because it is much cheaper for bigger accounts. This will only be available temporarily. Main point: we offered the EA at no upfront costs and so far have made substantial returns in live trading.

Secondly, Let’s address both automated and manual trading.

Automated: Ultima EA trading offers the same setups for everyone because it is based on very narrowly defined rules. Our live trading results are good, although we always add that the track record is still relatively short. We are open and honest about everything and always explain the risks. Only time will tell whether the results will be as good in the rest of 2020, 2021 and 2022. But the start is certainly strong and we think that the odds are in favor when looking at the long-term. Here are the live track records:
ECS account: 1 year track record using 3% risk per setup: +362% gain
Chris’ account: 7 month track using 5% risk per setup: +545% gain
Mislav’s account: 7 months track using 5% risk per setup: +725% gain
Chris’ GU 1h account: 7 month track using 5% risk per setup: -14% loss
Profit share account: 2 month track record using 5% risk per setup: +247% gain
Total profit: we cannot disclose the exact number but it’s more than $100,000

Regarding back-testing, we have done more than a decade of back testing using 99.9% modelling accuracy and real variable spread on Dukascopy and Alpari. In our testing, we have multiple accounts reaching a million indeed after 2.5 years when using 5% risk per setup and not withdrawing any profits. Our live trading record is not long enough to copy that result but our live trading is certainly showing a decent strong start.

Manual and CAMMACD: manual trading is always more personal because there is always a certain level of discretion. Nenad has therefore always a live track record to prove his performance. Whether traders can copy his success really depends on a long list of personal aspects like time, trade management, flexibility to review the charts, risk appetite. Nenad is an intra-day trader and not everyone can trade his setups the way he trades. Here is his live performance:
1 year and 3 months track record: +664% gain
Total profit: $66,495

Our questions to you:
Why do you think that you did not have success with CAMMACD and LIVE?
Did you even try Ultima EA?

We wish success for the entire trading community and all of our ECS followers. We can offer you to join the Ultima EA via the profit share module at no upfront costs. You can trade with risk capital that you can afford to lose and try it for a year. Then let’s resume the conversation together after we review the result. What do you think?
Ventspils, Latvia,
Feb 25, 2020,
Registered user

EliteCurrensea and Ultima EA

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I am trading with help of Nenad, Chris and their team since 2015. So far all is cristal clear and transperent. In my point of view Nenad and Chris are not only good traders but also good educators. They like what they do and therefore they results and attitude is Excellent.
In my opinion Ultima EA is excellent tool if you like trading, but you don't have time for it. It is fully automated, And with profit sharing solution you don't need to have PC that runs MT4 for 24/7. As i have Ultima EA for more than one month i can say that it is excellen when there is trend. As EURUSD had stable downtrend in last month it outperformed my hopes. I am only 1 month with this EA tool. I am realistic and i don't expect that ULTIMA EA can generate 100% per week sustainably every week. But still it can generate good profits.
My own aim was built a EA robot, but with Ultima EA i see that i don't need it any more. Because with expierence of EliteCurensea.com and their coders i don't think that i will do it better.
I recomend EliteCurensea.com and Ultima EA.
Cape Town, South Africa,
Feb 22, 2020,
Registered user

Very Informative and Super Helpful!!

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Each week I can't wait to receive either Christopher's or Nenad's analysis. With their help I've learnt so much regarding Wave analysis as well as patience. I am really glad I stumbled upon Elite Currensea and I hope they will be around for many years to come!! Elite Currensea ROCKS!!
Colombo, Sri Lanka,
Feb 21, 2020,
Registered user

Ultima EA

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I have been very cautious at first as I have never used an EA or a managed account for forex trading before. Still I have joined Ultima EA as Chris, Nenad and Mislav have earned my absolute trust with the genuine effort they have put on their systems in Elite currensea.

I have just signed up one month ago and today my account has gained more than 200% profit. Its just remarkable! Best part is, they never promised this much, they have just stated this will be profitable in the long run and that they have tested it thoroughly. Ultima EA appears to have great filtering mechanisms which prevents it from trading fake moves. The way it smartly adds up new positions when market is moving in favor has truly amazed me. Overall, it’s a very solid EA created by trusted traders and have proven its worth in just one month.
Brno, Czech Republic,
Feb 19, 2020,
Registered user

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Update: EliteCurrenSea got back to me regarding the bonus issue I described previously and everything got solved in the end - I received the bonus. Thank you for the follow up!

Feb 18, 2020 - No Rating 1) Ultima - 5 stars
I have been following Nenad Kerkez and Chris Svorcik for quite some time (their online materials and videos they provide for free) and I can say that these guys really know what they are doing. When Chris introduced Ultima EA in January, I was hooked as it opened my first opportunity to join one of their offers. Even though I was at first hesitant to join due to FXDD reviews I found online (as Ultima must be connected to FXDD account for now), I finally decided to go for it before the end of January due to two main reasons: I trust Chris and Nenad and their FX professionalism AND Ultima seemed like something truly truly good. Yes, FXDD can be difficult, it took 2 weeks for me to set up the account and go through all the issues with paperwork and wiring my deposit but at the end it all worked. So after 2 weeks I was all set and live. Now I am live for 7 days and my account rose 30% already. What can I say? Yes, I will see how it works long term, but for now, I am greatly impressed.

2) Customer Care - 2 Stars
Part of joining the Ultima EA was FXDD bonus 10% available in a specific time period. The deadline for this was approaching while I was in the process of setting up my account with FXDD. EliteCurrenSea (ECS) wrote us an email saying that if there was an issue with our paperwork we should contact a specific FXDD person (they gave us an email address) and put ECS into a copy and that they (ECS) would make sure we would get our Extra Equity (the 10% bonus). I did exactly as instructed because there were issues with my paperwork caused by the FXDD side (delays, long processing). Since then (after I contacted that specific FXDD person), FXDD started processing my paperwork but it seemed I would miss the bonus deadline anyway. So I wrote an email to ECS describing this and in their reply I was informed I should get my bonus once the hassle with the paperwork is over. The deadline for the bonus came and went in the meantime. Finally my paperwork and my deposit was processed with FXDD and I was live on Feb 11th (3 days after the bonus deadline). I was waiting for the 10% bonus but nothing was happening. I wrote another email to ECS asking about it and did not get any reply for 6 days. I wrote them again today and I got a reply instructing me to contact FXDD regarding this bonus as unfortunately ECS personally can’t solve questions related to FXDD accounts/bonuses/funding/etc.

What can I say to that? This does not seem like a good customer care. Was there poor communication or incorrect information giving us false hope that ECS would take care of the bonus for those who would miss the deadline? Is there someone on the customer care side who does not care about customers that much and lets these issues just fizzle out with hope they will somehow solve themselves (not replying to emails)? If I don't get the bonus, well, I will survive, it's not like I have to have it. What bothers me more is this customer approach. I know Chris and Nenad are professionals, but the customer care (at least in my case) is far from professional and it does not cast a good light on EliteCurrenSea (and you guys do not deserve that).
Singapore, Singapore,
Feb 18, 2020,
Registered user

Ultima EA is triple my account in 1 month time

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I am joined Ultima EA on 16 Jan 2020. I am funding USD600.00 to test the services. I really cant believe by end of 10 Feb 2020 my account have been making 250% from USD600 become USD1500. And today the trade just closed about 30 minutes ago, my account latest balance USD1833. I am really speechless to describe how good the Ultima EA is performing.
., Romania,
Feb 16, 2020,
Registered user

Real, transparent, smart guys

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I do not know how to get started ... at first I thought it was a scam ... But it is not, so far I have checked the company, the web domain, the people involved, everything is clean.
I created an account on the FXDD platform, and on 05.02.2020 I deposited $ 1000 and received a deposit bonus of $ 100 (total $ 1100). Currently (16.02.2020) the balance of the account is $ 2268.31 ... I am speechless!
The elitecurrensea.com team is great, offers transparency, sincerity and support.
I hope with all my heart to continue in this rhythm and to hear ourselves again with equally good results!
To those at elitecurrensea.com I wish them all the best in the world!
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