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Updated: Sep 18, 2019
Chris Mathis
3.452 · 8 REVIEWS
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3.452 · 8 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Bali, Indonesia,
Jul 30, 2019,

A long term member and generally happy despite a recent bad form

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I have been one of Chris's longterm members for quite some time now.
Some might say that Chris has had a recent show of bad performances and while this is true to some degree, I have followed Chris long enough to fully trust his trading techniques.
I am happy to ride the storm until I see some clear skies.
In the past, Chris has helped me make some good profits trading whether by signals or training.
Anyway, thanks Chris for all your help and I know things will turn around very soon as they seem to be already.
Prague, Czech Republic,
Jun 14, 2019,


Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Chris’s performance is going STEADILY down the slope for past 8 months (!!!). The drawdown is not -6% as Chris says, but -15.8% as of now. This might not be the exact thread, but Chris put his reputation under his performance as offered by Jarratt. Btw there is no other thread where this can be addressed. Market conditions changed and sadly Chris can’t adapt to that at all, even though he tries. The last massive loss on longing the GBP against all odds concerning the Brexit uncertainty is just another nail to the coffin. Both Jarratt and Chris are not taking any corrective measures, continue losing our money heavily and their reputation suffers heavily. Never ever have I experienced such a tremendously bad service from the self-proclaimed “professional”.
Reply by Chris Mathis submitted Jul 5, 2019:

Sorry to hear about the disappointment with the copier. I would gladly speak with you if you would like to reach out. The account you are mentioning is a connected account that is leveraged, not the master account I am trading unleveraged. The numbers will be doubled there. The drawdown is not large unless leveraged, but the time down has been the longest of my career. We should probably take that into consideration and have a conversation about that.

Once again I need to point out that this is not the Jarratt Davis review section. The tradewithchris program has never ran a copier program. This is an educational site. Please direct your comments there.

With that said we have taken corrective measures, and it has not been about adapting to the market. For me to get into detail here would be kind of pointless, but please feel free to contact me if you would like to have a fair conversation.
Apr 30, 2019,
Registered user

I'm glad to hear that people have had positive experiences with Chris as a mentor. His trade copying service, marketed through Jarrett Davis, has been a complete disaster with no less than 6 out of 7 losing months since it began. Those of us who bought a year's subscription are significantly our of pocket. I have been told a refund is being considered and I think this would be a fair solution.
Reply by Chris Mathis submitted Jun 4, 2019:
Hi Riddelin.

I understand that the past couple of quarters of the copier service have not been my best performance, but it is a low risk approach that is down about 6% over the period specified. Significantly out of pocket would imply that additional leverage is being added which is out of our control. Also, this review is in the wrong place as that is a service under the Jarratt Davis program and has nothing to do with the education program offered at TWC.

Korea, Republic of,
Sep 18, 2017,
Registered user

I joined his website and I am glad I did

I first came across Chris years ago when he was a Forexmentor instructor. I recently found him again and learned that he has his own website. I decided to become a member and I am very glad I did.
In Forex some instructors focus on Technical Analysis and some on Fundamental Analysis. I would say that Chris does take both into account in a very good and balanced blend.
It is not uncommon to find Forex instructors who don't trade. Chris is a trader and a successful one. He explains his trades in detail providing the reasons he is taking the trade, his entry, his stop and take profit target so you can make money, most of the time, while you learn (because losses are part of the game). He not only shares his trades but he also shares (in real time) how he manages them.
He offers daily video analysis of the markets and important news. Traders at any level can benefit from becoming a member as you will be trading along side a very professional and knowledgeable trader. Since I joined I have seen the content of his website grow and improve. Chris also offers a very concise (optional and additional) trading course which you cover trading psychology, technical and some fundamental aspects of Forex.
Jul 16, 2017,
Registered user

New to forex? This is where you should go!

Chris service ( is so good and especially for beginners. I have been trading for a couple of years now, but I still use his service because it gives me insight into the entire market, as an article would not be able to. His daily report and his webinar I would never be without.
United Arab Emirates,
Jul 13, 2017,
Registered user

Personal trading mentor

Chris is a good person and a professional trading mentor. Has good understanding about top-down approach, market conditions, macro economics and mass behavior. His strengths are his skills on risk management,consistency and process oriented approch. He is successful in teaching the "patience" required to become a successful trader. I would recommend him as a personal trading mentor to anyone.
Hasan Haque,
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 12, 2017,

Highly recommended

I've been with Chris Mathis for over 6 months and I can clearly see my progress. His Trading course and market analysis are very useful. Doesn't matter if you are a long/short time trader those analyses are very helpful to get the idea about market direction. Their support is very responsive as well. Overall I would highly recommend trading with Chris if you are struggling with forex trading.
New Jersey, USA,
Jul 11, 2017,

Chris is a good forex teacher and not just analyst or trader. My results have improved since I started learning from Chris.