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2019-04-25:  The UK FCA has issued an unauthorized firm warning against and  CLICK HERE to verify.
April-September 2018:  Multiple fake and highly suspicious reviews submitted for Algotechs.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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1.507 · 36 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

E. Kunst,
ALMERE, Netherlands,
Apr 17, 2019,

I am glad I didn't invest more than € 5000, Algothechs is a scam

I invested € 5000 in September 2017. The first year (till September 2018) the profit was 100%.
I was often called by Shon Cooper (they all seems to be named as Cooper). He pressed me to invest more and more. I didn't. March 2019 my investment grew to € 15.000. Very nice, I thought. But when I told Shon Cooper that I wouldn't invest more, the tradings were less profitable and all my money was gone by April.
My experience is bad with Algotechs and I realize Algotechs is a scam. I am glad I didn't invest more than € 5000.
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Apr 16, 2019,
Registered user

suspect that I lost my investment and have been scammed with Algotechs

i was called by a crisis manager, Sebastiaan Nino. He told me to save my account I need to make a deposito. He would give me credit to make my account stronger. I am investing since febr 2018. I was looking for a way to claim my money back via a specialized law firm.
I found " payback ltd ," based in Israël. Mr David Schwartz. he told me they can claim my money back from Algotechs(99%sure)
I had to make a deposito of €3000 to make them work and promised I would get all money back in 4 month.
I googled and found a warning from a Canadian Government authority that Payback Ltd are involved in fraud. (  They offer their service to victims like me and abuse our trust. Ask my self now how I could be so stupid to believe in algotechs
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 10, 2019,
Registered user

I want justice

I was scammed over the course of 8 months, as I had no previous trading experience, I was lured into believing their bs and was taken in. I eventually lost £4k. However it's really unbelievable..scammers and they should be brought to justice
Apr 8, 2019,
Registered user


Algotechs is a scam... I just lost 2800 Euros that I had invested about a year back. Earlier they told me that they invest only a small percentage of the total amount for trading, so the risk is very low. Now they tell me that everything is lost and if I want to recover my money I need to invest more. Of course I am not going to make that mistake. SO GUYS, NEVER EVER INVEST IN ALGOTECHS or anything that promises high returns of this magnitude. ALGOTECHS IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!!!
Munich, Germany,
Apr 8, 2019,
Registered user

It is a scam!

Hello traders,

Sadly, it went the wrong way. The trading software blew my account. But it is a fake software anyway and the trades are fake, too. Marko Dalla (fake name) called me to ask for more money in order to save the account. Such a big scam.
So in the end Algotechs prove to be a scam company, together with Bealgo. Shon Cooper and Marko Dalla are the same person, that uses 2 fake names. I recognize him from his voice. I guess Henry Stepanov was a fake name, too. I can recognize this one from his voice, too. I cannot reach either of them anymore.
Maybe if we stick together, we can track them down. We have the adress from Algotechs in London and the bank details from Spain.
Don't invest your money with Algotechs and Bealgo. It's a scam.

Daniel Sarba

Dec 12, 2018 - 5 Stars Hello traders,
I would like to share my experience with Algotechs and Bealgo. After the first contact I was pretty sure that it is a scam. At this point I´m sorry to have called the guy a scammer. His name is Henry and I want to thank him for convincing me to try the software. So I´ve started with 500€ and then 2K and after 2 Months I´ve withdrawn 200€, as I had already 260€ profit, and in 2 days the money was on my credit card account. It looks like this thing really works. If it goes the wrong way, I´ll let you know, but at this point they´re professionals to me.
Germany, Germany,
Apr 8, 2019,
Registered user

Algotechs and Bealgo have run away with our money. They are nor replying to our emails and phone calls and MT4 is showing negative balance. Lets get together and discuss the next step to catch these thieves and show them hell - authroties to approach - bulgarian law, Action Fraud UK, Bafin. If anyone have other ideas where can we approach please write it down here.
The Netherlands, Netherlands,
Apr 5, 2019,
Registered user

Scam! Watch out!

I started last year with 250, hey show result, added 2000 good results. I thought they were genuine after a withdrawal amd 3 months later. Robin Hill was always positive. So I invested another 33k. Last year december I was withdrawing and the account reached 60k. After 10k withdrawal, they told me it was not possible to withdraw due to ‘open positions’. I got suspicious and left voicemails and messages. But this time, no response at all. Then last march this year, there were 4 large negative positions that someone closed -25k ( i suspect manual intervention). After that the ‘algo’ did not make sense anymore and started placing huge negative positions -47k. I reported to fsc since they are under bulgarian law. I only got: ticket accepted but not even a phone call back. Dont invest with these scammers. I suspect something like Ponzi scheme/piramid rip off, because I also recommended them to others when all was working well. I hope they will catch these criminals and they will go to hell.
United Kingdom,
Apr 4, 2019,
Registered user

they are a scam and once you reach your minimum deposit, they will out trade you. you will see profits but also draw down which will be almost the same as your profit.

this will make it impossible for u to withdraw anything. and once you tell them u want to withdraw your capital, they will trade your account to zero.they are currently in the process of doing this to me right now.

plus no reply from the "account manager" called "Robin" for 2 weeks now
United Kingdom,
Apr 3, 2019,
Registered user

Sadly turns out to be a long scam

Sadly this really is a scam.

I have been with them for just over a year. All very innocent to start with. Put in 500 Euro and they even top up with an additional 1500 Euro in credit to help you make bigger profit. Pretty soon after a few months I have a big profit showing. I get called up and talked into putting more money in. Eventually I top up another 5000 euro. All goes well until the end of January 2019. Suddenly the position starts to lose money. Not too much to begin with. I try to contact them and stop getting much of a reply. Suddenly I look this morning and the position has lost over 7000 Euros after being in profit. I am trying to withdraw what little I have left, but no one will answer calls
The Big Boy,
Mar 27, 2019,

Scam - big time crooks

Scam - algotechs/Bealgo have been holding onto my money for months with every excuse under the sun not letting me withdraw. Ranging from danish bank to open trades, to waiting. Account manger Shon Cooper ignites emails and WhatsApp messages. Absolute scam. He said I could at least get deposit back. Nothing.
There’s a place in hell for these thieves.