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Updated: Aug 23, 2023
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New Hampshire, USA,
Apr 24, 2017,


I submitted a one star review a couple hours ago for a lack of ease of use of the londiniumfx.com website. While this is true in that there are some outdated links (one main link even takes me to a back-end section of the site) that can mislead the user, its fairly straight forward to use once you know what to look for. I have changed my 1 star review to a 4 star as Alejandro Zambrano responded to my questions immediately. Also, I expect that I will upgrade to 5 stars in the future.

Here are some important points to know for anyone newly registering to the site. I'm sure these issues will be fixed soon.

1. The Premium Newsletter is discontinued, and has basically been merged into the "Quantitative Models" membership. If you click on the newsletter links, it will ask you to register (even if you already registered), because its basically a broken / not updated link

2. The Members->Login->Analysis link is broken (it leads to a back-end page). Completely disregard it. All the analysis and videos you need are in the Members->Member Portal section

3. Although the Analysis and Members sections look like two different sections, they really lead to the same videos and articles.

4. The contact section is currently broken on the site (appears one time but does not appear after that). I'm sure you can find Alejandro on someplace like Linked-In and he tends to respond quickly.

Apr 24, 2017 - 1 Star I just paid about $100 USD for a month's membership, and not a single link on the website works. It looks like it was designed by someone who has never made a website before. I knew right away I was scammed.

What's worse is Alejandro Zambrano left an "away" note (below) early this April, saying he'd be back in a few days, and he's still not back almost a month later. And of course, it doesn't tell you this until you pay for the membership.

So, I paid $100 for absolutely nothing. I feel thoroughly scammed out of my money. I may have to cancel my bank card number so that it cannot be rebilled, because that is the level of scam that this website is right now. I have no confidence that anyone will even contact me from this ghost site. I will update this as necessary.