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Updated: May 21, 2020
4.15 · 26 REVIEWS
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4.15 · 26 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

United Kingdom,
Feb 21, 2019,
Registered user

Fake/ scam site. Should be arrested for fraud

Definite fake/scam site, with high charges
Very clever IT set up with all these fake reviews and fake pop ups indicating lots of new fake members, andeven fake youtube videos, which of course no comments are allowed
It looks like a one person scammer, but he is London based, but gives neither name, nor address, but should probably be arrested
Reply by AndyW Ltd submitted Feb 28, 2019:
Thank you for your comments, Batman27.
Here is another person who never tried my service shouting out loud to get some attention.
1. Do you really think FPA can be fooled with fake reviews by a smart IT? I don’t, and I don’t need to – because all the reviews you see here are real and by real members of mine.
2. Fake YouTube videos? Are you serious? How can a video be faked, it’s a video?! By the way, comments are allowed on all my YouTube videos – with pleasure.
3. Before you come out with such claims, I would like to invite you personally to try my service. I don’t mind your bad words and opinion, I’m sure they will change if you actually TRY the service before claiming those baseless claims.
Andreas Sintelis,
Melbourne, Australia,
Jan 24, 2019,

Andy’s insights into the forex market are superb! His meticulous analysis of the forex market is 2nd to none!
Nov 6, 2018,
Registered user


your answer,august myfxbook was never deleted,but you will show us later,more data needed,but now you show us a 3 weeks account with everything are privite data,maybe a CENT account real.I know why you dont show the august account because the winning pips does not match the winning pips on you website.I know because i followed you august account for 1 month ( august )

Oct 29, 2018 - No Rating hi,when you will show us your MYFXBOOK account,3 month already,what are you waiting for.You are making pips,show us,still waiting before paying membership

Sep 4, 2018 - 1 Star he lied,he opened myfxbook account 6 august 2018 and closed it 4 weeks later,he made 105 pips plus 20 pips the first 3 days of august,but on it is web site it was 287 pips for august.Every forex signal provider are you know what.I cant find 1 with a reel proof account

Reply by AndyW Ltd submitted Sep 26, 2018 Dear Peter,

The Myfxbook I have created was never deleted. It will be published on my website once we have enough long term track records. You are not one of my members who also post on this page, how can you give any advice to anyone?

Reply by AndyW Ltd submitted Nov 2, 2018 Dear Pierre,

Spreading lies not going to help anyone, also, you have never been a member of mine but keep claiming misleading information for people who are interested. There is always a black sheep - check all the reviews prior to yours. People love it!

I really don't understand what your goal is.

The Myfxbook is live and published on the website with a current 188% verified growth.

You are welcome to join the service and enjoy the success, otherwise please stop ruin for others, thank you.
Perth, Australia,
Oct 15, 2018,

Love it. Thanks.

Love it. Thank you. Easy, set and forget. Why waste time doing it yourself, when you can just work with someone who knows.
Aug 16, 2018,
Registered user

A small no frills service that does the job better than many of the higher cost service out there with the added bonus of good customer service.

From my experience of the past two years of knowing the AndyW service this is a genuine service and not a scam.

When adding my star rating I considered the pips profit (obviously), the cost of the service and importantly customer service.

Pips profit, since joining AndyW's service he has provided more winning trades than losers and by sticking to a good risk management strategy it is a profitable service., but no every trade is a winner.

Cost, this is a an extremely good value for money service, so far the pips profit easily covers the service fees.

Customer Service, AndyW is always very responsive and helpful and so much better than many of the big brokers and larger signals services.
Halina Drozd,
Toronto, Canada,
Aug 15, 2018,

Andy is very professional and good trader, successful with great results of 50 pips a day for a long run. Like many trades he has losing trades too, but on the summary he has great positive numbers. The money management is important to keep safe your account.
Steven Reacord,
Worcestershire, United Kingdom,
Aug 15, 2018,

Better than expected.. it works!

I have been watching a number of mentors / expert traders since i started my journey into forex a few years ago. Based on Andy's track record over a number of years and his style of doing things i decided to take advantage of a special offer signing up to a full year of education and signal service.
It is early days but after 2 weeks i am running at a 70% win rate and 300 plus pips gained. Being a cautious trader i have not taken all of the trades Andy suggests and i can see my gain would have been more if i had.
So far i cannot fault the service especially as you get insight into the reasons for taking each trade and I can see Andy is on hand to answer any questions very quickly. Highly recommend!
Shamsul Islam,
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 15, 2018,

Excellent service

I have been with Andy service few months now ashansuk islam bsolutely amazing his trading style is fantastic advice is given about trades I have been trading for 8 years now this service is by far the best from signals to rational behind winning and loosing trades to money management great set of skills I would recommend to all
Ontario, Canada,
Jul 18, 2018,

Personalized Customer Care

Do I recommend this company? Well, why not. I wouldn't be here if I didn't and I very well couldn't get those results on my own - at least not right now.

Forget the great track record and the time-proven results, what I am most impressed with is the personalized customer care. I was a little bit surprised that Andy himself was there to answer all of my questions on chat [and I had many]. He was readily available and approachable and non-judgmental when I asked 'stupid' questions -- you know -- the ones newbie traders ask. Literally within minutes or seconds of clicking on live chat [during the hours of operation], he was there every time to answer without getting impatient with me.

I suspect that Andy has a generous heart and that goes a long way in business. Everybody has their reason why they would subscribe to a particular system; mine is based on how I am treated as a customer - I mean, having good results works just as well, but when you can treat me as a valued customer even before I sign up, you better believe I'm in!

Thanks, Andy.
Bodø, Norway,
Jul 18, 2018,

Honest and Saccessful Tipster

Hello, my name is Jakub and I mostly watch and occasionally bet on Andys tips for one and half year. He is incredibly successful in the last few months, before he had common results of constantly profitabe trader. He is also genuine and honest person.