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Mike Norman

Updated: Apr 13, 2022 · PitbullEconomics.com  · Is this your company?

What is Pitbull Economics?

Pitbull Economics is a forex training company created by Mike Norman, the proponent of Modern Money Theory (MMT).

Pitbull Economics offers MMT based forex trading courses named Zombie Trading, and MMT Trader.

Please read Pitbull Economics Reviews below and share your learning experiences with this company.

Pitbull Economics

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Traders Reviews

Oct 12, 2017,

Mike is a Gambler with no trade experience talking his customers in trouble

MMT caught my interest, and so did Mike Norman. Happy to find the logic of MMT but as a starting trader it is not applicable to trading Mike does not master the basic trading understanding, and I found out that his interpretation of MMT is flawed. All this a few years back.

I took his course and his subscription.

His course is not worth the money. This really does not cover MMT or applied MMT at all. It is basically throwing darts at the market and average out to hope for the best. The problem is that in Forex trading this means that your winners are cut short and your losers accumulate to wipe you out.

His subscription is even worse. He is calling people names, and advising trades he is not in himself. But if they go against his clients he just tells them they are pussies, have no balls and insults him. After the GBPUSD flash crash he even sent in his own stress an email to all that they just are not made to be traders. They are mousey boys etc. But 90% of his fictive trades are within 2 years closed to be break-even without taking in mind the cost rolls and interest paid.

Se be warned! Don't fall for this guy.
May 27, 2017,
Registered user


Michael norman is an outdated, old, insulting, scamming, not true to his word man!!!
I'd suggest that anyone thinking about signing up to his "Forex course" DONT!!!!
It's a waste of money, not only is the content outdated and bad phrased. But the video quality and sound quality is literally so bad that you can't stand to watch any of it!!

I confronted him with my dissatisfaction, and asked for a refund in which he started insulting me, calling me a whiner, psycho etc. (I have pictures to those of you who either don't believe me, or want so se them.)

So for the love of god! save your money, invest somewhere else!!!
And don't believe all of his BS regarding him having thousand and thousand of winning trades without a losing trade. It's all BS.
+ Don't believe any of the testimonials on his website as they are probably written by himself. You can't find any other review, positive or negative, on the web except on his page where 100% of them are positive. Weird? I think so.

So people. Just a heads up. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON MMT!!!!
This is an actual review, written by an ACTUAL CUSTOMER, and not some "bob" or "steven" on his testimonial page.