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Mike Norman
Updated: Feb 20, 2024

What is Pitbull Economics?

Pitbull Economics is a forex training company created by Mike Norman, the proponent of Modern Money Theory (MMT).

Pitbull Economics offers MMT based forex trading courses named Zombie Trading, and MMT Trader.

Please read Pitbull Economics Reviews below and share your learning experiences with this company.

3.642 • 8 REVIEWS

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Feb 11, 2023,
Registered user

Pitbull Economics Rock's!!!!

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Been on Mike's team for a couple year's now after losing continuously betting against him and also learning why, while being on the winning side of trades. Nobody works as hard as Mike keeping his team up to speed in real time with the proper and pertinent market info. Not only that, he's a fountain of knowledge to those willing to learn. Bet against us! You'll see! Peace
Chicago, USA,
Feb 10, 2023,
Registered user

Pitbull And Norman - A Valuable Resource

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Trading/Investing is what you make of it. Your work, experience, resources are essentially a toolbox, which is your responsibility to build/supply. While a subscriber to MMT Trader and Zombie Trader for about 5-6 years and buyer of Mike Norman's courses, I wish I would have found them, if available, even earlier.

For 20+ years I was a professional stock analyst and am not a bad short-term trader or at least trade executor. So, in my toolbox, I had fundamental stock analysis and trade execution pretty down -- after all, to get into fundamental positions or if you work with a trading desk you need some firm discipline or approach and I've worked hard on that. And, sometimes your toolbox narrows or widens relative to your paid job. But, as I moved to trade and invest on my own for the last many years, I felt lacking in interim market, macro economic, and forex support. Enter Mike Norman. He paints that backdrop for me.

He provides timely updates, his YouTube videos are absolutely excellent and have to be a true labor of love. For those who might work alone, he provides a nice sense of comradery. And, while his MMT focus presents a unique corollary to the balance sheet and capital approach I use for stock analysis, which really made some extra lights go on for me, his overall analysis and MMT work have delivered market insights others are not even close on. So, if you are a monetarist, please, please, please look at his offering. You might have navigated ok, but this will make some of those missing lights come on and you'll ask why you were making it so hard on yourself.

Again, I've had a lot of exposure to available research over a long career and much is excellent. And, I always make a point to explore new sources. But, Mike Norman's work is something I would put up there with about 4 or 5 others as just uniquely and pivotally having made a difference for me.
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Florida, USA,
Feb 8, 2023,
Registered user

Well worth the Money

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I've subscribed to PitBull Economics and Mike Norman for years now, His combination of in the pit trading experience, grasp of MMT theory with real world application, weekly newsletter, commons sense analysis of economic numbers, committment of traders info, current fiscal data , and poignant comments throughout the trading day, have helped me steer clear of all the nonsense you see posted on the so called Market and Financial Market websites! I've been able to trade with confidence and not worry about all the bull&#*! you hear on the news and web.
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Mpls, USA,
Feb 7, 2023,
Registered user

Mike Norman MMT

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I've been a subscriber of Pitbull Econ for three years now and have made money with him, he is a legit trader with vast experience in the markets. He's going to tell you that trading is mentally hard and that you have to be patient and there isn't a secret method that only he knows, that's how you know he is legit. Don't waste your time with dreams of easy money, obviously. Furthermore, you have to approach investing from the viewpoint that fiscal policy is behind market trends, only MMT Trader gets that right.
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Toronto, Canada,
Feb 7, 2023,
Registered user

Back Off, Mike Norman’s cool

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Mike gives many great perspective on monetary flows and market psychology. He looks at many different data points and knows how to parse the balance sheet of the US federal government. No one else looks at this data or pays attention to it. He also reports on what the institutions are doing.
sprint 750
Miami Fl, USA,
Feb 7, 2023,
Registered user

Honest review

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
If you follow Michael Norman MMT and pay attention to what he is communicating you will begin to understand how the system is working. His statements are based on facts backed up with data. He calls it as it is. If you want a nice song and dance go else were
Fl, USA,
Feb 7, 2023,
Registered user

If your a Long-term trader when to buy is key

Length of use: over 1 Year
Economics is not a science. Finding the macro trends in fiscal flows has been an amazing revelation for me. Yes Mike's newsletter is expensive, but his information is not a scam. The real time treasure data will produce moves in the market. This is quantifiable.
The choice is yours.. and God Bless
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Oct 12, 2017,

Mike is a Gambler with no trade experience talking his customers in trouble

MMT caught my interest, and so did Mike Norman. Happy to find the logic of MMT but as a starting trader it is not applicable to trading Mike does not master the basic trading understanding, and I found out that his interpretation of MMT is flawed. All this a few years back.

I took his course and his subscription.

His course is not worth the money. This really does not cover MMT or applied MMT at all. It is basically throwing darts at the market and average out to hope for the best. The problem is that in Forex trading this means that your winners are cut short and your losers accumulate to wipe you out.

His subscription is even worse. He is calling people names, and advising trades he is not in himself. But if they go against his clients he just tells them they are pussies, have no balls and insults him. After the GBPUSD flash crash he even sent in his own stress an email to all that they just are not made to be traders. They are mousey boys etc. But 90% of his fictive trades are within 2 years closed to be break-even without taking in mind the cost rolls and interest paid.

Se be warned! Don't fall for this guy.
May 27, 2017,
Registered user


Michael norman is an outdated, old, insulting, scamming, not true to his word man!!!
I'd suggest that anyone thinking about signing up to his "Forex course" DONT!!!!
It's a waste of money, not only is the content outdated and bad phrased. But the video quality and sound quality is literally so bad that you can't stand to watch any of it!!

I confronted him with my dissatisfaction, and asked for a refund in which he started insulting me, calling me a whiner, psycho etc. (I have pictures to those of you who either don't believe me, or want so se them.)

So for the love of god! save your money, invest somewhere else!!!
And don't believe all of his BS regarding him having thousand and thousand of winning trades without a losing trade. It's all BS.
+ Don't believe any of the testimonials on his website as they are probably written by himself. You can't find any other review, positive or negative, on the web except on his page where 100% of them are positive. Weird? I think so.

So people. Just a heads up. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON MMT!!!!
This is an actual review, written by an ACTUAL CUSTOMER, and not some "bob" or "steven" on his testimonial page.