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Updated: Jul 8, 2018
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The ASSARV10 MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor by ASSAROfficial.com. The ASSARV10 automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform is a scalping system. The ASSARV10 forex robot is not a martingale,not a trend following robot.


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Apr 16, 2018,
Registered user

Brash, Vulgar and Profane Scammer

Even on demo, this EA is a loser. The guy was streaming on YouTube, but live results were simply pathetic. Youtube made him stop for violating policies. The corresponding chat was profane, vulgar, and insulting to people trying to get answers. He offered up a link to FxBlue so one could follow the trades made, but it was quickly removed. Hmm. Wonder why.
Reply by The ASSARV10 Team submitted Jul 6, 2018:
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Apr 4, 2018,
Registered user


simply waste of time....its nothing more than junk..!!i installed in demo as per instruction in youtube but its not open single trade for single penny also.i observed 2 days.but nothing happened. if this EA makes thousands of dollars in 30 minutes than why they need to sell them??? i mailed to support@assarofficial.com but they not reply. simply waste of time and waste of money. try to search other EA. thats all...!!!
south africa, South Africa,
Nov 16, 2017,
Registered user


they are a total scam. EA does not work and they support is very rude .
bought the EA and for 2 weeks now it has not opened any trade. i also asked for recommended settings from support, but they did not provide any even though they promised they are going to provide settings on their website.

Nov 15, 2017 - 1 Star i have opened a dispute with paypal to get my refund and the seller has told lies to paypal that i changed settings so he could not give me refunds. see his email to paypal at the bottom.
Hi there, Nov 9

We have received your payment and we have attached your package here.
Please visit the links below for even more detailed explanations,
research and results in our development of ASSARV10 just below! If you
have any serious questions i’d be happy to help. Beyond that, just go
poke around the threads and throughout my website as well and you’ll
get all the information you need.

can you send me a set file for both conservative and high risk
can you send me a set file for both conservative and high risk

On Nov 9, 2017 12:51, support@assarofficial.com wrote:
> All of this information has been provided to you in the training materials.
> Cheers

Quoting Hillview Systems <hillviewcc2007@yahoo.com>:
> > hi,do i just use the default settings in the EA . both for the
> > conservative and agressive.also can the conservative be traded on
> > every pair as long as it is less than 4pips. or i can only trade the
> > conservative on pairs that are not more than 2 pips(as noted in the
> > EA)

November 13
Quoting Hillview Systems <hillviewcc2007@yahoo.com>:

> hi,if this is the kind of support you offer for your EA then am
> afraid i want my refund.i emailed what my questions are as regards
> the EA and you never replied me, rather you referred to go and be
> reading some forum. i went there and went through everything and
> still did not get the answer to my question. further more i have
> emailed to tell you EA is not working because since i bought it, it
> has not opened any trade.i attached it to 20 currency pairs, since
> the day i bought it. till date it has not picked any trade.
> anyways, as promised 30 days money back gurantee on your website, i
> will like a full refund.thank you

On Nov 14, 2017 03:22, support@assarofficial.com wrote:
> Sorry, but you need to read the terms and conditions at our website
> about refunds.

Quoting Adeola <hillviewcc2007@yahoo.com>:

> Now that I am writing about refund, then you replied after I have sent you
> various emails without you replying. Why can't you simple just answer my
> question and let's just avoid all this all together. This is not how to
> treat a customer. I paid for the software and it's withing my right to ask
> you to tell me how to use it. You even wrote there on your website that
> you will send recommended settings and if I trade based on that and lost
> money that is when you will give refund. But you have not provided that
> settings for me. Just send me the settings for the 2 EAs you sent to
> me. As the EA is presently not working on my account. I have also sent
> you an earlier email with screen shot on error on expert tab.
> Please reply

On Nov 14, 2017 05:53, support@assarofficial.com wrote:
> That's fine,
> However you have not been through any of the training materials we
> provided you and you have decided not to read any of the content at
> our site. We have provided answers to all of your questions but you
> refuse to read and then blame us for bad customer service. This is
> counter productive and a bit hypocritical. If you want your questions
> answered, i suggest you read the provided materials given to you.
> Cheers

Quoting Adeola <hillviewcc2007@yahoo.com>:

> No that's not true, I have read every single link you provided watched
> every single video on your website. And the answers to those 2 questions
> are not there. Most of the things there has to do with other versions of
> ASSAR. You also need to update the contents. The link on assar 10 has
> very little contents on it. I also googled assar 10 and tried to find every
> info I could just to get the right settings since you were not replying my
> emails. I even came across your link on linked in and the one on FPA
> website. But nothing solid on Assar 10. Most were on the other versions.
> Am telling you this so you know have read those things you sent . The
> amount of time you used in typing this email and the time I have spent
> typing this email is more than the time you would used in sending me a set
> file. Now that is counter productive.

Quoting Adeola <hillviewcc2007@yahoo.com>:

> PS, am using a 5 digit broker and did add 0 to the max spread allowed .
> Maybe that's why you thought I have not read the material

On Nov 14, 2017 06:07, support@assarofficial.com wrote:
so you are telling assar that the minimum tradeable spread is 0

Go learn what forex is then come back here.

Quoting Adeola <hillviewcc2007@yahoo.com>:
lol, thats not what am saying.
you said in the forum if you are using a 5 digit or 6 digit broker, a normal spread of 1 pip for example will read 10, hence when setting your maximum pip you need to add 0 instead of just ordinary 1 , so i have my maximum spread set to '40' instead of 4

On Nov 14, 2017 06:36, support@assarofficial.com wrote:
Since you decided to go outside of the default settings, we cannot
support you anymore. Good luck in your trading.

Quoting Adeola <hillviewcc2007@yahoo.com>:

what settings are you talking about. dude you have not even provided me any settings ?
the initial question i asked you was if i should just use default settings as i see some other different settings on the forum, and you keep sending me back to the forum to read. my account has not even taken a single trade, why would say my money back guarantee is cancelled. based on what ?
please just provide me with the right settings to use and stop treating like am a child, you dont need to be rude to me, i paid you money to buy a product from you. you should at least provide a manual on the trade settings, this is not the first EA am buying to trade forex. you rather sent to to be a reading a forum of 100plus pages when you would have just put the right settings on a single 1 page in a manual that comes with the EA. and you are telling me of counter productivity.
look its either you stick your end of the agreement as you put on your website give me settings to use or just refund me.

PAYPAL dispute claim:
2017/11/14 08:13 GMT+02:00 - PayPal: Seller escalated this dispute to a Claim.
2017/11/14 08:13 GMT+02:00 - Seller: This person has not read our terms and conditions for a justified refund. They have changed the default settings of our software which breaks our 30 day guarantee policy. They have no records of losses and therefore are not justified for a refund. This is clearly outlined at our website. By just saying our software doesn't work is not justification enough for a refund. We have sent the customer all of our training materials for using ASSARV10. The customer refuses to read the training materials and or set up our software properly. They did not read our terms and conditions before they purchased our software. As a matter of fact, they never even read anything on our site stating exactly how our software works and how it trades.
2017/11/14 06:54 GMT+02:00 - Buyer: the seller promised to send settings to use for the EA to work with, and EA has not been working on my account. it doesn't open any trade. contacted the seller to send right settings but he has not done so.seller stated on his website, that the settings will be provided. and that if you used a setting that is outside the settings provided to you, you will forfeit the money back guarantee. so he needs to provide the right settings for me. EA also giving me errors on my trading platform. seller needs to resolve all this issues or give refund.

Reply by The ASSARV10 Team submitted Apr 3, 2018:
Do you have any proof of losses?
South Africa, South Africa,
Jun 21, 2017,


This ASSAR EA is not working. It doesnt perform 10% like they show in the videos and when you ask for your money back, they block all communication to you. DONT BUY!!!
Madrid, Spain,
Jun 15, 2017,
Registered user

Hello everyone,
I am very surprised and astonished when I saw 2 websites ( http://www.fxmillionea.com/) &( http://www.assarofficial.com/) under the name of Misty Horivak's claiming the ownership of ASSAR and its latest version ASSARV10.
these people are pure SCAMMER and fraudsters and guilty of copyright infringement because this EA DOES NOT belong to them. I KNOW the owner of this EA and he's from SaudiArabia and not this criminal that goes by the name of Misty Horivak.
THIS person has caused some serious issues after she sold God knows how many copies and people found out that this EA does not work! of course it won't!
this criminal must be brought to justice, The legal penalties for copyright infringement are: Infringer pays the actual dollar amount of damages and profits. The law provides a range from $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed. Infringer pays for all attorneys fees and court costs. FPA please help to bring justice here and prosecute the owners of these 2 websites.
Cape Town, South Africa,
Jun 5, 2017,
Registered user

The EA does not work and there is not support at all.

I started communicating with Misty Horivak on 28 April 2017. I was then directed to another email address ie support@assarofficial.com. I decided to buy the EA and was told to make the bank transfer to Joshua Allison and promptly made the bank transfer to his account on 30 April. I have been complaining that the EA does not make any trades and was told arrogantly that I am "ignorant" and was given a you tube "forex for beginners". After a lot of communication with Misty, I decided to give up as I will not tolerate her abuse. Then I saw on MT4Talk that other people will also complained about the EA not trading and Misty said that the time frame should be changed to 1M. This week I saw another support group on Facebook started by Joshua Allison. I decided to messenger him as I had no previous communication with him. Only that I made payment for the EA to his bank account. Was told the usual. Need to be patient as it depends on volatility. Then when I questioned again, I was told that he does not understand what my problem is and he has given me all the information previously. Then I asked him straight out of Misty was a pseduo person as this is the same disgusting attitude as her and guess what ... I promptly got blocked by him on messenger. So this leads me to conclude that someone is defrauding the innocent public. I see on his Facebook page that other people also complain that the EA does not trade so I am not alone with this problem. I asked a simple question ie when does it trade. I get told it depends on the market volatility. Would appreciate if anyone else out there has had any similar issues ? Forex Peace Army please investigate them further.