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Don Guy
Updated: Dec 26, 2023

What is Roulette Trader?

Roulette Trader is a set of trading courses with MT4 EAs by Don Guy. 

RouletteTrader offers users the access to the courses and trading robots through membership.

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3.333 • 2 REVIEWS

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Gothenburg, Sweden,
Aug 29, 2021,
Registered user

Roulette Traders EA's are disappointing

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
After I read Roulette Trader's money management book I wanted to give the EA's a try.

I bought the GBPJPY bundle with 3 EA's that could run simultaneously.

The GBPJPY 15m Trend Following EA made 80 trades over 20 months and has been profitable with a factor 1.19. After a year I updated the settings after optimization in backtesting, to adjust it to more recent market conditions. This improved the profitability for a while. Eventually it did not trade so much anymore, and since Roulette Traders Myfxbook showed a stagnation for over a year, and backtesting results for a 10 year period were not good, I stopped using the EA. But with an overall profit.

The GBPJPY Trend Hedge EA was not profitable in backtestig and I never used it.

I ran the GBPJPY 30m Consolidation EA in the recommended settings for a couple of months but it rarely traded. Out of the 14 orders only 29% procent were winners.

I tried an earlier version of the EURUSD trend following Renko20 EA, but did not manage to run the renko script and the EA in stable conditions on MT4. It was probably my systems fault, but The Renko offline chart did sometimes freeze. I did not use the robot live.

I tried the EURCHF 1-Hour 2-Entry Consolidation for 18 months and it placed only 22 orders, but it was not profitable unfortunately. Profit factor 0,91.

The EURCHF 1H Big Candle with the 5 unit Stay-at Max setting for 14 months, 134 orders with only a small profit factor of 1,05.

The first edition of the EURCHF Stacker was a dangerous beast, but Don upgraded them to the much safer Trend Following Stacker in april 2021. I ran this EA with the fixed lot setting until mid august. It took 103 trades for a small loss. Profit factor 0.84.

I stopped using all the EA's. THE EURCHF EA's are tested over a five years period only, which I can understand since before 2015 the CHF was pegged to the euro. However when the EA's are not profitable over a couple of months, it does not bring confidence that they will be in the future.
Canberra, Australia,
Nov 1, 2017,
Registered user

Possibly the best set of EAs in existence, seriously profitable

This was the first truly profitable EA I've ever used out of the 30+ I've bought over the years. I almost gave up on Forex altogether until I stumbled across his book "Roulette Trader" which gave a very unique insight into how to play the Forex market in your favor.

I have since bought all of his EAs, some more profitable than others. Be sure to backtest before you trade live money as some EAs are currently trundling along at net zero results or small negative results, while the rest are good to go.

Trading very aggressively (way beyond recommended) with all EAs and their variants trading on the same account, I was able to double my money in a month, however almost wiped away all that profit in a "perfect storm" scenario of 5+ EAs with active trades all at once dependent on GBPJPY going up.

I have since dropped my trade sizes to 33% of what they were and am happy with a "worst case scenario" of -15% at any one time.

Don is gracious enough to provide the source code at the time of writing and I have modified the code to automatically increase the trade sizes as my bank account increases. Drop me a line at if you need help modifying the code.
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