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Updated: Mar 15, 2019
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

About ZeForex.com

ZeForex is a forex broker. Ze Forex offers the Web-based,forex trading platform. ZeForex.com offers over 10 forex currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities, cfds, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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Consumer Reviews

Lunz am See, Austria,
Aug 1, 2017,
Registered user

Zeforex freezes my account and does not let me login or withdraw so am blocked out and my money is lost.

I decided to start learning Forextrading for a living. I knew nothing about money and market and i even do not have a creditcard, i started as a total beginner and i told them this, also. I say what i mean and i mean what i say. Lucas Jackson, the guy that hooked me, was very understanding and very very friendly (i did not see this a an allert-signal, hence i tell what mana errors i made so you can avoid those) and i allowed him into my computer with anydesk with full access to my bank account because i have nothing to hide and he said he could help me with the bank-transfer. Again, i told him that i don´t have a creditcard so he talked me into letting him "help" me with my bank-account. Silly me, thsi was my 2nd mistake, i just trusted him fully. Until today i trusted everybody fully in advance. Eitherway, to make a long story short: Lucas Jackson made 3 profitble trades with me but refused to tell me how it actually works. As soon as i started asking serious questions becaus ei want to learn the technics, he did not response agein. Thsi was the 3rd alarm-signal i did not see!!
The 4th alarm-bell should have rung when i was denied to access my account. I was still full of trust and thought maybe they are busy and will holler back the next day. Well guess what, they did never call back.;-) Buit ecen then i did not sense betray, not jet. This morning Thomas, my mentor and broker with another firm, opended my eyes and le dme to this site where i can share my experience so other beginners don´t fall into the Zeforex-trap! I lost all i had, i even borrowed money to be able to make a trade Lucas proposed, silly me! I now lost not only my investment but also the profit from my first trade, what a start into this business!;-)
But i did recover, i learn even faster now, i call back companies before i deposit money, since of course, i tried 3 different telephonnumbers but zeforex was not reachable, the numbers are incorrect. I cannot get in touch with anybody there!

So please be aware, i deposited 2000 EUR and i cannot access my account now, there are 3380 EUR that i cannot withdraw, and even worser they have my details from the bank because i let them into my PC, also. I made ll the mistakes one can possibly make!;-) Please folks, please learn from my mistakes, laugh about me, cry with me, but either case please do not repeat my mistakes!

I wish you all a wonderful evening!!
The B.,
Hessen, Germany,
Jul 26, 2017,

Zeforex.com is Scam!!!

Zeforex.com is Scam! Icame in Contact with them via Facebook add about Amissio Software but ended up at Zeforex.com afte the Account Manager called me and pushed me to invest in this site. They promissed me to Autotrade the Account by a sophisticated Trading Software and i made some gainings from 250$ deposit to 397$ in 1,5 weeks. But i decided to close the Account and withdraw the money. Thats when the Problems started! They wanted a reason why i want to close the account and i told them i nned the money :) but since that last email they are ignoring my emails. i have send them the Account termination form and withdrawl form but nothing is happening. i have send them multiple email requesting withdrawl but no answer. They are definetly Scam!!!! Beware! i would also like to ask for support on how to get my 250$ deposit back. Thanks
singapore, Singapore,
Jun 28, 2017,
Registered user

Don't invest in Zeforex

I have deposited $7K and lost it all using the trading technique taught by the account manager, he have taught me to trade CALL using the sequence of X, 2X, 5X, 12X, 27X for EUR/USD 1 minute Turbo, and guaranteed that I will win within 5 trades. However, it failed, and he said that it is due to my internet speed being slow.

He managed to convince me to deposit additional $5K, and promised that he will gain back the loss within 1.5 weeks. At the end of 1.5 weeks, he made about $3K. He requested for more fund so he can trade more efficiently, however i was unwilling as the returns was not as promised. I told him that i will consider topping up if he achieved at least half of what he has promised, but it is not the case so i will withdraw all the fund and not waste all our time doing this trade. After i complained about the low profit, he went ahead to make 3 trades of $6666, without informing me that it is a risky trade and end up lost all the fund. He even blamed me, and say that i pushed him to make these risky trades.

After all these unpleasant experience, i do more research about Zeforex.com. I found out that their server speed is rather slow for a live trading site. I have also noticed in Zeforex.com, there are multiple parent companies sited:
1) G.S.L Global Limited (stated in terms and condition)
2) Novox Capital Ltd. (stated in privacy policy)
3) T.S.I.E LP (stated in account termination form)

This created more and more doubt and i am now withdrawing all my balance in the account.

I have see a lot of negative review on T.S.I.E LP and Novox, and they have been fined by CySEC and Israel Securities Authority.

Hope I can withdraw them successfully.