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Ray Freeman
Updated: Feb 18, 2024
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1.69 • 2 REVIEWS

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Dec 11, 2022,
Registered user

The most I hear from him is when he looks for new members

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
We signed up for this trading/training, but after many years continue to not understand anything taught.

On his home page it reads "Day Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom.".

When you sign up you are given an avalanche of material that you have to sift through. Education is mostly by reading certain material he finds helpful. But to this day I have no idea what he means when he uses terms in his older videos. There is no doubt he is filled with slogans and cliches, but hopeful slogans do not pay the bills.

My partner is a bit more upset and constantly puts out comments in his YouTube videos, appealing for my help in learning, but it appears the video is recruiting new members and not done to help existing members. I dont think he has ever responded to her comments to this day.

While he does provide many different indicators to help trade, he does not use several of the platforms and thus, indicators are sporadic. They are designed by individual members depending upon their trading platforms. In other words, if he demonstrates an indicator on TradeStation and you chart with MT4, there is no consistency and you cannot follow along.

I have yet to have an all hands on deck meeting to see where everyone is in their trading success or failure. Very disappointed with this Vendor. Much of what he provides is already out there in the trading world. I would not recommend his membership because there is no guarantee you will find success.
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Canberra, Australia,
Aug 12, 2018,

Avoid this course

This business offers trading tuition
I have experienced some of it (I could not sit through more than two sessions) and can offer the following comments.
The 'teacher' has absolutely no idea how to teach.
The 'session' is a barrage of tangential subjects that is very hard to follow, if at all possible to follow.
My advice is to spend your money elsewhere.