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Updated: Feb 20, 2024
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Jul 27, 2017,

Got refund sorry for the older review about refunding..

Today i GOT A REFUND from maybe i hurried to write a review, i apology for review about not refunding in 14.07.2017 because there was some misunderstandings which delayed the refund process.
Thank you very much for refund..
About the method, i still think it is not for me..

Jul 14, 2017 - 1 Star Tried the system 3-4 months system it is totally useless. there are too many wrong signals which are very confusing. James always claim that refund no problem for him but never refund i dont think he will refund my money. Always wasting your time try this method try that method now he is wasting my time and money with refund process. i think smartvsa founders need our hard working money they live with that money because they cant earn money with their holy grail system..
System is based on simplicity but infact when you say system is useless they say there is someting wrong or missing there are full time traders using smartvsa for a live and leave their work but it is a lie, website is not up to date no one use this system properly they closed their trade alert system there is no performance records just using commercial forum threads to sell their system to earn money.
stay away, i have screenshots i can attach them later..