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Hartford, Conn, USA,
Jan 18, 2021,
Registered user


Dido to what others have said, plus the guy is a racist. Hard to believe since this guys is from another country and can barely pronounce English words. Take a look at his Crypto Genesis video, can you understand what the f*** he is saying? He said the thing he likes about Texas is that it makes a certain type of minorities feel uncomfortable. The current administration probably makes him feel uncomfortable.

How can you get good customer service from a guy who appears to send drunk racist email replies. All, because a person asked him legitimate questions about his software or offered constructive feedback. This guy gets mad like a drunk person, makes threats, and sends a torrent of angry emails. Save yourself the effort and don't buy from this clown. Not making any of this up and wish it was fiction.
Mar 9, 2019,

Doesn't Honor Refund Policy

This guy is a con. His software doesn't work and he will keep as much of your money as possible. He doesn't honor the refund policy. I wanted a refund after a week and this guy conned me and only gave me a partial refund. BUYER BEWARE!
Perth, Australia,
Jul 8, 2017,
Registered user

Refund Problems

I purchased New Forex Neuromaster 3.5 a couple of months ago, I have purchased other products from the same website and have had good service previously, however on this occasion before I purchased this product I asked some questions to Konstantin Grek regarding the software as I was not sure about this product so his advise was to purchase the product and try it out as he offered me a full money back guarentee if I did not like the product, so within a few days I could not trade using this software so I emailed for a refund, days passed no response so I opened a support ticket with the original receipt details asking for a refund again, still recieved no answer so I kept emailing, days later I checked on the support ticket and they have closed it without any response so I have re-opened it and it currently is still open now without any response from emails or support after 2 months, please be careful with this website/company as for some reason they have gone back on their word.