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Oct 17, 2020,
Registered user

real company

Length of use: over 1 Year

I've been with topstep for years I was initially skeptical of these funding companies I thought sure they will pay out once in a while but will they pay someone who is consistently making money? well I'm now net positive with them meaning I'm taking more money from them than they have taken from me. I would say with about a 90% probability at the moment I would say I can pass step 1,2 and be able to take a withdrawal that is > what i paid during the steps. since mid last year I've had over 5 separate funded accounts and took a withdraw on all of them most recently last month(9/2020). In the beginning I was expecting them to come up with an excuse to not allow me to keep retaking the combine but they haven't. I can literally pass get to funded and take money once i reach my target and immediately register for the next combine with no issue. There are no staling tactics to hold up the withdrawal just send an email saying I want to make x withdraw usually a full withdraw they verify that I will not be able to continue in funded since its usually a full withdrawal they send the forms the same day for me it typically takes about 2 weeks to collect.

If you have a good strategy and can not violate the rules this is a great company to trade for. This is the only company that has online trading software(or at least 1 that i was able to confirm I'm working on the other one now I'll write a review once I'm past the funding process)

Here is the bad the reality is most trades lose money but the leverage you get for your payment cant be beat $379 for 4500 in total drawdown and 3000 in daily draw down and the lowest plan $150 for $1500 in total drawdown $500 a day at worst your getting 3.33x your money. Once your past the beginner phase of what is a futures contract this can be a great way to get exposure to the market I know they have micros but for me at least I treat micros like some people would say they treat demo because the dollar increment is so small I really don't focus on the execution but the end dollar amount that can be taken. They maybe small but I'll let you know you can lose big money trading micros I've lost $700 in a day before in topstep to lose 700 in a day in the most expensive test you would have to start a 150k and reset 3x in a day which would be insane mostly you would rese at least 1 time because of the daily drawdown violation which is 3,000 maybe you reset because you trading during a new even. Topstep gives you leverage I compare it to an option limited loss slower growth but unlimited.
Topstep this is a valid funding company my only complaint is that they pay you as a contractor meaning that the payments are tax 100% as income versus the 60/40 which normal futures would be taxed at.
Istanbul, Turkey,
Apr 13, 2020,
Registered user

Too hard

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Hard to meet requirements!!!
I have loose many times to be funded account then i lost again
Oct 18, 2018,

TopStep Trader - OK, but not for the novice trader.

I have worked with TopStep Trader. I believe they are good outfit for the right person looking to get a funded account (i.e. not for the novice). Things to watch out for:

- pay attention to the timing (meet targets within a specified time frame), targets and draw down requirements, they are quite tight and aggressive. If you are not already a good trader, best to practice else where until you are ready. It is hard to meet targets.

- they do require to exit at certain times - end of week and major news events. This will frustrate many traders.

- some times spreads get wacky ... you will need to manage this. If you are trader that thinks brokers always cheat you, you will get frustrated with the tight rules.

- you also need to be able to manage the technology. If you are not good at this, it can be an issue.

But you will get funded if you qualify (there a lot of dreamers, my guess is that between 10 to 20% actually will get funded) and get paid ... again not for the novice trader.
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