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Updated: Aug 13, 2018
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United Kingdom,
Mar 12, 2018,
Registered user

Load of the icing cowboys

This so called binary broker tricks you into agreeing to their terms and conditions,so large bonuses are added to your account you have to earn at least 30 times your original deposit, if you deposit £1000 you have to earn £30,000 before you can withdraw any money. Their account managers will tell this figure can easily be achieved,this is absolute bull you will not be allowed to reach this figure and the money you deposited will all be used up,and they will try and get more money out of you.avoid these people at all costs they are a load of fraudsters who have not even got a trading room just a web site which is run from the Marshall Islands.You can not get in contact with them,they a complete waste of time and only want to keep taking your money,and I write this as I have had personal experience and dealings with these scammers.Please everyone leave these people well alone.
John Bool,
United Kingdom,
Feb 23, 2018,

Warning: Company Insolvency And Rescue Service Ltd

Scammers at best, take your money and you can not get it back.
New scam the company has is to call you from a company called "Company Insolvency And Rescue Service Ltd" claiming they can get your money back for a small fee. Don’t be fooled by this.  You will just pay more money and you will never see a penny.
United Kingdom,
Feb 18, 2018,


For your own sake pleass AVOID this company. Total fraudsters and scams, speaking from experience!!
Derby, United Kingdom,
Jan 4, 2018,

StratX Markets is a fraud company

Avoid this company totally as this is a fraud company and is cheating and ripping off people's money. The company needs to.be prosecuted and the clients money returned. dont ever believe what the company say.
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 28, 2017,

Stratx Markets rob you of your money

Definitely a underhand broker all they want is for you to deposit money time and time again. When a bonus is added you have no chance of withdrawing any money from your account. Go to a regulated binary broker, leave Stratx well alone.
Nice, France,
Aug 31, 2017,
Registered user

Ex-Stratxmarkets worker tell me how they Fleece Customers

Stratxmarkets does what you expect from an unregistered Binary broker, all the underhand techniques are used to keep customers money. I spoke with an ex-stratxmarkets worker and this is what he told me;

"I started with Stratx to become a trader, but realized they don't do any trading, just fleece innocent customers, I did this for a while but then could not live with myself and despite needing the job and money, I had to leave."

"So Tom how do things work at Stratx?"

Our Moto is Deposits, Deposits, Deposits, we get paid on Deposits.

We target everyone, many of our deposits come from the retired, with their life savings. Yes we know we ruin lives, but we get paid for deposits. If the clients has winning trades, it's an opportunity to make them deposit more, if they don't, we win by default, most lose all their money.

We have staged performances for the larger deposits.

We tell them to sign non disclosure forms and the information we will give is privileged and confidential. (it's all BS)

We arrange a meeting with who we say is a very important trader who only deals with institutions but will give you five minutes of his time.

We reel off names of large investment brokers we deal with.

We say the profits are very large but you need to be privileged.

We tell them there is a minimum entry of 50/100 k depending on the profile we have and you need to act quickly.

We will tell you to borrow money, remortgage, sell everything you can, to get the funds.

When you make the deposit, we celebrate in the office and rounds of drinks down the pub, you have been reeled in and your deposit is ours, you will never see that cash again.

Many phone and complain, but we have been told every phone call ,even a complaint is another deposit opportunity.

If a client phoned and complains about losing all or bonus restrictions we tell them the way to fix this is another deposit and an opportunity has arisen for some massive profits. If this does not work you are passed to another trader and another until a deposit is extracted.

Over the phone we make them sign a contract, it does not matter what we say, we tell them all conversations are recorded, this is not true. Once we have their signature on the contract, that's it, we do not care about, legal proceedings, police, parliament and bad reviews this is expected and we have covered ourselves.

Everything we say even our names are false, all are adds with show us as top rated with 5 stars and a top trading platform are fake. Our trading platform has no trader tools and our expire times cannot be adjusted, this is for our benefit of the customer to lose as much as possible, if they have too many winning trades then we can adjust that also. We are not registered so all the rules on bonuses and platform do not apply to us. With a registered broker the bonus does not affect the withdraw of the customers deposit, with us it is 30x and nothing can be withdraw, so you always lose with us.

A bonus applied on a big account is another office celebration and big drinks at the pub. Some customers have come to us because they are desperate to make some money, to pay for serious medical operations, getting married, losing their home etc., we do not care, a deposit is all we want. I know people have committed suicide over our activities and I know I was working for a scum outfit, but that's all behind me now.