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Updated: Oct 19, 2018
4.386 · 13 REVIEWS
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Hugo'sWay is a forex broker. Hugo's Way offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. HugosWay.com offers over 5 forex currency pairs, indices, commodities and stocks for your personal investment and trading options.

HugosWay.com (Hugo's Way)

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4.386 · 13 REVIEWS
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Oct 15, 2018,

Hugosway is the best broker I have ever used. The owners actually care about their clients and they provide amazing support and service. Their platform is always being updated to better the traders.

Hugos way is simply the best if you're not on them your missing out!
Oct 10, 2018,
Registered user

Hugo's the GOAT!

A+ BROKER!!! I use Hugo's Way since June of 2018 and it's a really good broker. Being a ECN, they don't make money off of you when you lose. They have good spreads and you can trade cryptos with them. They have a very good support team, and they're not afraid to refund you if your order is not filled like it's supposed to.
So far, a good experience; one of the rare honest broker in this industry.
I would give 5 stars if they had more funding options, but I'm pretty sure they are actively working on this.
Florida, USA,
Oct 3, 2018,
Registered user

Only 2 options to deposit funds

I am sorry but I have to give Hugo's Way a harsh 1 star because all that I read in prior reviews is not truth, they do not offer CC deposits, I do not see how people is promoting their deposit options when they only have 2 very inconvenient ways to deposit. For that reason to me is an absolute 1 star, not sure about everything else, I am solely giving a 1 star due to one of the most critical things such depositing funds.
Reply by hugosway submitted Oct 12, 2018:
Thank you for your review and we are sorry to see that you are not currently satisfied with the funding options available. With regards to the other reviews you had read, these are indeed accurate and we have many happy clients here at Hugo’s Way.
As you can see on the FAQs on our website, there are three different methods in which you can deposit funds, which includes Credit/Debit Card. Unfortunately, this method is temporarily unavailable to our clients until we find an alternative processor which can provide our clients the facility which meets our high standards. It is for this reason, we had made the decision to stop using the previous processor because customer satisfaction is paramount to us.
However, the two options which are available to our clients are proven to be the quickest and most efficient way to fund their account, especially when it comes to withdrawals and receiving funds faster than Credit/Debit Cards.

We do highly recommend Bitcoin. And we are also offering to refund your fee’s when you purchase it and send it into Hugosway, Have you ever considered looking into this method? If not, please do come and visit our Live Chat where one of our dedicated Support Agents will walk you through the process. We guarantee you that you will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied when it come to quick deposits and faster withdrawals. Also, the good news is, you can still fund your Bitcoin wallet with your credit/debit card.

We thank you for your feedback and rest assured we are working hard at implementing additional payment methods for your convenience.
maui, USA,
Aug 26, 2018,
Registered user

best broker EVER

Very satisfied clients! Excellent broker who is improving service to client on weekly bases. Spreads are excellent. Deposit by credit card are instant up to $ 600 3 times in 24 hours.
Not many other brokers allow you to buy only 0.01 micro of cryto.

And AGAIN ...I hate FXCM that was in USA... and Me and others bankrupt them in USA....They were " regulated" haha...and cheating clients!

Hugosway ...is the best broker I have had so far! 500:1 even for usa clients.


Nov 3, 2017 - No Rating Hello. I want to highly recommend this broker who is also my friend. He is one of the only one offering FOREX BITCOINS at leverage 100:1. I am a refering broker there fyi and also a trader who you can folow with 93 % performance in 24 days. Not onoy does hugosways provide some of the best spreads and excutions in the market but we are all like a family there of clients who are fed up with regulated USA brokers. If you have a US regulated you cannot be put in a pamn account ( managed and get that 93 % ) .... REMEMBER FXCM USA...trading against their clients and trowing their winning client out! REMEMBER THAT JERK "jason" who works for fxcm representing them here? I am responsable ( me and others like me ) for BANKCRUPTCING them in USA and SEND THEM PACKING to other countries. At hugosways...I can sleep at peace at night with the best spreads and a honest broker. I have a link that you can request by email and you will not be charge 30% performance fee but only 20% . Even if I were not a ib for them ....I most highly recommend them and also LMFX...all the rest I just don't like them . I traded 20 years ...trust me I have seen it all. Most people are "o my God " not USA regulated...Seriously stop being mind controlled by USA....they dont want any of us to succeed bit ridiculous leverage of 50:1 ....you may as well burn your money !
Stone Mountain, USA,
Aug 25, 2018,
Registered user

Pretty decent broker so far

I have 3 different brokers. One of the brokers I use is very similar to Hugosway it could be a copycat(JAFX). One thing that I am impressed with Hugossway is that deposits and withdrawals are pretty fast. They also have crypto. I hope that they will improve even more.

Pros: fast deposits and withdrawals, crypto, 1:500 leverage, the spread is decent but could be better on other non-major pairs

Cons: sometimes the connection to the server going out and it could be out for about 10 minutes which can be frustrating when you want to take an instant market execution trade
Kyiv, Ukraine,
Aug 10, 2018,
Registered user

Avoid news trading with HugosWay.com

It is about news trading. Since they boasting about liquidity -
website says: “With liquidity from over 50 different banks and dark pool liquidity”
I decided to try this broker to trade on news with an EA today
Executions not the best. So their liquidity is not the best.
Starting balance $100
Demo account result: $109
Real account result: $76

Are they robbing me ? :) May be not them but their liquidity providers. I don't know

With the other broker today I made ~60% during the same news event.
That was cons but their pros - withdrawal process to the bank card took less than hour - very fast

So probably it is good enough broker - just not for me at the moment
Perkins, United Kingdom,
Jul 12, 2018,

ESMA free broker

Great broker with AMAZING support and fast withdrawals!!!

The only improvements I would like to see are better spreads, swaps for traders who have deposited more than $250,000 and maybe you can give us a free vps like your competitors.

Since you are a real ECN broker and you benefit from us being profitable maybe you should invest more in educating your clients. You should invite profitable traders to do webinars once a month.
Reply by hugosway submitted Jul 26, 2018:
Hi Max, if you could reach out to support we would happy have a chat with you and see what we can offer you.
Roberto F,
Jul 7, 2018,
Registered user

great service and products

opened account at the beginning of the year to diversify my trading strategy with PAMM accounts. and a small crypto trading account.

so far very satisfied with the service. customer service very fast transparent and professional, spread and execution good, no requotes, a wide choice of instruments.

as it's a quite new broker they are constantly making improvements to the product list, and to their CRM platform, which they recently renewed completely for a better one.

deposit and withdrawals fast.

would definitely recommend it, and hope that they grow in size soon so they can negotiate better spreads, which is the only aspect I would improve and I am sure they will over time.
Yordan K,
Jun 27, 2018,

New, fresh, motivated, competitive - keep it up guys!


Have been trading mainly cryptos. Huge diversity of crypto pairs offered. AMAZING leverage also!
Fast support!
Telegram group. Keeping in touch with other traders and Hugo's way guys live is great. No more phone calls required, waiting for weeks to get a reply to your email...
The new members area is fascinating, sleek and easy to navigate, so well done guys!
The deposit options they offer really grab your attention.

- i'd with we had better swaps for when i'm holding long term positions (weeks/months) but then again which broker doesn't charge swaps right?
Jun 23, 2018,
Registered user

Great Broker who can be trusted

I have been trading for over 15 years and have to say Hugo's Way is one of the best brokers I have ever used. First priority of course is how they handle withdrawals and I can tell you all my request were handled promptly and funds received into my bank account within 2 days. Next, trade execution. Once again 5 stars. All trades entered properly and fast, with very low spreads. Finally, customer service. This is outstanding. Always fast, accurate and friendly response with every customer service rep I have spoken with. I am so happy with them I have open accounts for my children and also encouraged other trades I know to contact them. Trust me on this, they are a welcome relief to the typical broker BS out there.