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Updated: Oct 6, 2022
SCAM Confirmation

November 2017:  The FPA would like to publicly thank Maduet for taking the time to gather information about MCI Investments.  His efforts showed that the company is claiming to be able to get bank loans to finance forex trading, but cannot provide any evidence from the bank to back up the existence of these loans.

MCI Investments appears to be nothing more than a recovery room scam aimed at luring in victims who have previously been scammed.

Until such time as MCI Investments can prove the legitimacy of these loans and of its ability to assist clients, the FPA has no choice but to consider the company to be a scam.

The FPA warns all traders to not send any funds to MCI Investments.  If you have already placed money with the company, please try to withdraw it immediately.

SCAM Confirmation
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Dec 6, 2017,
Registered user

MCI Investments is a fraud company and do not please deal with them.

I got in contact with PlusOption, the binary options broker having office in London during end of March 2017. I was contacted by Mr. Christopher Manis from PlusOption and I deposited $10,000 to their account. For few days he did not do anything and told me not to do any trading on PlusOption platform. After few days during Mid April 2017 he contacted me again saying he has left PlusOption and moved to MCI Investments at Zurich, Switzerland as Chief Investments Officer. He told me that they will open my new account there with €10,000. For demonstration trial, they took loan and did trading for 5 days and made 10% profit in those 5 days. After that they told me to purchase that loan along with profit by transferring them € 10,000. I transferred that money through bank wire. They did trading in my account for a month and made total profit of 25%, making account balance €2,611.00. Thereafter, Christopher Manis told me that they cannot continue trading in my account since amount is too small and they are now going for event based trading for Singles Day and Black Friday events. For that they told minimum amount required is €250,000. But I told I don't have that much money. Meanwhile, Christopher Manis introduced me to Mr. David Shapiro who is their banker in MCI. David and Chris told me that Chris will put €50,000 of his own and I will contribute €100,000 from my side making total €150,000 to get me entered into these event based tradings. All tradings will be done by Chris himself as he did before. Accordingly, I took bank loan and transferred €88,300 through bank wire to Deutsche bank branch in Berling, Germany during 1st week of June 2017. Thus, I sent them total €98,300 from my side (initial €10,000 + €88,300). To remove my doubts they transferred in my Dubai bank account €4,500 to cover 1 year interest of my bank loan. Chris was always calling me from same landline number from Zurich and we were also in contact through emails regularly. In between, I also had conversation with David Shapiro through skype audio call when he explained me what these event based tradings will be. So, I was having no doubt that time that it might be fraud as well. Many times I asked Christopher Manis as well that the amount required for events trading is huge for me considering my financial situation and if anything will go wrong then I will be in deep trouble since I was going to take bank loan from Dubai. He assured me that this is not scam or fraud and he will show me performance in few months by increasing account balance. In July 2017 David Shapiro also sent me draft of financial plan for the coming months until November 2017. Christopher Manis promised me that €150,000 will become €250,000 until November end. So, actually from mid July MCI (Christopher Manis) started trading in my account with starting balance of €150,000 (my €98,300 + €1,700 profit + his own €50,000). Until end of August everything was going smoothly but then he called me and said he has been promoted and got opportunity to go to London to set up the branch office there and start a new venture on Bitcoin, which scheduled to be opened by end of 2017. He said he will give my account to his colleague to manage and trade. He also said that his email id will no longer be working and he will have new email id soon. After that trading in my account got reduced and many times I had to send them emails and message to David on skype to contact me. Until 10th October 2017, this worked and my account balance reached to €212,203 from €150,000. On 10th October 2017 I had last conversation with Christopher Manis over the phone. I complained for no one looking after my account and he said he will ask another guy named Mr. Christopher Parker to look after my account. Few days later I got introductory email from Christopher Parker for which I replied. But since then no any further email responses I received from him apart from his introductory email. I sent numerous emails on their email ids -, and I have sent many messages and called many time almost on daily basis to David Shapiro on skype, but no responses. I tried many times calling on MCI Zurich landline number but not reachable. Since 10th October 2017 no one from MCI is in contact with me. I can see David Shapiro online on skype but he is not responding to my messages and not picking up my skype calls even. I have placed withdrawal request twice, on 21st November 2017 and 29th November 2017 on MCI website for €157,600 including my original amount + profits. But both requests are still pending. My account status on MCI website is shown as live and shows all the trades carried out by Christopher Manis since beginning of my association with MCI from April 2017. I have no any means to contact them since they are not responding to emails, skype messages, skype calls, their landline is always unreachable. So, I am feeling like cheated now. My total €93,800 own money is with them for which i took loan and I am paying EMIs to bank here in Dubai. I am totally clueless how to deal with them and recover my money.
Please help me recovering my money as I am not able to reach MCI and I don't know whether they are genuine or fraud.
Oct 23, 2017,
Registered user

Beware of MCIInvestments !

Issue escalated to Traders Court maduet vs | GUILTY
A word of caution to all. This company phones victims of previous scams and offers to help them. They take out a loan (10 - 50k) with the bank, using their own funds, trade on it themselves and then offer you to take over the loan if you want to. No up-front fees, no obligations. Sounds great, you see the trades being taken, your account growing (my 10k account grew over 13% within a couple of days) and after a while they phone you again to ask whether you want to take over the loan or not. In other words, send them 10k and of course keep the profits.

The trouble is, when you ask them for some document as proof of this loan, they say No, that's not possible (bank confidentiality etc.) You also have no proof that this isn't simply a binary options account simulation. They say on their home page that they're registered with St Vincent and the Grenadines, but the regulating body Svgfsa confirmed in their e-mail to me that "A search of our register did not reveal any entity with the name MCInvestments".

So all I can say is, when Laurence Hertz (or someone else from phones you, run away as fast you possibly can !

Oct 18, 2017 - 1 Star The approach certainly is interesting. They took a 10k loan from a Polish Bank for me and made 13% on this within the first 5 days. I then had the option of buying this loan or leaving everything as is. The trouble is, they never show you any confirmation or contract whatsoever, concerning the loan, so you can't be sure that any such loan exists. You also can't know whether the trades they make on your account are genuine or not - it could simply be a simulated Binary Options account, and most probably is. And then there's no entry in the Saint Vincent firm register where they're supposedly registered.
So all in all, a very shady business indeed ! I didn't fall for this one and I only hope no-one else does...