2.62 · 7 REVIEWS
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2.62 · 7 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Dublin, Ireland,
Apr 20, 2021,
Registered user


Service use: Live

I blew 15000 loan with him, 200 usd per month for his algo EA auto trading which blew 5000 and other member 10000 in one week, 100 per month for his signals where he said risk 1%, SL 100-200 TP 30-80 pips and can even make breakeven. His compounding is open new order every 10 pips. You can´t make any money with Marcus, he is making money just for his monthly fees. Now his membership costs 999 usd. In the chat there was only one member Reid claiming Marcus made him millionaire by trading gbpaud. On instagram he has fake money and promoting luxury lifestyle. He is master in sweet talking and hindsight trading, so many inexperienced traders will pay him. Stay away.
Usa, USA,
Nov 23, 2020,


Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Great signals and training but you should always use proper risk management bc not all signals hit tp
Sandton, South Africa,
Nov 23, 2020,
Registered user

Maxima Investments

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

When I first joined Maxima Investments, I knew a little about Forex, and only had experience lossing money on my real accounts. Once I started watching the training videos I realised I knew close to nothing about Forex, and I found out that the training is the most in depth Forex training a novice like me has ever had to study. Maxima has made the content so easy to understand and every time I would replay the training I would find more nuggets of GOLD. Maxima is the best Mentor I could ever ask for, I am still learning from him and I continue to see improvements in my trading because I am a member of the Money Team. I have learned that the most important thing to have in Forex is a plan, and Maxima will teach you that and more, plus bonus is you can earn money while you are learning to trade the Money Team way. Thank you
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 28, 2020,

Very bad signals

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

At the time of joining maxima investments, I was very excited because of his claims of a high win rate. When I joined, I was terribly disappointed.
The majority of his trades lost. I was confused because he said he had a high win rate. 80% of trades were losers. He would have like 100 pip stop loss and a 30 pip take profit. So this was clearly a losing deal. I messaged him and asked him what was going on and his reply was thats the way it works sometimes.
This continued for the month so I cancelled at the end.
My opinion is Marcos is a great marketer but a very bad trader. Stay clear!!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Sep 4, 2018,

My honest review

At first when I joined the signals given were ok, win ratio is 4 or 3 out five trades in a week... then suddenly it just went down and down.. I don’t know about now because it’s been a while since I connected to that group... as for the training it’s okay and understandable, but it wasn’t profitable for me at all.. then Marcos started a new thing called the copy trader! Listen to me here please! DONT JOIN THAT!!!!!!!! I have fall for all the ads he makes for it on instagram... copy trader doubles your account every week blah blah blah... I started with 1000 dollars .. he blew my account after 3 days ( the profits he screen shot it and posted on IG is for only one quick trades, trust me the next trade the account will be blown) .. the funny thing he makes excuses saying omg guys this wasn’t me trading your accounts!! Like seriously... so anyway the upcoming week I deposited another 500.. same s*** again blew it in two days... Im like let’s do it one last time! Deposited 100 dollar .. he blew it in one day
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Ontario, Canada,
Nov 15, 2017,
Registered user

Looks interesting

I didn't give this a five because I haven't used his service yet, but I have really enjoyed the information he shares. As of right now, I only have good things to say about him. Does anyone know where I can find out how much he charges to join?
Jackie ,
Los Angeles, CA, USA,
Oct 23, 2017,

Best Team By Far!

I have been with Maxima Investments for two months now and all I can say is I'm so thankful to have found such a great mentor along with a great team. His training is amazing.. Forex is extremely new to me but he has made it very easy to understand. He is very blunt and tells you how it is. If you want it work for it. Overall, a 10 in my book.
Liverpool, United Kingdom,
Oct 20, 2017,
Registered user


the signals provided with this company are of a high standard.
The training webinars are also of a high standard and very informative, easy to learn from.
The community within is also realy good, i would recommend anyone interested in beginning to trade to maxima