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10Trading is a forex broker. 10Trading offers Desktop and Mobile forex trading platforms. 10Trading.com offers over 40 forex pairs, binary option, indices, gold, silver, commodities and CFDs for your personal investment and trading options.


Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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Leinster, Ireland,
Nov 29, 2020,
Registered user

Avoid 10Trading like the plague

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

There appears to be a very strong link between Olsen, 10Trading and Marketrading, to the extent that they use the same personnel and they all used similar methods to relieve victims of their hard earned money.

Well YAY, they're back. Having scammed their way to millions they have now changed their tack. They're calling victims from whom they stole serious sums (the more desperate the victim is, the better this works , I guess) and they're offering refunds on the basis they they were spoken to sternly by some unnamed authorities, found religion or some other nonsense pretext. They call the victim of their previous scams and offer all your stolen money back so it looks like your dosh didn't end up buying them a nice Lamborghini after all. In order to get your money (in Bitcoin) you have to hand over control of your computer to the nice trustworthy scammer on the other end of the phone.

Nobody would be silly enough to do that, would they?

Well it must be working because I get 1-5 calls every weekday from people claiming to represent one of the three named companies and in the background I can hear a typical boilerhouse with many scammers on the phones, so somebody is paying.......

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United Arab Emirates,
Dec 5, 2018,
Registered user

I advise every body do not invest any fund with www.10traiding .com or Market raiding.com both are same real thieves Tyler o,grady is their account manager big lire and thief and Paul Williams . they owed me $2175 I,m awaiting from July and they did me very bad experience because of them I never ever Invest any more that on line trading ,they destroyed all the prestige of tradings.

Aug 29, 2018 - 1 Star I already compliant 10trading.com they are non stop scammers they owed me more than $2000 their account manager Tyler O.grady was call me last week 09/08/2018 he said that he need to refund my fund he said he will refund $2175 but they are change their trading name as a www.marketrading.co he said that my account $0 balance to re activate deposit again $2175 then your account will automatically activate then your will get refund he was forced me and threatened he said if you not deposit that amount that means you refused your fund I can'd do anything " he said see how this man is fraud ? they are no Marcy shameless stay away with them remember 10trading or www,marketrading.co do not invest with them all the information their website fake

Jul 10, 2018 - 1 Star 10trading is the worst trading big big lyers brokers they fund my credit card in very tricky way ,,, Tyler ogrody is the big big ,,,lier of the world now I,m suffering unable to refund my fund which i fund them (101trading .com ) please stay away with 10trading.

Reply by 10Trading Support submitted Jul 11, 2018 Dear Athula,

You withdrawal request will be processed according to our WD policy – https://www.10trading.com/legal/ (TNC paragraph 62)

Kind regards,

10Trading Customer Service
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LONDON, United Kingdom,
Jul 30, 2018,

10trading scams

I was scammed by 10trading on 30/07/18 after opening an account with $250 a short while after I was contacted by my so called acc manager HOWARD SCOTT (obviously fake name) to invest a further $4500. after research and bad reports I decided to withdraw my funds without trading. I tried to withdraw and was contacted by so called billing staff and told that I had to follow his instructions on my PC for the withdrawal to be processed only to find that he had systematically degraded my funds down to only $360 and cancelled my withdrawal of $4775. no money returned ! + + BE WARNED THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS INVEST AT YOUR PERIL + +
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uk, United Kingdom,
Jul 3, 2018,

Terrible - shocking

very pushy, kept demanding for more deposits and promising returns within 24 hours - lost everything due to 'errors' with the computer and 'delay' in sending in documents. Richard kept saying he would help and recover funds. I didnt even want to trade after i signed up and realised what was going on but then was told i had to deposit more to release my funds and open up the account. All rubbish. This has been the worst mistake in my life .
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Arfon Wynne,
UK, United Kingdom,
Feb 1, 2018,

I wish to refer to a comment I made about 10 Trading on 12.01.18.
It has dawned on me after having made the comments that it was a misunderstanding on my behalf and I will retract my comment since my original one can not be removed. Although my 10 trading account was indeed terminated it was in fact transferred to another platform which I did not realize at the time. I feared the worse and reacted in the spur of the moment!
Hope that 10 trading will accept my sincere apologies!

Jan 12, 2018 - 1 Star An impossible company to deal with. They are rude, intimidating and ruthless in order to get your money which you will never be able to withdraw! They demanded $9000 from me in order to get my funds and then as soon as I made the transaction they just terminated my account completely and kept $202000. They have ruined my life and now I am penniless!
Jhb, South Africa,
Dec 8, 2017,

10Trading requests a deposit to withdraw/refund your money due to their own service failures & negligence. Their service and attitude is unprofess

Please be careful of 10Trading. They request a deposit to withdraw/refund your money due to their own service failures & negligence. Their service and attitude is unprofessional and unethical claiming to be in the process of becoming regulated.
They promised me 5 VIP signals a week based on a $750 investment.
Howard Scott provided me 3 signals that went into profit and then requested more money and then silence for months. They took over 1 month to verify me.
When I submitted a withdrawal request Howard advised that I allowed the account to go dormant & in order to withdraw my $775, I should reactivate by depositing $1000.
Chelsea Hamilton called to apologise and insisted on providing great service, signals & profits if I cancel the withdrawal.
Yes, she delivered great at first then set me up to fail by not applying risk management to her signals and made me log in & out of my account to make it look like my internet connection was to blame for not opening positions stating that this was the reason my account was wiped clean.
I have in writing that they will refund my initial investment of $1300 if I deposit another $1300 so that they can refund me $2,600 without providing a reason.

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