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Updated: May 27, 2019
1.64 · 7 REVIEWS
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1.64 · 7 REVIEWS
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United Kingdom,
May 25, 2019,
Registered user



Let me start by advising that my friend (F) recommended CTP to myself. This was after seeing his Instagram videos blow up with a 500k LIVE account. Bear in mind my daily job is a financial crime analyst so I am skeptical whenever I hear or read things initially.

F advised he had been using CTP for around 2 weeks using really small lot sizes but he had been winning. F also advised that CTP had a ridiculous advertisement tool that he had been on his 12th week of back to back wins which I couldn't believe. I asked F if he could send me CTP's signals for 2 days. I used them and I hate to deny the initial outcome but he actually did hit his TPs. I was dumbfounded and joined the sheep in the pursuit to get rich quick. I quickly purchased the VIP package for £75 and made an instagram to watch his Instagram analysis.

It wasn't till the third day that I realised ...CRAP. Let me enlighten you. I lost virtually the majority of my account and my lot size was only 0.05 on a £1500 account. The reason being is that CTP sends signals using 3 TP targets and the same SL for each. CTP tries to find an active trend and then jumps in on the bandwagon. What happens is, as many of you know, the trend is your friend (Roughly 75+% of the time). His TPs are so lame it is unbelievable. I'm not even going to use pips but points for this.

For example: his TP1 is around 75 points, TP2 125 points and TP3 is 250 points. They are such short bursts that the win rate is highER considering the trend is going that way and the TPs aren't exactly that far away. HOWEVER, his SL is around 1000 points away which for the most part acts as a huge buffer in case there is a RETRACEMENT for it to then swing back down. Nevertheless, that occasion when it is a TRUE REVERSAL means you've just lost 3000 points by hitting your SL! So imagine you mess up one signal with CTP, you are 3000 points down in negative. It means it'll take 7 winning 3TPs just to about break even!!!!!!

This is what happened to F and I on 3 notable trades the past month which are USD/CAD SELL 4 weeks ago, GBP NZD SELL 4 weeks ago and EUR JPY BUY 1-2 weeks ago. These all hit our SLs and in fact if we didn't have the SL they came back down especially on GN!

The point I'm trying to make is that this guy is a fraud. He finds trends to make sure term gains with get rich quick kids using 0.3-1.5 lots on a £500 account then show off. He'll post them all over his instagram and snapchat etc. However, when he hits that loss, he never admits it and neither do you find those get rich quick kids again because their account is BLOWN! Watch his Instagram LIVE videos and you will see those who have blown their account because of him or lost a significant amount due to his ridiculous signals.

Again, you may argue these kids are using stupid lot sizes for small accounts. I agree with you but his RISK to REWARD ratio is non-existent! At minimum you want a 1:1 RR. His RR isn't 2:1 or 3:1. On the contrary it's the reverse, more like 1:4 or 1:5 because of how low his TPs and how large/far away his SL is!

I've watched this guy enough the past few months to realise his marketing is on point. The reason he has such a huge account to play around with is because he has so many sign ups. He must be on at least £30,000 a month with his signal service. You are probably thinking I've over-exaggerating. However, think about the lowest membership which is £50 a month. That's £600 a year. If you don't believe he has 600 paying members minimum per month paying then fool you because it is clear.

That's why he has had so much to play around with. Bear in mind this guy "William Jones" has been around the block for years. It doesn't take a genius that he's on over 300k a year because of the sign ups so him using a 500k account isn't that impressiveto me when you look into the details.

Finally, the customer service is absolutely terrible. You can whatsapp them and they either reply sarcastically or negatively to anything you ask. Arrogant just like William. Funnily enough, the best amount of conversation I got from CTP was when I cancelled and he was querying why that was.

I can't hate that he is making money but he is just making money of suckers buying into a strategy that is terrible. Keep your hard earned cash. Go read any free online manual on trading forex. Learn about RR ratios because you aren't going to learn that here and it's the fastest way to blow your account. Oh and back to the initial claim about successive winning weeks. That was all BS considering I had 3 losers from him.
newcastle, United Kingdom,
May 19, 2019,
Registered user

Great signals, probably the best ever. Dont let these guys ruin your chance of joining. enjoy the profits
May 1, 2019,
Registered user

Don't buy! Don't buy! Don't buy!

Literally, a total scam. Bought the deal of a lifetime for 35 pounds for signals for ctp_fx(instagram name) which would be almost 50 USD through one of their services. Paid it through Paypal, sent the email and receipt PROVING that I am the buyer, the person tried to shake it off believing that it wasn't me, when I asked do you require any more was left on read. That felt fishy to me.

I see the time is 4:30 AM, and the signals were sent over an hour ago. If I had to ask for a signal, after he is promising immediate signals, something just isn't making good sense for me.

Had to use another account asking where the signals are, tells me they are sent, I don't get them in time. Very bad signal provider and liar, he is either keeping the plays to himself or he hired people to pretend to be real accounts as if they are receiving funds. I'm tired of the scammers and forex fakes!

First review, but I will tirelessly on finding proper signal providers at a decent value here.
United states, USA,
Mar 26, 2019,

I am one of his current students. He gives about 2-4 signals a day to be exact. He hosts live videos on ig to tell you about the pairs and maybe future trades. I would his his success rate is 80% , which is pretty good. You have to have good money management/risk management and you will make money no matter what. I highly recommend.
London, United Kingdom,
Feb 21, 2019,
Registered user


Absolutely shocking. Lost over £350 with these guys, not made one trade in profit. SIgnals are shocking and when asking questions the responses are sarcastic. He evidently has deals with brokers, which change every single week. He changed broker 3 times in one week. Also despite what he tells you, the trades he trades are NOT the ones he sends to his clients. I found proof then he blocked me when I confronted him.
lewis pratt,
maidenhead, United Kingdom,
Aug 31, 2018,


I am appalled by the service I have paid £50 a month which is a lot of money for a subscription service, and the signals were shockingly bad I had a lot more losses than wins. The worst part is the person who runs it the guy gives very rude and sarcastic responses when asking questions or just straight up ignores you. Which is disgraceful for how much you are paying too use this service I canceled on the 27th of august and I purchased the subscription on the 1st of July and didn't even get added to the telegram until the 2nd, Now once this person realised that I had cancelled on the 27th I still had at least 4 more days of telegrams which I didn't plan to use anyway but he stopped sending them to me I feel so cheated out of my hard earned money, this guy is a fraud he just shows winning accounts and no losses I followed his signals for less than a month and I lost a bunch of money please please save yourself and stop giving this guy your hard earned money.


-Terrible customer service, very hard to get a response from these guys which is a disgrace considering the fact you pay a very high monthly fee. When you do get a response its complete gibberish including advice of using as much leverage as possible and using as big positions as possible which any trader knows thats a good way of blowing your account.

- Signals have been very hit or miss I got a success rate of about 30 - 40% including very terrible win to lose ratio.

- Monthly subscription rate is very expensive £50 a month is a complete rip off in a year you will be giving these guys £600 a year and like I previously mentioned customer service is awful which does not justify the price one bit.

- Affiliations and partnerships with brokers which means a conflict of intrest.

- Now don't be fooled by the profits that they show you they never ever ever show you losses which is a part of trading. They show accounts with big profits and small balances this looks good on paper but in reality these traders are taking on HUGE amount of risk with there position size and what they don't show you is a few bad signals and these accounts will go bust which conveniently they don't show.
PARIS, France,
Dec 6, 2017,
Registered user

Worthless signals, and big conflict of interest with his affiliated brokers

Very random performance of the signals. As a subscriber, I was very disappointed. I guess this guy is only making the money he shows on his videos with his subscriber's money, and I don't trust at all his account management service. You have to give your credentials to this guy to get your account managed by him, which is a very unsafe way to give your money to someone who can withdraw it whenever he can. Also, this guy is fully affiliated with the brokers he wants us to use his signals on. ALL those brokers are market makers, which mean they make money whenever you lose money! This is a crazy conflict of interest.

As one of his clients, I mostly lost money with his signals. He always brags about profit trades but NEVER says anything about the losing ones. Also, he recommends a R/R ratio under 1, which mean you can lose more on each losing trade than winning on each winning trade. Any good forex trader would discourage this!