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Updated: Sep 3, 2018
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lewis pratt,
maidenhead, United Kingdom,
Aug 31, 2018,


I am appalled by the service I have paid £50 a month which is a lot of money for a subscription service, and the signals were shockingly bad I had a lot more losses than wins. The worst part is the person who runs it the guy gives very rude and sarcastic responses when asking questions or just straight up ignores you. Which is disgraceful for how much you are paying too use this service I canceled on the 27th of august and I purchased the subscription on the 1st of July and didn't even get added to the telegram until the 2nd, Now once this person realised that I had cancelled on the 27th I still had at least 4 more days of telegrams which I didn't plan to use anyway but he stopped sending them to me I feel so cheated out of my hard earned money, this guy is a fraud he just shows winning accounts and no losses I followed his signals for less than a month and I lost a bunch of money please please save yourself and stop giving this guy your hard earned money.
Berkshire, United Kingdom,
Aug 26, 2018,


-Terrible customer service, very hard to get a response from these guys which is a disgrace considering the fact you pay a very high monthly fee. When you do get a response its complete gibberish including advice of using as much leverage as possible and using as big positions as possible which any trader knows thats a good way of blowing your account.

- Signals have been very hit or miss I got a success rate of about 30 - 40% including very terrible win to lose ratio.

- Monthly subscription rate is very expensive £50 a month is a complete rip off in a year you will be giving these guys £600 a year and like I previously mentioned customer service is awful which does not justify the price one bit.

- Affiliations and partnerships with brokers which means a conflict of intrest.

- Now don't be fooled by the profits that they show you they never ever ever show you losses which is a part of trading. They show accounts with big profits and small balances this looks good on paper but in reality these traders are taking on HUGE amount of risk with there position size and what they don't show you is a few bad signals and these accounts will go bust which conveniently they don't show.
PARIS, France,
Dec 6, 2017,
Registered user

Worthless signals, and big conflict of interest with his affiliated brokers

Very random performance of the signals. As a subscriber, I was very disappointed. I guess this guy is only making the money he shows on his videos with his subscriber's money, and I don't trust at all his account management service. You have to give your credentials to this guy to get your account managed by him, which is a very unsafe way to give your money to someone who can withdraw it whenever he can. Also, this guy is fully affiliated with the brokers he wants us to use his signals on. ALL those brokers are market makers, which mean they make money whenever you lose money! This is a crazy conflict of interest.

As one of his clients, I mostly lost money with his signals. He always brags about profit trades but NEVER says anything about the losing ones. Also, he recommends a R/R ratio under 1, which mean you can lose more on each losing trade than winning on each winning trade. Any good forex trader would discourage this!