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3.388 • 71 REVIEWS
Updated: Sep 12, 2023

What is Tools Trades?

Tools Trades is a forex signals provider since its inception in 2012.

Apart from providing forex trading signals, Tools Trades also provides other financial information such as markets news, economic calendars etc.

Please read Tools Trades Reviews below and share your experiences using their services.

From at least as early as November 2020 until December 2022, a very large number of fake and suspicious reviews have come in for  These reviewers overlap between multiple companies, including:
May 2019-October 2020:  Large numbers of fake and suspicious positive reviews have been submitted for ToolsTrades.


Established: 2012
Contact:, +441224928451
3.388 • 71 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of Tools Trades

Sonora, Mexico,
Jan 28, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Honestly one of the best tools I have ever used so far! It helped me in getting better conclusions plus saved me a lot of time since I was constantly sitting in front of the computer looking and trying to find profitable trades. You can find a free trail and free signal trades when you start and upgrade to a plan. I sign up for their free signals and started making profit right away.
Sam Reen
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 18, 2019,
Registered user

Reaible and Trustworthy Signals

Service use: Other Length of use: 3-6 Months
Who says trading is easy?
I did not even dare to speak this. I always opted for some guidance in market competency signals and trusted heavily one or the other sites, some gave me nice tools but lower comparison strategies, and the other if provided me with great competency was way weaker in settling the signals.
Through this I came across the user-friendly tools trade platform where instantly got to have my concerns with an online help chat pro. I initially was in doubt if I would be getting enough of what I want but then coming up with their signals through SMS, WhatsApp and signals app I am turning to a pro trader now. Keeping an eye on the forex and investing in the correct brokers.
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kzn, South Africa,
Mar 5, 2018,
Registered user


Definitely unethical. Stole my funds ($450) and opened accounts with a company called EVERFX. Tried to recover my money. Manage to recover $200.00 by reversing the transaction but Niether Tools Trade nor Everfx will return the balance of $250. Simple straight fraudulent thieves. Also Tools Trade and or SignalsBirany (old name) signed me up with a company called MMFinancial experts who took over $500 from me to trade and now my balance stands at over $2000 and they refuse to allow me to withdraw my funds.
Esther K
Nairobi, Kenya,
Sep 26, 2019,
Registered user

A good way for a newbie to start

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
As a newbie, it’s been a bit confusing to start trading. So toolstrade, has come as a blessing. After registering you receive 2 free signal that you can use to test the market. Through this, I’ve been able to learn the basics of how professional traders, trade. And this has given me a boost in confidence that I can try it myself. Toolstrade has helped to guide me on the right direction.
Zunaira Ali
Rawalpindi, Pakistan,
Oct 26, 2020,
Registered user

They should upgrade the features of their website and application

Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months should drop this feature in their website and App i.e. they have to verify the signal providers as our trading decisions are determined by a third party which needs to be legit. If this verification feature is absent from then it causes a zero-sum game and provide a freehand for scammers, so that they are able to manipulate users to take a bad signal service which eventually leads to loss. Otherwise, the website isn’t that much bad as it has some good features as well.
Edwards Evan
Nairobi, Kenya,
Jul 31, 2021,
Registered user

Great experience

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
A friend introduced toolstrade to me some months ago. Even though I was skeptic at first, I finally decided to give it a try. They just provide signals, which are a good source of information and support for trading. Certainly, with good signals, better chances are very high and risks are minimized.
Abuja, Nigeria,
Aug 20, 2019,
Registered user


Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months
ToolsTrades is not a scam, and it provides top-notch services that help people like me build a carrier in forex trading. The customer support service is first to none, and I got immediate attention, as well as genuine, follow up after contacting them. I can now carry out my research and obtain valid Forex signals with ToolsTrade. I would highly recommend ToolsTrade for trading starters because the success rate of this site is as high as 95%. I can confidently argue that there are no chances of failure with ToolsTrade. TOOLSTRADE IS THE BEST!!!
Regina kariuki
Nairobi, Kenya,
Nov 20, 2019,
Registered user

Thumbs up for toolstrade

Service use: Other Length of use: 3-6 Months
Having used tools trade for quite some time, I can recommend it to anyone. It is one of the trading apps with accurate predictions. I find this app very helpful, fast and user-friendly. In the past, I had used other apps which turned out to be fake apps but since the time I found tools trade; I am now comfortable and cannot try using any other trading app. Thumbs up for tools trade!
MARACAY, Venezuela,
Feb 29, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
They do have good results. The signals are always on time. I use the app and sms and it is really easy. I didn't have to pay and that is amazing. I wish this page longs forever. Tradings for me was a really headaches. Toolstrade came to me because a friend and now i don't need to worry about my investment. I invited you all to sign up, just like i did, i know you wont regret as me.
Bohicon, Benin,
Sep 20, 2019,
Registered user

Give it a try and see

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
Toolstrades is suitable for both beginners and professionals. I've learned a lot to start with trading and this for free. That is amazing! Live announcements very helpful. User-friendly support is available to help through all the processes for the best trading results. Very informative and sound honest. For those who are skeptical, give it a try at least and see for yourself what it is about. I recommend it because I’m satisfied.
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