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NexcellFX is a scam forex broker. Nexcell FX offers the MT5 and MT5 Mobile forex trading top platforms. offers over 30 forex currency pairs, indices, cfds, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options so they can scam you.

January 2018:  There are now 4 more FPA Traders Court guilty votes against Nexcell Fx, making a total of 5 guilty votes.  Based on this, the FPA now considers NexcellFx to be a scam.

Unless all of these issues are resolved, the FPA recommends against doing business with and all companies related to it.

December 2017:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with NexcellFx unless this issue is resolved.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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0.873 · 16 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

chennai , India,
Nov 15, 2017,
Registered user

Holding our money with out give withdrew

Issue escalated to Traders Court tsathya vs | GUILTY
This is sathya who open a account with NexcellFX company with 3 lakhs 09.11.2017 ,when we asked before deposit they told any time can withdrew our investment and day by day can withdrew the profit
But now after received my profit when I asked to withdrew asking me to hold our money 15 days, Saturday they told deposit the money but Monday call and told that my bank rejected the deposit but when I contact with my bank they told they not rejected
Now again contact with phone and asked to send two days profit as discussed with Mr Abhay 30% of my investment daily
He said OK ,but when I call him another person talking ,after I tried to contact many time via phone ringing no ans , but before invest money they called many time to me
I send email 3 times still not get any favorable reply for my withdrew ,i send many messages to whats up number not even single reply to me
Plz asked them to close my acc and deposit the amount to my bank with profit ,please be aware before invest this company
Thanking you
Odisha .india , India,
Nov 28, 2017,

Nexcell fx is froad

Sir i am verry verry scamed for nexellfx group lost of my mony 1600$ plese help reaturn of my mony plese plese i am problem i want my mony
My user id is - 310467 & 310561
thane, India,
Nov 29, 2017,
Registered user

fraud company

My name is Sudhir s Anchan i have an account with your company (2100057619) in which I have 1570$.
My account Manager is a guy named NIRAV.
I have been calling you people frm the last 2 months for withdrawal and no one is replying.
I have come to notice that your company is a fraud and you guys are looting people in the name of auto trading,and this is not auto trading,you people are not sharing the real password with clients instead you are only fooling clients by giving them investor passwords of their account and your account managers are trading in clients account.
And also you people are calling from Mumbai,and misleading clients into believing that you are calling frm Gujrat by using a fake gujrat's no.
You have multiple companies.
I have a lot more information about you guys and your company,so I am alarming you guys that if you people don't refund my money(1570$) in the next 2 days,i am going to take this matter up to people from which you guys will not like hearing.
I am also going to post a complaint in the name of your companies on open forums.

Thanks & Regards


mob no : 9320284224 / 9167326526

Ahmedabad, India,
Nov 29, 2017,
Registered user

Issue escalated to Traders Court vidipt vs | GUILTY
Dear Sir

I am Vidipt chaturvedi.I had made investment of $770 in Nexcell Fx Server.
My account no is 31220.To make this investment in Nexcell fx ,I received frequent calls from a lady called Priya(Contact details 09974401979).She assured me that I will earn a double profit in 15 days after making investment and i could withdraw my profit money once I earn profit.
They stopped responding properly to my call after I made investment.When my account was showing profit stage I frquently called them to get my money back but they didnt responded me properly.Due this unacceptable behaviour towards customer I asked them to close my account to get my money back..After my request for closuer of account they assured me that I vl get my money within 2 days as closure of account is in process.But till today I havent received my money,they had stopped attending my calls and even they have blocked my number
They had appointed Ayush sachdev for technical assistantce (contact detail 09662015581)but he never responded to my any query and even gave irrlevant reasons to my frequent calls.I made nunbers of calls which remained unattended and but now I feel helpless.
After our investment they had asked ourown user id and password ,we did not do anything they only did everything

I issued a cheque by the request of NexcellFx staff in the name of Sahil Textile dated 24/10/2017 , Account no is 0554102000032869, Bhagot allao branch of IDBI BANK,IFSC Code IBKL0000554.
I made investment in good faith ,kindly help me out get my invement amount 770$ as well as from 24/10/2017upto date profit was $12320 (770*2=1540,1540*2=3080 it is a one month profit so 3080*2=6160,6160*2=12320)
Others be aware of this scam.
I have already send my personal documents for opening an account to Nexcell forex
Aurangabad, India,
Nov 30, 2017,
Registered user

i think i am not having any problem with these people and i am satisfied

Hi i am Chirag Joshi i read some reviews online regarding nexcell and i got afraid coz i was working with them from last few month and i didn't face any issue with them but as i got afraid i immediately call to my executive and they explain me the whole issue my request to all you guys don't get afraid of these reviews...these people are good and they are providing every details
Pune, India,
Nov 30, 2017,
Registered user

good income i am getting

i am vinay i dont have any issue with nexcell my trading is going very good they help me my monthly increase i like this company very good people helping me
Dec 4, 2017,
Registered user


hii m vivek jain i have read all the reviews for this broker, but what i get from this company is different from what you all others are getting, i have done a payment of $5000 with this company and right now i m in a profit of $15000 with the help of auto trading software, also i have done a withdrawal of $9000 from my account and i have get the amount within 3 hours of withdrawal, i m doing well trading with this company and i will continue with them untill i m getting my profit........
Rajnagar, India,
Dec 4, 2017,
Registered user

Issue escalated to Traders Court Dilipkumar Gupta vs | GUILTY
Some Surat Gujarat broker doing fraud with Indian citizen through nexcellfx I am also in grip of Surat Gujarat broker. Do not invest money through these some Gujrat people from Baroda wapi Ahmadabad etc.
Kerthi ,
Dec 5, 2017,

NexcellFX is totally FRAUD company
NexcellFX is totally FRAUD company.

We lost Rs.3/-lacs

They promising lot's at the time of beginning, they only talking money from us, and never talk about PAYOUT.

Don't trust on NEXCELL FX team.

Below are the few name of FRAUD person.

Piyush Shah - 8980600826
Vishal Jain - 8401152637
Rohan - 8306972392
Sachin - 8905057542
Karan Shah - 8460371690
Priyanka - 9974401979

Their office at VAPI

Crystal Trader
B203-204, Royal Pletuniun,
Near Amba Mata Mandir
GIDC, Vapi,

Account details
A/c No. 201001456852
IFSC - INDB0000023
Indusind Bank Ltd., SURAT
Kirti Mistry 12/04/2017
Ahmedabad, India,
Dec 9, 2017,
Registered user Is a Good Broker

Sorry for writing the review about because they disabled my account that's why i wrote that review. I just didn't get my money back and i got panicked. They agreed to send me my money back within 10-15 days so i am writing a follow up review about the Broker Now they are . There staff are also giving a fast response to the situation. I hope you all use Broker

Dec 5, 2017 - 1 Star I didn't get back my money from my account no.(310865)&(310938)=(Rs 13,50,000)
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Please leave a followup review to let everyone know if the money arrives or not.
jathees ,
pune , India,
Dec 20, 2017,

NexcellFX company totally fraud people

NexcellFX company totally fraud people
This is jathes who invest in NexcellFX company after received many call from NexcellFX,they saw some account going on profit ,we trust and deposit 800000 inr ,day by day got profit ,but when I asked withdrew they said first pay 30% of the profit ,I asked u take that 30% then give my rest ,they not agreed bec they are world number one fraud company,
NexcellFX company staff friendly told ,yes sir we are trading your money ,really still they are trading from our money when asked withdrew ,they have fake password using that purposely sawing our account in loss ,but really in profit ,we all together planing to go police ,contact with be low numbers they will help others ,don't trust NexcellFX ,don't invest in fraud NexcellFX company, if they not give back our investment as well as profit what they promise the company will be band worldwide so soon ,they can't cheet others ,so thing and do good
Thanking you
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Dec 27, 2017,
Registered user

Still waiting for payment

I don't know what should I say from last few days he is saying I m going to give you money only after your review gets deleted, now u FPA ppl suggest me what should I do

Dec 19, 2017 - No Rating There is something terrible happening with this company there must be some hacking or something bcoz in UAE this company is still exist and they are ready to give my money back so its my request to all the guys please be patient and contact their UAE no i m sure they will solve your problem.

God bless this company

Nov 28, 2017 - 1 Star It's all started with one call which was polite and full of opportunities, a Forex auto trading Co which will work for 30:70 ratio in yes it's perfect so I invested 2000$, and all of a sudden my account swelled from 2000 to 8000 in just 4 days yes as a normal human being my greed told me to invest another 4000 so now my account swelled to 30000$ unbelievable, now the twist started when I asked for first withdrawal, it's like they doesn't know anything they were saying now you pay us 30% of the profit amount than we will release your withdrawal, so suspicious started In my mind now my account is 38900 but without withdrawal. They r total fraud and I m planning for police complaint but unfortunately in India Forex is still illegal and off course they r benefitting with this, when I googled I came to its not just there r so many other innocent ppl r there like me.

On behalf of all of them we would like you to help us regarding this

PS: after so much I came to know that company is registered in dubai and they r having dubai bank account as well
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Please tell NexcellFx that reviews do not get deleted, only updated.  Companies blackmailing users into hiding facts is the main reason for this.

Promise to update your review as soon as all of your money arrives.
up, India,
Jan 5, 2018,
Registered user

Issue escalated to Traders Court saleem ahmad vs | GUILTY
Dear sir or madam this is Saleem Ahmad from lucknow uithira Pradesh India ,I invested 65,000 Indian currency with Nexcellfx company on 25th of septermber 2017 to the name of staff called by vishal shah ,he told your investment not enough but after one month time its comes 3 lac after its come 3 laks with in a moth then I can give you separate account ,after one month time when I asked my money ,he said your account is loos cant give back your money .

Sir really I am poor student borrowed from out side with the interest of 25% ,to get this money I gave my 12th marksheet to the person who gave money ,now they asking money ,I am in very big problem ,I don’t know what to do ,if this money come only I can live ,I don’t know really what to do ,I am so mentally disappointed, please my kind and humble request help me to get back my investment and profit ,with out this money I cant do any thing I have to take back my 12th result sheet ,I have to pay interest also

Please consider my issue in humanitarian basics and try to give back my money

Hello Nexcell company please my kind request don’t do like this others please give back my money god Allah looking every thing .so thing and give back all of our money as soon as possible ,if you did not do I will give a complain in home for human rights head office jeneeva .my friend uncle working there

we don’t have any personal problem with Nexcellfx company ,we are sad to write and fight with you ,If you really give back our all money investment and profit around 16 guys why we write here

,we got to know you are trading with all of our money but saying loss ,can you saw all of our real account from our investment date and up to now then every one know really what happen ,hope our FPA will help to do this
Aaban ,
pune , India,
Jan 9, 2018,

Dont trust nexcellfx until get pay investment and profit

Dear all I am Aaban who invested with only deposing fraud company nexcellfx , my investment is 1,50,000 inr via net transfer September 13 ,my account became 4750 usd ,when I asked withdrew its stared to saw getting losses ,this is not a new story ,already happened more than 20 members , some of wrote review about this fraud activates about nexcellfx ,I did not write up to today why because I am in group with other guys those who cheeted by nexcellfx , they told that ,nexcell asking to delete review then they can pay amount ,some trust this fact hiding activates and wrote very good about nexcellfx , even not get single ruppes ,but same person wrote still not get paid , now I got to know they are not interest to give money only sawing interest to delete the evidence that they cheated many guys ,they asked one of my friend to delete review then he wrote to them

“You told first our investment double ,then when all we asked withdrew, you said your account is loss,but really not loss ,if this come open case your company must saw all details ,so we are not fools to trust you again ,mean time there is no option to delete, only update after received our investment and profit FPA promised that to do, you not need to worry ABOUT UPDATES ”

,impossible to delete until get back our investment and profit

If you in delay mind it WE WILL FILE CASE IN DUBAI WHERE YOUR COMPAY REGESTERED THEN case charge traveling charge Dubai hotels payment + extra compensation amount 20 lakhs must have to pay including investment and profit ,don't play with us and our money. we together 20 members against your company cheeting activities ,you don't have shy to keep others money ,you earn and eat don't eat others hared earned money , ,tell your owner ,have TO saw account god you can't cheet god
So better do the needful ,now your company only in problem no one can save ur company until you set write the money fully investment and profit ,because we have evidence that still you are trading with our money ,just saw loss with dummy trading purposely ,if this saw loss ,then Clint will ask at least give our investment ,this is your master plan ,but we know this as well as if any circumstances arise we can prove this ,so I am warning you be carful when you deal with us IF YOU GETTING DELAY NOTHING TO WORRYTO ME WHY BECAUSE YOU ONLY HAVE TO PAY INVESTMENT AND PROFIT UNTILL WHEN THE PROBLEN GET SOLVED ,SO IF YOUY REALLY CARE YOUR CONPANY AND MONEY DO IT FAST, IF WE FILE CASE AFTER WE WIN YOU MUST PAY A BIG AMOUNT”

Now I am asking you I mean nexcellfx , we are writing review so you asking to delete US ,but many gyus as I was afraid EARLY they not wrote any reviews about you , but still you not give single rupees to the guys those still not wrote any reviews any where ,so if you are really willing to solve problem give the money to them those not wrote about you
At least if you do so we can trust otherwise no chance to trust you until get our investment and profit ,if really your company in losses ,then we can get our investment only but 100% sure there is no loss occur at all .all are dummy account and dummy pass word ,you not even single person not give original password , and the names you are telling different ,not ans the call ore messages ,so this is enough that you are eating others money .
mumbai, India,
Jan 12, 2018,
Registered user

Big Scam company Nexcellfx & don't trust auto trading software without company address.

Issue escalated to Traders Court anil_vishwa vs | GUILTY
They are cheating huge money of common public in the name of option trading and forex trading. First they are sending sms and whats app messages to invest for good profit. They are accepting money in this account and operating through hawala.They are mainly operating from mumbai Pune and gujrat.

Nexcell Person told me delete your review & i give your payment. But there is no options delete review some people put positive comments but he did not got the money they are waiting for payment.

List of the Surat, WAPI, Fraud People Name Mobile

Dubai: - - +971 52 867 9500
Dilip Joshi 9601296698
Vivek Jain 8866713307 9664895059
Ashish Shah 9974852086
Piyush Shah 8905057542 8980600826
Kumar Bansal 9601296060
Amit Shah 9016370263
Jitu Bhai 9601295542
Vishal Jain 8401152637
Rohan 8306972392
Sachin 8905057542
Karan Shah 8460971690
Priyanka 9974401979
Ayush 9662015581 9033128658
Rohit 9909407507
Chauhan 9687789877
Sakshi Mishra (Surat) 8866713320 8306145624
Sachin – 8905057542

Bank Account details
A/c No. 201001456852
IFSC - INDB0000023
Indusind Bank Ltd., SURAT

goodluck enterprises.
Bank a/c - sbi, a/c no-35921220840, ifsc code-sbin0005098.
Branch - adajan, surat, gujrat.

New Number 9033948905
Modi Traders
Account no.:-02921900011158
ifsc code DCBL0000029

Please see this video on youtube :-


Amal kumar Ghosh,
Rajasthan, India,
Jan 22, 2018,

Report them

Hi all, I am Amal kuamr Ghosh, I am also a sufferar from this PPL.., all ppls r requested to lodge a gd against this company.
And don't forget to complain online to sybercrime branch wt screenshot all details..what's aap , call details ac no, co name etc,
Devendra Joshi,
Porbandar, India,
Jan 26, 2018,

Scam in Nexcell Fx want our money get back

Hi, Myself Devendra joshi and I am also one of the complainant for necxcellfx because I have invested the money of $3400 7th Nov '17 with autotrading in forex. Primary fund was grew and then after I have requested to get withdrawal they are not properly answered also not picked the phones. I have also written such so many kund of complaint mails on registered co.mail id but no any reply from them. My friend was also invested with me our account no. As 310784 & 310913. Plz help to get back our principle amount only.
Devendra joshi