Out of business Black Parrot (Blonde Bear) Silver Wolf Limited
Updated: Jun 5, 2022
TradesPrime is a forex broker. Trades Prime offers the MetaTrader 4 and Mobile forex online trading top platforms. offers over 45 forex pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.

September 2018:  Trades Prime is part of the Black Parrot/Blonde Bear group of companies.  This group has at least 5 FPA Traders Court guilty votes against them.  All companies in this group are hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.

The FPA warns traders not to do business with any company associated with the Black Parrot/Blonde Bear group.

June 2018:  There is now a second FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends extreme caution dealing with TradesPrime unless these issues can be resolved.
2018-04-13:  The Italian CONSOB has issued a warning against and  CLICK HERE to verify.
January 2018:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with Trades Prime until this issue is resolved.
TradesPrime is part of a group of websites tied to Black Parrot Limited and Blonde Bear OU. Sites which are part of this group include,,,,,,,,, and is also a member of Silver Wolf Limited group. Known members of this group include,,,,,,,,,,,
Website is down.  One less scam site in business.

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Vereeniging, South Africa,
Jun 3, 2022,


Got my mobile number. how I don't know. I don't have a facebook but the lady said that I have clicked on the Facebook add. Be Careful
United Kingdom,
May 26, 2018,
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Do not open an account with tradesprime if you want to live a happy and peaceful life. Opening an account with tradesprime, will do the opposite.

Issue escalated to Traders Court Abs1616 vs | GUILTY
What a pity that I cannot give this criminal company zero stars. Ah well, here's my story:

Avoid tradesprime and that is a must! They have stolen thousands of pounds from me without my authorisation and will make it very difficult (if not impossible for you to get that back). They ignored all my withdrawal requests since November 2017 and until today (in May 2018) I have received nothing from them. They call up everyday (mainly a lady called "Lara Mancini") who tells you that "you must invest and open up bitcoin" or to "use someone else's money or card". After hearing that I am like: What on Earth is this? It was the same story each day. What drives me mental is that this "Lara Mancini" calls you more than 5 times a day and asking for more money. However, when you want to withdraw they are gone. Absolutely pathetic to say the least.

You cannot even call them because each time you do so their phone rings for 3 - 59 seconds and then gets cut off, no matter how many times you try. They get very aggressive when you refuse to deposit more money and start shouting at you on the phone. They also try to deceive you with a "bonus" and "say it's only for you". If a FOREX broker offers a bonus on their website (then don't deal with them). They have also asked me for my password (which is illegal). They also ask you to sign "card verification documents" to make it nearly impossible for you to get your money back from the bank once you discover that they are a scam. If you get these documents - You must NOT sign them! Signing them is like signing up for months' worth of brutal torture that will waste your time when can be focusing on other things (e.g. Improving your trading strategy).

They also ask you to get your friends to open up an account with Tradesprime and deposit money (so they can maximise their stealing potential). "Stefano Di Luca" is the one always asking for the new clients (so he can steal their money). They claim to be "Italian", but they are not they are Russian and based either in Germany or Estonia. They have 4 bank accounts and prefer you to do a wire transfer rather than a card order (to make it even harder to get your money back). Plus when you go back to the bank and do a chargeback they say to the bank: "The client had the opportunity to request a withdrawal which is something he did NOT do for these funds". Well, sorry to break it to you Tradesprime but I have plenty of evidence that I did just that ;)

In all seriousness, please avoid these criminals like the plague they have wasted so much of my time and hard earned money it is simply not worth the hassle or the heart-ache. Because of this it has harmed my trading career and other aspects in life. These criminals have blood on their hands and stolen tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds. I just pray that someone catches these guys before they do anymore damage. Enough is enough!

My best advice is to NOT open an account with them because if you do its game over. If you have opened an account (then there is no way you can close, it will stay there forever and all the information about you will be there for them to mess about with). Ah that reminds me... I had to close my bank account(s) with the associated cards to prevent them from ever stealing again. If you have not done so, then make sure you do so now... If you want to get your money back then expect a very long hard battle that will last for months on end (and may not yield any fruitful results). I have suffering from this horrible issue for nearly 7 months and it does not look like it will end anytime soon. If you want to fight, then do so. However, expect to be under stress, worry and pressure day-in, day-out for months. I am sorry if this is lengthy for a review, but people need to know the huge and phenomenal injustice that I and 6 other people have been through. Plus I do not want any other person to go through this issue. Just bear something in mind, these criminals have the technology to record your card details or intercept them when you shield those details on your card. This allows them to take out money without your authorisation and they will also forge your signature onto these documents if you refuse to sign them.

So to sum it all up, you are royally screwed in every way imaginable when dealing with tradesprime. If you are reading this (and you have an account with tradesprime) then good luck - because you are going to a miracle...
yorkshire, United Kingdom,
Feb 1, 2018,
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tradesprime rip off

stay clear its a scam you CANNOT withdraw your money Lara Mancini in this case an Italian investor has stolen tens of thousands of pounds !
Jan 5, 2018,
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Horrible customer support, they won't withdraw money either.

Issue escalated to Traders Court Silvemau vs | GUILTY
Unable to withdraw money from them. Customer support won't answer. Many promises were made but they were undelivered. Many lies as well (such as saying a higher minimum deposit than what it actually is).

Possible scam? Maybe. So far I am fearing I've lost my deposit.
Avoid this company like the plague.

Check the full thread of the case here: