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TradeInvest90 is a forex broker.,Trade Invest 90 offers the tradeinvest90 forex trading platform. offers over 50 forex currency pairs, cfds, binary option, stocks, commodities, indices, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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Traders Reviews

Cape Town, South Africa,
Nov 7, 2018,

Never invest with them

The agent is out scam you and the auto trade the agent told me about never excited. I lost all my money. Threw them stay away from them. No support group. For small guys.
Neil coulthard,
Uk, United Kingdom,
Sep 3, 2018,

I wish I'd read all the terrible reviews about trade invest first, put £250 in and was making OK profit, then Sam Penrose calls, convinced me to put in extra funds, like a fool I gave him my bank details, told him to take £1000, he took £1750, then get a call to say he's been called to a family emergency, lost £2000 in total, DO NOT INVEST WITH TRADEINVEST90
Zürich, Switzerland,
Mar 27, 2018,
Registered user

dont use it

they dont pay me out
1.) only the same answer, "payment is being processed"
2.) after they canceled the withadrawal in "Not accepted", and the commision is deducted
3.) only same answer, you have do make a new withadrawal.
4.) same process starting again
London, United Kingdom,
Mar 22, 2018,
Registered user

I deposited £1000 to TradeInvest90 to try my hand at trading online as a complete novice.

I was appointed Nigel Duncan as my trading specialist. Every trade he told me to make went in the opposite direction and lost me money. He even gave me a wrong figure by mistake (his own admittance) to enter in the stop loss resulting in immediate closure of the trade losing over £200.

In a frantic phone call he offered me a bonus to match if i deposited again. I deposited a further £2000, for which i received only a £1000 bonus. I did this with the intention of withdrawing at a later date, not knowing that the bonus had to be earned accumulating a huge amount of points on trades.
A few more bad trades later i was told I’ve been unlucky but we can claw back losses and offered another bonus for a further deposit of £750. I did so as i could not afford to lose funds so far.

I then was contacted by a different trading specialist called Sam Penrose. He informed me that Nigel Duncan had been moved to another department as he was no good at his job and he will be guiding me from now on. Then told me a day later that Nigel been sacked (which I don’t believe) and to forget about him and move forward now.

My bonuses were then cancelled off my account without warning. When i asked Sam why he told me that the FSA had now made bonuses illegal in the UK as it ties traders in to the company so everyone had lost their bonus, and that i was better off anyway as it’s not real money and having that bonus there would stop me making any withdrawals. This left my account in a very bad position and he advised me to deposit more funds to protect the balance i had left (Approx £800). I did so and deposited a further £250 and closed the trades he advised me to, and sat and waited as he suggested i should until the remaining trades are back in the green. The trades continued closing and he advised me to deposit again, which i refused.

I made it clear from day 1 that I could only afford to lose £1000 and I ended up losing £5000. I am now left with £12 in my account which I can’t even withdraw as there is a £30 withdrawal charge!

I have since found out that this company is unlicensed and based in Samoa (although they make out they are based in the UK) and I’m not the only person this has happened to.

I feel I have been totally scammed by this company and have left myself financially in trouble.

I have printed all conversations from Skype i had with Nigel and Sam, and also printed off every transaction from my account (incase they close it without warning)

I have initiated a chargeback request through my bank today but am not hopeful as I voluntarily made the deposits.

MALMESBURY, South Africa,
Feb 20, 2018,
Registered user


Looking for Neil Jordan for two weeks now, He is not responding to many emails and live chat messages, Cannot withdraw my money!!
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 30, 2018,
Registered user


For the first time without reviewing I started trading with tradeinvest90. First day account manager made +10% profit and advised to deposit £10k to make it easy for trading. I didn't want to do...then he came down to £3.5k. I was still not happy to invest that much. I said will try with £1k. He was not happy but next day he called back saying to start off with £1k. I was almost tempted and was going to deposit money. After reading some of the reviews I decided to first check the withdrawal process before investing more. I sent a withdrawal request. There shows the actual face of the company. Account manager was so rude and wanted to check why I want to withdraw and that I wasted his time to create the profit on day 1. I didn't ask him to help in the first place. After little discussion he said do what ever you want with your money and don't come back. But my withdrawal request was not approved. I submitted 3 requests so far and it gets rejected every time. My money is held up there and without any transactions the amount available keeps getting lower. DON'T KNOW WHY. I sent emails replies. No one answers the phone.

Total SCAM. I feel that it's not going to come back. At least I am happy that I didn't deposit more...
Be aware and please don't be foolish like me ....
Pimpernell, United Kingdom,
Jan 22, 2018,

Total Scumbags

As soon as you attempt to withdraw your money this company will change the position of your open trades to magically create an exposure / loss scenario that is almost exactly equal to the value of funds you have on deposit. This is then put forwards as a legitimate reason not to return your money. Avoid at all costs.
New Zealand,
Jan 14, 2018,
Registered user

TRADEINVEST90 new owner PATRIK KIRCH = 6 OCTOBER 2017 = ADMIN = / Hosted by Digital Ocean Inc BEN URETSY = ABUSE@DIGITALOCEAN.COM....I sent a Email to PATRIK KIRCH 11 January 2018 about the Tradeinvest90 Scam of 21 December 2017 upon myself as the 2 x Emails received from BEN GOODMAN {account manager} December 2017 Say = YOU ARE IN A GOOD POSITION {2} WE NEED TO TALK {which I didn't} as my 6000 RIPPLE XRP COIN Ihad bought since being a client 29 November 2017 were on HOLD rg : NOT FOR SALE ;as today are worth USD $ 16;000.00 and I had never used the CRYPTOROBOT365 ; but I alledge BEN GOODMAN went ahead anyway to clean me out on the 21 DEcember 2017 as is TRADEINVEST90 practice to do to clients and not payout or refund $$ money except I put USD $250.00 back on account which had been PENDING PAYOUT since 2 JANUARY 2018 for 9 days ; then Surprise the WITHDRAWAL REQUEST was actioned an put in my Bank Account 13 JANUARY 2018 of USD $219.52 as fee deducted ONLY A FEW DAYS AFTER I SENT Email TO THE owner PATRIK KIRCH ....NEW YORK although from GERMANY...So it is possible to obtain a Withdrawal from TRADEINVEST90,,, ...hope this advice helps
Riga, Latvia,
Jan 7, 2018,
Registered user

Tradeinvest90 is scam

I opened an account with TradeInvest90, and in three days I deposited 7000€. I got a telcon by Ben Goodman, trading agent in TradeInvest90, he drove my investment, so cleverly to reach in few days a loss of more than 800€, and then, they closed all the positions and my money disappeared. Fortunately I had screenshots of the positions, so I could file a report to Police, and started a chargeback procedure with my Bank. I don't know what will happen, but, for sure I will use all the means to lead those gentlemen to their destination: Jail.
Beware: any money with them will go lost, and, moreover, discussing with a polige officer, expert in cyber crimes, he added that no effective trade is ever done on their platform, since it is a demo platform, not connected with any financial bench. Stay at large!!!
Dec 5, 2017,
Registered user

I open an account. After opening the account they call immediately. I invested 250 € but now they are not taking my call or calling me back if i send call request. I give a withdrawal request but it's not giving my money back as well. Stupid thing is when you want to withdraw your money they charge 30€ fee. I think is brocker is scam.