Perfect Trend System Review

4.726 · 104 REVIEWS

Mike Semlitsch

FXsolutions UG (haftfungsbeschränkt)

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Perfect Trend System
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Established: 2013
Contact:, 0170/1130906

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4.726 · 104 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Watford, United Kingdom,
Nov 15, 2019,
Registered user

Slow but Solid

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

It has taken me 2 weeks to understand this EA but now I am making profits and next week I expect to make back the investment I made in the product in trades. I am only using a small % of the power of this EA but that is certainly good enough to justify the initial expense.
istanbul, Turkey,
Mar 13, 2020,
Registered user

3 bar Strike

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

All system designed very well .tons of metatrader software out there with low quality codes.some of few guys like mike cleverly,designed approach like this .I recommended use 3 bar strike correct trend direction you ll see how work .I can say dont use alone .Add own manual trade system use it together .
Illinois, USA,
May 31, 2020,
Registered user

The indicator is a must buy product for your trading

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I did first used the free version to see how it works and how accurate the trades are, i must say it did its job the finest way... I took 2 trades and both hit the TP and that when I decided to buy the full version which scans all pairs. I love this indicator. This will really help me in taking some good trades. I would give overall 4 stars for the product. i was just upset that I din't get a reply from the seller when I had few concerns before purchase but still it worked out by doing some R and D.
Zuid Holland, Netherlands,
Sep 21, 2019,
Registered user

v-power trading system and 3 line strike

Service use: Live

Length of use: Have not used

By looking at the chart for setups by using trendlines and comparing from h1 to h4.
For the best profitabele setups, u can setup the v-power trading system to wait for the signal to come. With good discipline and using the rules from mikes website in combination with the trendlines. You mostly come in a big value trading bet.

Mikes website is a must to learn all the inside out of the market and the v power trading system itself. Also the 3 line strike is a indicator what i like very much, on days when i only want to concentrate on that indicator because its very simple to trade with and can be very profitabele if you use it right.

I like all his indicators but you can not use them all at the same if you do not want to overtrade or get confuse, most days i like to trade with the help of the v power, put on some days i feel the need to trade with the 3 line strike to mix my trading.

wish you all the best with mikes trading indicators

best greetings

Michael van der Kruk
Ancash, Peru,
Jun 19, 2020,
Registered user

El Principiante

Service use: Other

Length of use: over 1 Year

The systems or indicators implemented by Mike or by PerfectTrendSystem, are too useful for those with or without experience in the currency markets, for my part I have been able to acquire the following systems
PST_ DoubleTopBottom
PST_Alert_ DoubleTopBottom
The indicated systems have given me clearer knowledge of the currency market, because previously, I was very confused to see the manipulations that large banks do or (smart money as Mike calls it), little by little I am perfecting myself with the tools Mike, I hope to improve myself soon.
In fact, I am going to suggest to Mike, if they can develop a PST_Alert_Gatillos, which consists of identifying Trigger candles in different time frames, a system that can identify all trigger candles such as: Pinbar, Envelope, External, Internal etc. , etc. This system will be very helpful for merchants, similar to the PST_MACD_Divergence_box_alert, but the suggestion is to have a Box of all triggers at various times, to identify quickly.
Warri, Nigeria,
Sep 1, 2020,
Registered user

Pts alerter 3linestrike

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

My name is Daniel orogun from Nigeria tested the software on my live account and to me it's good compared to other software I have bought. It's meets what I require it for.
Lisboa, Portugal,
May 13, 2020,
Registered user

Dont worth the money

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

1 - Dont be fooled by the 5 stars rating because Mike is giving one more license if you do here a 5 stars review, very bad if the product was good he didint need this. 0 STARS

2 - If you want explanations about the product nobody reply to your emails or messages. 0 STARS

3- After you buy the product it´s dificult to have help and most of the times you have to ask 2 or 3 times. 0 STARS

4- The community is poor and toxic , dont help new members they say go read the site. The only thing they do is show the pips they made , a bunch of show offs. 0 STARS

5- Most of the TA is about steeper trende lines , gaps and divergences , V power is very rare. 0 Stars

6- The scanners are good and helpfull but you can find 2 or 3 for free in the internet. 2 STARS.

7- Andro posted good TA for free and Mike monetized that work. 0 STARS

8- Andro is a great guy , he help people in everything. 5 STARS

9- Thorsten post good setups for the next day ( maybe Mike will monetize this to) and is a great guy. 5 Stars

10- V power is very subjective and the tool dont worth the money. Like somebody said one day in the stock market: " here came the V tards". 0 Stars

So the average is 1 STAR.

Go buy EWHARMONICS great support and tool.
Adelaide, Australia,
Mar 8, 2020,
Registered user

Total useless product

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Positive reviews are obtained by some offer provided by seller.
Each subscribers are pushed to a telegram channel some of them stays there for a while and quit.
Author actually makes the things complex.
so don't waste your time & money
Reply by PerfectTrendSystem submitted Mar 13, 2020:
Dear Airone,

I'm sorry that our product does not suit you.

We are doing our best to educate our members with publicly available information, as well as 2 weekly emails and constant guidance in the telegram groups.

One of our members recently got a prop trader at the prop trading company FTMO (the link is on the website). He managed to fulfill all necessary requirements while he traded with our V-Power system. Many other members also report success with our systems. I traded successfully during 12 months in front of hundreds of members in the private V-Power group (the link to the verified account is also on the website). So even if my explanations on the website sound complicated, there seems to be something of value in it. Otherwise we would not get those results.

To be honest, I don't think that there is an easy way to win in the financial markets as a trader. I have done my best to explain complex things as easy as possible. It pays to digest that information even it takes several weeks or months. The amount of time highly depends on the previous trading experience.

Best regards
Mike Semlitsch
Bratislava, Slovakia,
Jul 6, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Signals didnt reach TP, a it goes always in oposite trend. Didnt receive my money which he Guarantee
Reply by PerfectTrendSystem submitted Jul 8, 2020:
This is either a review from a competitor or from a customer who ignored everything that I wrote on the website and in the learning material.

1. We don't provide a target price with our signals. So, his statement "didn't reach TP" is simply not true. We teach our members how to trade based on the mechanically generated signals. We have members with a verified track record of 1+ years who trade with 80% winning percentage. We have also members who successfully applied as a prop trader at FTMO and are now managing money from investors.

2. We always act according to our refund policy. I searched the ticketsystem for the word "charon" and couldn't find one single ticket. So if you are a genuine customer and didn't contact our support then you can still write us and we will check your case.
Stockholm, Sweden,
Jul 18, 2020,
Registered user

The ADMIN of their private V-Power group are lower than pond scum!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I will give you a review based on unethical behaviours from the admin and possible the owner.

This group only want to sell their indicators which many can be found free over at MQL5. (Like the MTF MACD -> just one of many. Just alter it so it show H4 on other TF as MA strength and call it MACD so newbies can figure it out. Smart. No illegal, but unethical.

Always new indicators re-created from already free. They should be free. But this company use thier V-Power EA ( Is great, and not a ripoff for sure.) As a way to make the free/paid indicators look good.

So now back what happen. All I did was to provide free content in how to effectively enter these V-Power trades. I never have, or will sell anything.

For the NON Customer you should be aware that nowdays you have to check a gazillion of rules to use The V-Power Auto-Entry funtion (needs manual activation in the EA). And make it so complex so newbies just have to buy all these indicators.

This free content gave the members an optional entry system. (Exactly like the admins do in the group).

I was was contacted (Once) by one of the admin's (Not the owner). Saying "that you talk about (Non Indicator they sell in your video)". And that is not part of "Mike's Indicators" no sell, no mention.

So I said: OK! I will stop talk about anything not related. And it could have been all good from there. BUT instead this admin now blocked this member and removed all his posts.

So PTS is not what is once was. Like all system sellers, and con-educators they only care to sell, and make money. Not to teach and improve members knowledge. And if there comes any threat to their cashflow. They ban and block and delete that person.

If you like to use an EA with many manual steps to re-actiate alerts/entry and, check rules and try to figure out why trades didnt went right based on this con-admin who post his charts with lines all over it. Then The V-Power is for you. Is not much Automated. Is an order placer basically.

BUT V-Power is good when you do understand the basics. So is sad that they have lower than pond scum admins who decide to block and delete members who did NOTHING but trying to provide value.

If you want to keep being dependant of indicator hell, and make other people profits. Then I would say this is an excellent Business to Join!

Several members have contacted me and say they can't believe what they saw. And of course ask for my videos as they where only there to help. But I understand is not welcome so I left.
Reply by PerfectTrendSystem submitted Jul 22, 2020:
Hi Daniel,

first of all thank you for your statement that our V-Power EA is great :)

And thank you for the great review that you posted in 2018 ( about my trading method:

"Excellent post and idea. Been following you for awhile. As the method fit well with my own Market Maker Method with false breakouts and re-tests I think this is a GEM everyone should watch and learn how to identify the best turns with TL breaks and long wicks."

Now to your other points:

As far as I got informed, the thing that made you angry was that the admin of the private V-Power group asked you to stop posting videos and screenshots that were not related to our trading method. After the admin chatted with you several times you didn't stop posting these things. The admin then put you in read-only mode. So you were no longer able to post in the group. After that you requested your money back which you received immediately.

As far as I can see, olny your ego got hurt by putting you in read only-mode. Nothing else happened.

We know us since 2018. You were a member of the public V-Power group. We chatted a lot.

Back in 2018 I already explained to you that educating a lot of traders (groups) is a tough job. Most people have little trading experience. They need a clear guidance with no distraction. We need to repeat and teach the same things over and over again. You can't bombard them with 1000 different new ideas. Therefore, I forbade you back in 2018 to post any unrelated videos or other trading material in my groups.

Then you left the public group in 2018. I heard nothing from you since then.

Now in July 2020 you deciced to purchase V-Power and join the private group. You immediately started to post unrelated videos and other material again. The same problem occurred as in 2018. You confused every new member with unrelated postings/material etc. That was the reason why the admin set you in read-only mode.

Everything else that you wrote in your review here on FPA about the company is only an attempt make me pay for your anger. And the claims are complete nonsense.

I can show to you that you even don't understand the purpose of the simple MACD MTF indicator that you mentioned in your review here on FPA. This indicator always shows the values of the reference timeframe that you configure e.g. to h4. It will then always show the values of the timeframe H4 even if you switch to H1, M30, M15, M5 or M1. With that logic you can do the entry timing on lower timeframes while you have always the values from H4 on the chart.

You are saying that you can do the same thing with the normal free MACD indicator by changing the parameters. This is nonsense. This would be completely unpractical because you would need to change the parameters of the MACD indicator every time you switch to another timeframe. If you switch from H4 to H1 you would need to multiply the values of the parameters with 4. If you switch to M30 then you need to multiple with 8. If you switch to M15 then you need to multiply with 16. And it gets even more fun with M5 and M1. Who on earth would like to do this manual calculation and changing of the indicator settings everytime he switches the timeframe?? So what you are talking is complete nonsense. It can NOT be done with the free MACD indicator.

Ah yes, and the price of my MACD MTF indicator is only 20 bucks. That is a tiny price for a useful trading tool.

And about my other helper indicators which support the 3 main trading systems:

E.g. most people can't detect regular divergences. Therefore, we developed an indicator and an alerter for the regular divegences. Now when they see the divegences on the chart drawn by the indicator, only then they start learning how to detect them visually.

The same is true for support/resistance levels. Most people don't know what "untouched" support/resistance levels are. I explained the concept with a complete blog post and detailed screenshots. But from the feedback while teaching thousands of traders, most people can not translate a written concept like "untouched support/resistance" that was explained in detail in a blog post into a live chart during their live trading. They need guidance from an indicator. They learn from the drawings of the indicator. Maybe later they will understand the concept completely and could do it without an indicator.

You were 2 years away from the community. During this time members produced a track record of 1+ year while they traded our concepts and trading methods. Others have successfully applied at the prop trading firm FTMO and they are now managing money from investors. Therefore, our trading methods and teaching methods work very good for many traders.

You are a good trader Daniel. I'd appreciate that you try to build your own community and try to teach people with your own trading style. Then you will see how other people who post unrelated material will distract people and diminish the success of your members.

Cheers Mike

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What is PerfectTrendSystem?

PerfectTrendSystem is a forex software company founded by Mike Semlitsch.

PerfectTrendSystem sells indicators and EAs.

Are PerfectTrendSystem's indicators good?

Unbiased users reviews on ForexPeaceArmy is the best way to answer if PerfectTrendSystem offers good indicators.

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Are PerfectTrendSystem's indicators free?

The indicators and EAs offered by PerfectTrendSystems are not free, they are charged on a one-time fee.