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Updated: Aug 13, 2018
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Aug 10, 2018,
Registered user

STAY AWAY from Robert Halterman and Chakra Capital Group ***100% SCAM***

"Robert Halterman" or "Chakra Capital Group" is a complete scam. Robert walks around Facebook acting all tough and trying to bust Forex scams when in reality he is one himself.

I have invested into a total of 3 different accounts which all ended the same way - $0 balance.

The most recent account was his "Chakra Capital MAM" account that was with FX Choice and an unverified myfx book that showed several hundred % return. After talking to Robert before investing (at this point already blew 2 accounts) he told me this account is low risk and made for long term investing. The account was completely blown in 7 months and ALL chakra capital myfx books deleted.

STAY away from Robert Halterman and Chakra Capital group, although it may appear he is a scam busting forex pro he is far from it. He cannot trade. Myself and several others I know have lost thousands in his accounts.

Here is his most recent attempt to turn $500 into $1M in 90 days - how long will this myfx link be active?

Florida , USA,
Apr 19, 2018,

Scammed by Robert Halterman at Chakra Capital Group

Robert Halterman, President and Founder of “Chakra Capital Group” scammed me my friends and my family of our life savings.

I must say, this man is extremely convincing. He claims to have full proof of his profitability by providing a 3rd party tracking.

I just recently noticed that although he is using myFXbook 3rd party tracking for his trading, his track record is NOT VERIFIED!

I did not realize this until after investing and having others invest, including friends and family members..

When I found out about this tragedy, I contacted Robert immediately and was told that the configuration of 3rd party verification was in the process of completion.

He managed to talk me into investing a total of over $56,000 USD.

My friends and family invested even more, my uncle invested his life savings, a total of over $120,000 into a MAM account setup by Robert Halterman and after 3 weeks the account was gone.

It was my mistake to invest in this mans scam, I honestly thought he was offering a legit service by the way his Site was setup nice with MyFxBook links, but it turns out he was just another scam artist scum..

I am writing this review in hopes that anyone that researches the Name “Robert Halterman” or “Chakra Capital Group” will read this and realize the scammer that he is.