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ChakraCapitalGroup.com Review

Updated: Dec 11, 2018
2.766 · 6 REVIEWS
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.


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ChakraCapitalGroup.com profile provided by Robert Halterman, Dec 6, 2018

Company is DOWN. No longer in service. ...


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2.766 · 6 REVIEWS
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Minnesota, USA,
Nov 25, 2018,
Registered user


Funny how his only positive reviews were all on the same day. This means they are either FAKE or he asked friends to leave a review which is also fake. Robert hides behind his exposing image to hide the fact that he is actually not all that good of a trader or consistent over longer than several months. The person below is right when they say he deletes My fxbook accounts once the trade account goes south. You would think some one that has been trading and exposing for as long as him would have a longer track record whether positive or negative.

I was on his last MAM and it was horrible and the excuses he gives are bad I can't believe people follow and believe this guy. He was even sued by I Markets Live and the lawsuit is public domain that can be viewed and you can see that he admits to being poor and having no money or assets to his name. What kind of successful for-ex trader has no money or assets? A fake one. Be warned and do not fall for the whole transparent facade he puts up. He only shows positive My fxbooks and deletes negative ones and deletes and blocks any body that speaks out.
Reply by Robert Halterman submitted Dec 6, 2018:

First of all, those positive reviews are all real from clients who are on the MAM today. The Myfxbook link to my MAM is provide in the forum section of FPA.

Second, where is your proof of these allegations? Just what I thought...another broker hater. IML tried to sue me, and they lost. Judge threw out the lawsuit because it lacked merit. There was nothing to sue me for.

Anyways, feel free to share REAL EVIDENCE of wrongdoing in the forum.

Have a nice day!!
Nov 4, 2018,
Registered user

I've known Robert for years now and so far he has been transparent on every product /action he's done. Nowadays people blame their losses on their brokerages / service providers rather than accepting it was their responsibility.

To me he has been one of the very few mentors in the Forex industry able to analyze the market from a different perspective, compared to what most of the mass does wrong.

I understand he might be a target from many of retail companies after realizing he's recently exposed many frauds in the industry. I'm pretty sure he's saved many people's savings providing transparent information on what to really expect from the market and it's sorroundings.

Forex is a very opaque business and only the few people able to comprehend it will survive.
Nov 4, 2018,
Registered user

Honest businessman..transparent..great trader. I’m happy to be back on his second MAM.
Nov 4, 2018,
Registered user

Satisfied Investor

Very pleased with the results of investing in ChakraCapital's MAM. My mind is at ease knowing my capital is being compounded safely in the hands of a professional.

Since my initial deposit I have seen 25% growth this week. Will continue to monitor the success of ChakraCapital.
Aug 10, 2018,
Registered user

STAY AWAY from Robert Halterman and Chakra Capital Group ***100% SCAM***

"Robert Halterman" or "Chakra Capital Group" is a complete scam. Robert walks around Facebook acting all tough and trying to bust Forex scams when in reality he is one himself.

I have invested into a total of 3 different accounts which all ended the same way - $0 balance.

The most recent account was his "Chakra Capital MAM" account that was with FX Choice and an unverified myfx book that showed several hundred % return. After talking to Robert before investing (at this point already blew 2 accounts) he told me this account is low risk and made for long term investing. The account was completely blown in 7 months and ALL chakra capital myfx books deleted.

STAY away from Robert Halterman and Chakra Capital group, although it may appear he is a scam busting forex pro he is far from it. He cannot trade. Myself and several others I know have lost thousands in his accounts.

Here is his most recent attempt to turn $500 into $1M in 90 days - how long will this myfx link be active?

Reply by Robert Halterman submitted Sep 7, 2018:

You were never scammed. Where is the evidence?? You were on my Signal Start Beta for testing the auto trader, of which that blew eventually. You were refunded the fee and the subscription cost of Signal Start, and I didn't have to do that. As for the blown account, that's on you. What's the point of managing accounts if I have to refund clients for the loss??

Second, you had one account with me under MAM. Not 2 and not 3 in total. And yes, the MAM blew. That's no secret, and I openly admitted that on my public post on Facebook.

Side note: My 500 to 1 million challenge is my personal journey I'm sharing publicly. Who cares if I blow it. It's high risk, and I accept the fact I have a 50/50 chance to reaching $10k.

And yes, I do bust scams. All those guys I've exposed have real evidence of an actual scam. Blowing accounts is one thing, scamming people out of their money is another. Everyone knows Forex is risky investment, and you put in money you can afford to lose.

Get over yourself.
Florida , USA,
Apr 19, 2018,

Scammed by Robert Halterman at Chakra Capital Group

Robert Halterman, President and Founder of “Chakra Capital Group” scammed me my friends and my family of our life savings.

I must say, this man is extremely convincing. He claims to have full proof of his profitability by providing a 3rd party tracking.

I just recently noticed that although he is using myFXbook 3rd party tracking for his trading, his track record is NOT VERIFIED!

I did not realize this until after investing and having others invest, including friends and family members..

When I found out about this tragedy, I contacted Robert immediately and was told that the configuration of 3rd party verification was in the process of completion.

He managed to talk me into investing a total of over $56,000 USD.

My friends and family invested even more, my uncle invested his life savings, a total of over $120,000 into a MAM account setup by Robert Halterman and after 3 weeks the account was gone.

It was my mistake to invest in this mans scam, I honestly thought he was offering a legit service by the way his Site was setup nice with MyFxBook links, but it turns out he was just another scam artist scum..

I am writing this review in hopes that anyone that researches the Name “Robert Halterman” or “Chakra Capital Group” will read this and realize the scammer that he is.
Reply by Robert Halterman submitted Sep 7, 2018:

I never had a client by the name of "James" on my personal management nor on the MAM with Fx Choice. I have the whole list of clients in the backoffice.

You were never scammed by me. And I find it ironic you did not provide a shred of evidence in your review here which makes me believe you're here to troll and taint my reputation.

Yes, the MAM blew. It had a good run in the beginning, but it still blew. That's no secret. I made a statement regarding my blown MAM on a public post: https://www.facebook.com/savageFX007/posts/415165089009096

It's people like you who cry a river thinking they got scammed. If you were on my MAM, you were advised to withdrawal 20% of profits each week. If you did, you would have either finished at breakeven or accumulated a small profit overall. But we already know you're lying about being on my MAM or any sort of management so I'll stop feeding into your non-sense.