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Updated: Nov 6, 2018
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November 2018:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a high level of caution dealing with KayaFx unless this issue can be resolved.
March 2018:  The UK FCA has issued an unauthorized firm warning against KayaFX.  CLICK HERE to verify.
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KayaFX is a forex broker. Kaya FX offers the MetaTrader 4 and Mobile forex online trading top platforms. KayaFX.com offers over 50 forex pairs, indices, stocks, gold, silver,commodities and CFDs for your personal investment and trading options.


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2018-1592018-10-01Destiny'sChild vs Kayafx.comguilty


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0.934 · 23 REVIEWS
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Cape Town, South Africa,
Oct 23, 2018,
Registered user

Never trust Kaya fx

Nothing but a bunch of thieves,been trying to get my money out for 6 months and now they completely ignore me,what can I do.
Oct 19, 2018,
Registered user

New owner of KayaFX.com

Issue escalated to Traders Court Destiny'sChild vs Kayafx.com | GUILTY
This is to inform that according to KayaFX's website the company is no longer owned by GammaTech Services OÜ but new by:

AlphaTec LTD., Mazars House, Gelderd Road, LEEDS, England LS27 7JN

On the starting page, scroll down to the dark bar (PS: the dark bar is characteristic !)

Oct 1, 2018 - 1 Star I have invested 689.000 Euros and my account showed a total equity of 1.85Mio at the end of June 2018. I asked to withdraw part of the profit what got ignored and rejected. On 13 August a third of the profit got burned down by hundreds of negativ trades. My own withdraw requests have been ignored too. I made a recall through my bank for the last transfer and then was asked to cancel it by my broker James Dorn Zitzelsberger, followed by the headbroker Martin Roth and the company's CEO David Berg. Last asked me to cancel under the threat to freeze the account and that I would never see my invested money again. Since 29 August 2018 I cannot login the account anymore. It is the only time they did what they promised!!!!
I highly recommend everybody involved with KayaFX to copy each and every evidence that is of importance.

More. Community discussion of this issue >>

Dublin, Ireland,
Sep 26, 2018,

Kayafx scammers

Kayafx what a load of f*****s 250 euro gone. Like ao many reviews already they tried to get me to put more in then ignored my withdrawal requests then used my funds on dodgy trades until nothing was left . Then blocked my account because i sent a ton of messages and 1 night i submitted 1000 withdrawal requests . A bunch of liars and scammers someone should shut these down .i contacted my bank in case they try take money from me .i recommend doing this im gonna set up a facebook page or youtube channel.
O Card,
Sep 13, 2018,
Registered user


I've also been scamed by this band.
3250 eur than gone with the wind
Aug 19, 2018,
Registered user

I also fell for scammers KayaFX. They have a five-figure amount from me and I can't withdraw money. Now they make fictitious trades and burn the money. But the trading on the account is only a fake and fully nonsense. That's their usual trick. But they will get a lot of trouble with me. Kayafx is blacklisted by the FCA and a proven scam.

Aug 8, 2018 - 1 Star Everything was alright in the beginning. I started with an investment of 250 €, attracted by a newspaper article on the popular German TV show called "Cave of the Lions". In England the show is called Dragons' Den, in Australia Shark Tank. Today I know that the article was just a forgery of KAYAFX to bait people. The article said that it had managed to secure a limited number of trading venues in an online trading house. This is also suitable for people without experience. I got in and did (unfortunately).

Profits rises – mistrust grows
As profits soared, I was ready to invest more. After a short time I was at a good five-digit sum. All seems good, bit I was disturbed that I was persuaded by the online brokers to bigger an bigger invests. In addition they often asked If I do not know other people who wanted to invest their money with trading.
Special events
They have urged me to invest in a special, great event for more profit. „Best event ever,“ they said and actually only brokers reserved. It seemed to be really successful, the supposed profits were high. But all in all, it was too much. I became more suspicious. I researched deeper on the internet about Kayafx and the results were alarming. I decided to end the collaboration as soon as possible.
Withdraw money impossible

As soon as you want to withdraw money, the problem starts. They are trying to delay the payout date with flimsy justifications. If then the payday is, - for me it was July 27, 2018, nothing happens. Then they just keep trading on the account
- but you realize that they themselves are manipulating the sum. It is said that so much happens on the market that profits fall. It is fully nonsens.

Andrey Borgov and Andy Nicolas
... were my contact persons. Both speak English, Andrey with a slight accent. As long as things are going well, they are very friendly. That changes abruptly when you reclaim money. You get no money or only a small part of the sum.

Don't trust people from Kayafx!
Jochen Söldner,
Crailsheim, Germany,
Aug 15, 2018,

Betrüger und Diebe sind das

Do not invest in these brokers!
These are the biggest scammers and rip-offs!

My message to kayafx:
Mr. Bauer,
Her business attitude amazes me a lot!
Why are trades still running despite a payout request?
With an account value of € 339 I have on 24.07.18 the payment of € 300
I was confirmed this and a processing time of 5 working days confirmed.
I have not received my money until today!
However, as of August 10, my money was further speculated.
And strangely, only loss is generated.
A bottomless impudence is that after our phone call from yesterday
new trades were called which generated a total loss of € 129.
How can that be, we have clearly agreed by phone that no further trades should be generated!
I expect the promised payout of € 300 immediately!
The losses which were generated after the payment request are at their expense!
Jochen Söldner

Investieren Sie blos nicht in diese Broker!
Das sind die größten Betrüger und abzocker!

Meine Nachricht an kayafx:
Herr Bauer,
ihr Geschäftsgebaren verwundert mich doch sehr!
Warum werden trotz Auszahlungsanforderung weiterhin Trades ausgeführt?
Bei einem Kontowert von € 339 habe ich am 24.07.18 die Auszahlung von € 300
Mir wurde dies bestätigt und eine Bearbeitungszeit von 5 Werktagen bestätigt.
Mein Geld habe ich bis heute nicht erhalten!
Jedoch wurde ab 10. August mit meinem Geld weiter spekuliert.
Und seltsamer Weise nur noch Verlust generiert.
Ein bodenlose Frechheit ist, dass nach unserem Telefonat von Gestern
erneut neue Trades aufgerufen wurden welche dann insgesamt einen Verlust von € 129 generiert haben.
Wie kann das sein, wir haben telefonisch klar abgesprochen dass keine weiteren Trades erzeugt werden sollen!
Ich erwarte die zugesagte Auszahlung von € 300 umgehend!
Die Verluste welche nach der Auszahlungsanforderung erzeugt wurde gehen zu ihren Lasten!
Jochen Söldner
Dublin, Ireland,
Aug 11, 2018,

Kayafx scam

Kayafx. Im trying to withdraw from them 3 weeks . Ido not want to deposit more hahaha i can even get my initial 250 back . This company is a joke
mallorca, Spain,
Aug 11, 2018,
Registered user

Kaya FX Scam exposed

Kaya FX scam exposed here the video this video shows how they always find new excuses to blame the customer why the account crashed after the withdraw request they even admit that they stopped working after you don't want to invest further this company is a complete scam that doesn't even trade they steal your money soon as you transfer it its a scam beware!

hear the video from the english conversation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVci39UwonY&feature=youtu.be

and here the German one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVci39UwonY

May 22, 2018 - 1 Star Now almost 2 weeks after the last call from Kaya FX I didn't hear anything from Philipp, Brian, the support or anybody. I'm still waiting for my money but nothing so far, maybe they are all busy to set up Dojo FX and need to make up new names and stories for their brokers.

I will keep you all up to date if something happens and if I get my money back from Kaya FX / GammaTech.

May 16, 2018 - 1 Star Last week I was called by Brian, another guy from Kayafx. He tried to blackmail me, I should cancel the recall from my Bank, otherwise I do not get any money back. Philipp Schmidt, who was my broker, interrupted the call several times and defended all what he had done with my money ( lost of nearly 18.000€ ). They talked to me 1h, 30 min.
with no result. They persist that it was just bad trades and they didnt do anything wrong. It was all my fault, because I didnt want to invest more.
When I wanted to withdraw my profit, they scammed me the same way the other clients were scammed: they burned my account. These people stole my money and they are still trying to find reasons, that it was my own fault. Philip still wanted me to let him work as my broker, but after what had happenrd that is a effrontery.

Apr 10, 2018 - 1 Star I already made a complaint at the police. If all victims of their scam do the same, there must be a few hundred complains, so the authorities have to react, before they disappear with all our money.

Apr 9, 2018 - 1 Star Please publish the name of your broker and try to describe him, e.g. something remarkable about him, did he have an accent, … My broker, Philipp Schmidt, talked to me in German with a Turkish or Arabian accent.

Mar 31, 2018 - 1 Star Kayafx is a big scam. First you get a call. In my case it was Philipp Schmidt, who is the senior account manager and head of the German desk. He introduced himself: 42 years old, divorced. His mother is a German, his father is Arabian. He tried to get my confidence. Then a promised me high profit, but he needs more money to start.
At the end of the call he had 2.000 Euros from my credit card. Some days later he wanted me to install anydesk, so he could lock into my PC and do all necessary steps without me. I did not do that. - After the first week I had really made much profit. Philipp said I should transfer 20.000€ for an event. that was 100% safe. I transferred 16.000€. At the same time I filled a withdraw request, to take some money back, but I did not get this money. I filled a second, a third, a fourth
request. Without any success. I complained. Philipp talked to me in a never ending long call, but there was no explanation for the missing transfer. Instead he wanted 30.000€, and he was pushing me to transfer it fast. I did not transfer more money, so he did not make a single trade for a week. He did not answer the question why he didnt do his job as a brooker and let my money get more, instead of always asking me to invest more. A few days later when he recognized I really didn t transfer the 30.000€ he placed negative trades and started to loose my money. I told him, his colleague, the support, everyone to stop trading, but they ignored it. They even continued to place trades the next day. They ignored my order to stop trading, they ignored my withdraw request, when I tried to save the rest of the money. They stopped when my account was at Minus 2.700€.
And this is not the end. Although I lost 18.000€, Philipp wants me to trust him and transfer money.-
If you will be contacted by Kaya and they tell you that the people here are writing bad reviews because they are to stupid to do trading right or cant handle a normal loss on the market, or if you have any doubts that kaya is not a scam, please contact me. Do not invest a single penny.

Mar 27, 2018 - 1 Star KayaFx Philip Schmidt Scam Broker!
They do not pay any money back. I started with 250€. At once I got a call from Philipp Schmidt, the head of German counter to add several thousands more. I added 1.750€. With these 2.000€ I wanted to test the company. But Philipp called me each day several times. He talked and talked without an end. He talked about events that are bringing much money, e g. Fang. But I could not join with only 2.000€. At last he had 18.000€. I wanted to have the profit: 5.000 after the first week, 3.000 after some more days, ...Philipp sent me confirmations about the withdraw requests, but I never got a penny. I was alerted and told Philipp not to place any more trades, but he ignored my order. When I stopped to transfer more money Philipp burned my account. Every single trade was negative. I saw it on the PC and sent him a message to stop trading, but he continued and even continued the next day until there were Minus 2.700€. on my account. Since that time I did not get any call or message from he. He did never answer my mails.
Shereez Sallie,
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Aug 1, 2018,

Not allowing me to withdraw

I have over 14000 euros in my account and they aren't allowing me to withdraw. I'm not getting any joy. I've contacted them in every way and several times.
Mallorca, Spain,
Jul 27, 2018,
Registered user


If you invested with kaya and now searching the internet be 100% sure that they are a big scam your account makes profits long as they think you invest more but they are not withdrawable and existing only on their faked page. the comments on some pages tell always about nice profit but there just made up to catch more people who are thinking its a good investment. the Scam brokers there use names like Philip Schmidt John de Smit or Frank Hayes and are well-trained salesmen who even convince skeptical people to forget any care about investing money, even pushing people to get a loan to invest more and join the next event that gonna make them rich.