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Updated: Oct 22, 2019
0.622 · 18 REVIEWS
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December 2017-June 2018.  Multiple fake and highly suspicious positive reviews have been submitted for 365Markets.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

About 365Markets.com

365Markets is forex broker. 365 Markets offers the 365Markets trading currency platforms. 365Markets.com offers currency pairs, cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, stocks, indices,, commodities and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.


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0.622 · 18 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

England, United Kingdom,
Jun 23, 2019,

Incompetent account manager

Service use: Live

I would give it no stars because this company is worse than terrible and unethical doesn’t even begin to describe it.
A couple of the people I came into contact with over a six month period were helpful.
However, my equity reached over £9000. One of their brokers with whom I had never spoken, thought it would be a good idea, without discussion to sell my bitcoin and buy coffee, silver and other CFDs. There was insufficient margin. All trades closed straight away and they lost all my equity within seconds. They are refusing to give me an explanation. They are incompetent and dishonest.
Do not trade with this company.
Keith birtles,
United Kingdom,
Mar 24, 2019,

Big scam

Don't invest .unless you want to lose all your money proper scammers once you invest.that's the last you will see of your money these so called traders have been scamming people for years .
KL, Malaysia,
Feb 23, 2019,

could have been worse

Having made a $250 investment last year and unsuccessfully tried to get refunded I was contacted by a Daniel on 20/2/19 requesting upgrade and more funds to play with. Having further investigated and read comments I realized this is a total SCAM.He did as promised call me back 2 days later and I asked him how he felt before going to sleep in the knowledge he had financially ruing so many people. His anger manifested with a few F words and I reciprocated. Thanks to all contributors her for you words of caution...could have been a lot worse!
london, United Kingdom,
Jan 18, 2019,

scam artists do not invest a penny

I had the exact same bad experience as with the reviewers above, In one day I got 5 emails asking and pressing me to urgently deposit my money. SOmething felt wrong they worded the email 'URGENT' what is urgent about me depositing my deposit unless it's a scam.
So I finally deposited the money but before approving my account (they wanted a picture of my card front and back - again very fishy) ,..we googled the net and found all BAD SCAMMED reviews.. it's the newspaper article with Holly WIlloughby that lead people to this website - that article should be taken off the net. I feel sorry for vulnerable people who are being scammed here
I called my bank they said the money has not left yet as my account is not verified ...I will cancel and hopefully get the money back in time.

When I deposited the money I had a super unprofessional email from a guy saying nothing in the email but ' So, you want to make money'..

that woke me up and realised something very unprofessional is going on here, no professional account manager will address their client for the first time with that sort of language.

The head quarters is +3 dialling code in israel - again dodgy.
United Kingdom,
Jan 16, 2019,


365 markets are the biggest scam ever

They are located in Israel

34 Habarzel St (Buiding B 4th Floor)

Name of the company is Globe Technologies LTD ,the owner is criminal name Louis Guy Detata,
If you want your money back you will need to contact the bank and show them that you have been scammed (by the way they used to be in the past BINARY TILT a scam binary options company) show this to the bank and they will chargeback and give you a full refund
I hope this will help to destroy this thieves once and for all
UK, United Kingdom,
Oct 15, 2018,
Registered user

365 Markets is a SCAM Trading platform

Hi Guys
Please Please Do Not use 365 Markets for any form of trading, they are scammers, they will constantly call you to deposit more and more money it to your account.
You have to trade with your funds and turn it over up to 50 times or you will not be able to with draw it.
There trading platform is terrible, there is next to NO support.
I have been contacted every day from 5 different junier traders from 365 Markets almost demanding i deposit more and more funds to the account.
They will add funds to your account for you to trade with, but what they do not tell you is that you will NEVER receive any funds back from the account because you have to trade with those funds as well as your own funds for 50 times.
I am sure if you ever manage to speak to any one on the phone they do NOT even use the own names, i have spoken to the same person over 3 months and he has used a different name every time.
My best advice, NO NOT USE 365 Markets for trading.
I am also sure that 365 markets sets you up with a rouge trading platform, the funds you deposit they use them self to trade with, if you are able to work out there EVERY basic trading platform and are able to win a trade or two you still will not be able to with draw any funds.
They will set you up to loose any funds you deposit, trade with your balance with out your consent or even you knowing about it as they set you up with a fake trading account.
I have been set up with 3 different platforms from 365 markets and every time they change the platform you will loose all the trading info, ie your past trading history info.
I have even had a 365 market Trader on the phone requesting me to add more funds, i refused to add any more funds even though my account was in credit they changed my pass word so that i was unable to log in, i had several live trades open at that time that were doing really well.
My Advice DO NOT USE 365 Markets as a trading platform.
New Zealand,
Aug 31, 2018,

These guys are a bunch of scammers especially jack richards dont give them any of your money otherwise you will never see it again

This is not a false rating its what they did to me they maxed out my credit card without my ok.
singapore, Singapore,
Aug 14, 2018,

Update: Unreliable Company!! Trade at your own risk!!

Now is mid-August

It has been 53 business working days since my approval gotten approval on 30th May

No call from their so-call finance since 30th May.

Last email reply from the support team on 13th July. After that, nothing.

The support team is irresponsible and only perform lip service. Shame to Lea, Nick and Evelyn. These people at 365markets.com only waste customer time.

Aug 2, 2018 - 1 Star It is August 2018 and today is the 47th business working day since my withdrawal request was approved.

No one from Finance department called and all my emails were ignored or there are no replies from them regarding my withdrawal.

Just moments ago, jack from 365markets called me. However he does not want to address my issue nor update me of my withdrawal request. Instead he tried ways and means to make me place bets again. Super hard selling but I just replied NO. He kept asking why and my every reply to him was when can I get my money. Eventually he just said bye after running out of patience.

I am not angry or frustrated now. I just felt appalled that these people can still act this way despite some customers already knew they are just scammers with no trustworthiness or integrity. I felt sorry and sad for these people who does not feel a twinge of shame from their actions.

By the way, you will see that these people will reply most emails as a representative. These replies are all lip service. These emails are to create a false sense of truth that there are actions from their side but in fact there’s none. I just hope people are not so gullible to believe what they see.

Anyway, let’s continue to post more true accounts and warn other people.

Jul 20, 2018 - 1 Star It has been more than 30 days since my application to close the account and withdrawal of my funds are approved by 365markets. I have been sending countless reminder emails and every reply is to wait for the call from their finance department. Up till today, there is no call which i felt they are just ignoring any requests of withdrawal.

There is no integrity or trustworthiness in their words or dealings. If anyone want to invest, my advice is not to have any dealings with this company.

Jul 1, 2018 - 1 Star Be careful. Think twice if you are thinking of making a deposit. You may not get ANY money back.

My withdrawal request of US$1524 was approved on 30 May. Up till 01 Jul, I have not received any email or call from their finance department. Despite sending reminder emails every 2 days, every reply from the support department was to wait for the call from finance department

Here is my personal opinion;
Finance department: 1) Does not exist.
Support department: 1) Only force you to deposit more more money 2) Lack of market knowledge 3) Follow standard protocols when Q&A

Even though I am not optimistic of getting back my money, I am still sending reminder emails to them. Another action that I strongly recommend everybody to do is to provide more reviews on social media especially in countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. These are the countries which generally generate constant revenue for these websites.
Constable, South Africa,
Jul 12, 2018,

Horrible service

I signed up and made the deposit of $250. Looking to add an additional income to supplement my otherwise hard working life.

Received a call from a Jack Richard who dialed into my laptop and quickly ran over the look of the platform and made some comments on numbers, etc. Within 5 minutes he wanted me to open my internet banking to link payments, this all the while with him looking at my screen. feeling its not right I told him I am not willing to share banking details with him. He responded that it is no problem and then opened the deposit page on the webpage and started typing in an amount of $2500 to be deposited. He then said okay I must now deposit that amount. I requested that I would like to trade with the initial money first, get the return of the investment and then grow the portfolio. To this he replied that in that case he cannot help me, I am wasting his time if I dont deposit more money and I will not be assisted if I do not put in more money. This after a 5 minute tutorial meaning nothing. I insisted that he trade with the initial deposit to which he got agitated continuously saying that I am not serious and wasting his time and dropped the call.

So at this moment I do not know if I will get the money back or not, since obviously there is no customer service.
I do not know how people like Jack Richard and the rest of the 365markets team sleep at night knowing they are criminals. I wish some authority will step in and close them down. It will be a great day for society.

If you want please do give him a call to ask his opinion

365markets so called trader Jack Richard

Finland, Finland,
Jul 5, 2018,

Iam disappointed

I have had a very bad experience with 365 markets . They pushed me to deposit more money after I deposited the 250 dollars. I deposited another 1000 dollars because I thought I would generate some money since iam a stay at home home and my husband has no job. I even explained to the so called account manager my problem. To cut the story short iam waiting for my withdrawal of 1029.44 euros and that have refused to release it. Ian travelling soon and I need this money. I can never recommend anyone to trade with them.