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Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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Established: 2017
Contact: Info@tieronetrading.com
4.149 • 14 REVIEWS

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Henneman, USA,
Feb 15, 2021,

Okay if you want a massive distraction

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
They talk a good game, but I do not believe the coaches or students make money. So why a 3 star? The information is okay, you can really find it anywhere else on the internet. They package it pretty well to seem like it's professional training, but let's be honest, it's just the same stuff you get everywhere else, the trading psychology, the strategies that don't really work (even though they specifically claim they do) and all the other fun stuff. They do a good job with their marketing, that's why they get 3 stars from me. But with over 7,000 active members on their platform and charging an average price of $275 per month, these guys are raking in over 1.9 million a month... and over 23 million a year. So where do you think they're making all this "trading" money from. I don't believe the coaches actually trade, they can't even show you a live trade, let alone a live account with even $5 in it. Therefore I don't believe any of the "role-model" students are making money, they probably get a cut from that 23 milli to keep their mouth shut HAHAH. Don't take this as hate, believe it or not I trade U.S. Options and actually make money, I can show you me placing trades, my 1099 tax form net profits and a long activity log in my LIVE account. SO WHY ARE YOU TAKING A FOREX COURSE? Because I can bro lol, I wanted to believe that maybe these guys were serious, and they fooled me for a while but I believe they are just another trading "educator". You absolutely don't have to listen to me, but this is the reality.
Chicago, USA,
Aug 20, 2020,

This is all you need

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I've been trading for around 7 years on and off, here and there, a mix of technicals and fundamentals, mostly profitably, but with no plan, and in no way would've ever replaced my income. This platform has been more helpful than the endless youtube videos I have seen or articles I've read. I'm very thankful for having Akil and Jason, as well as others on the platform to answer questions. I'm more organized, I have a plan, and more confidence. No fluff, all valuable information here. Replacing my day job is now within reach and not unrealistic anymore.
hasan tuter
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 13, 2020,
Registered user

The previous negative Review was me that gave 1 star.

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I out of anger and and from negative experience from unethical educators who I lost money to took out my anger from all of my negative experience on TierOneTrading. The issue that I had was my fault and not theirs they are so honest and genuine and deserve more credit. The skills and education provided there is worth its weight in Gold, for new and experienced traders. The mentors there are amazing.

Aug 6, 2019 - 1 Star this trading school is not genuine, I have experienced very unethical behavior from the tier one group, be aware of this company. The information provided is nothing new and is available for free online.
I signed up for a month and they billed me for 2. I tried to get this resolved and they were super unhelpful and confrontational.
There were members that still didn't know how to trade and they were there for years. realised the content was not worth the monthly subscription and decided to cancel my 1 month membership and they charged me an extra 300 dollars for another month which I didnt want or need. deeply dissatisfied.
another scam type educational organization.
london, United Kingdom,
Mar 10, 2019,
Registered user

Simply The Best

This without doubt one of the best education platforms out there, there is an immense amount of content in the knowledge base and its always evolving. There are also 2 live trading rooms with a London session hosted by Jason Graystone and a New York session hosted by Akil Stokes. On top of that you have a QnA session on a monday and an Accountability session on a Friday. There are also great software tools if you need them plus trading ideas pumped out everyday. The trading community is immense with newbies right through to professional traders all joining in asking/answering questions. Both akil and Jason also put out educational videos on a daily basis with great nuggets of information in them. Its also been known to meet for a few beers every now n again :-) $1 for a 2 week trial. You will learn more in that 2 weeks than all the other so called educators pump out in 2 years.
Jamie O'Sullivan
Dec 15, 2018,
Registered user

The best trading education platform

Excellent platform. The best trading education company out there. The platform is full of quality material, changes your mindset for the better and will make you a CPT if you work hard. The community is key also, receiving advice from the senior traders on the platform & like-minded people who are willing to help, and getting coached by great traders in Akil & Jason and they are genuinely great people who want to see traders become successful.
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 23, 2018,
Registered user

This platform is golddust

Backstory: I decided to learn to trade full-time (May 2018). I discovered Tier One because I had seen a few videos of Akil on YouTube a while back and he was the only YouTuber that was genuine, transparent and knew what he was talking about. I signed up for a month membership, and yes I had that worry of 'oh what if I just waste money and this is no good' on the other side I thought 'what if this platform is all I need to become a consistently profitable trader'. The potential reward outweighed the risk. I have NOT looked back. I am SO pleased I decided to take that month membership, and after I signed up for an annual membership.
1. You actually learn HOW TO READ PRICE ACTION. I found when looking at other educators that the basics of 'forex' is taught, but I wanted to learn to understand what the chart was actually saying to me, not some wishy-washy generalisation nonsense. And the Price Action course covers this perfectly, I spent significant time going through this and practicing day after day.
2. The community of traders. All over the world, from consistently profitable professional traders to those beginning on their journey. These guys are the best, and have been happy to help me, with psychology, and questions about price action many many many times. It is a very friendly, and enjoyable place to be.
3. The live rooms: shows you what to expect as a trader. Jason and Akil go through their pairs, explaining the type of things they are looking for. This is NOT to copy them, but instead to see the process of trading. That it isn't some frantic 'buy, sell buy' from a movie, but there is a specific process they go through to trade. Both also make it entertaining with side topics i.e. wealth creation. It is also interactive which is a BIG YES. As you can ask questions etc.
4. The coaches, Akil and Jason are excellent. Yes they are great in terms of TEACHING coaches, but it goes beyond this. They are patient, if you do not understand something ask again and again and they will help you until you get it. They are transparent, they give you realistic expectations of becoming a trader (none of this get rich in a month nonsense). They are WILLING to give you their time if you work hard and take this seriously - contactable 24/7 (within reason!).
5. Q&A - Every Monday so you can ask for topics to be covered for Akil to go over, or what you want him to answer questions on. This has been my biggest go-to as a beginner. And Akil will sit there explaining until you understand it.
6. Accountability run by Jason. This was a game changer. I didn't even know the power of accountability until I did my session. It got my head in gear for trading and allowed me to get to know the community that bit better. Jason makes it comfortable and friendly - so if you go to do this nothing to be concerned with.



These guys are good!!!!!!! It is gold dust and I am so pleased I came across this early in my trading journey and didn’t waste time with scams. Everything you need to become a consistently profitable trader is there if YOU are willing to put the work in and do the reps on the charts.Thanks Jason, Akil & Darren for creating a blaster of a platform!
Oct 23, 2018,
Registered user

They way to become a consistent profitable trader!

The REAL deal!
Being coached by both Jason and Akil for more than 2 years has resulted in me becomming a independent Consistent Profitable Trader.
Not saying it's easy, not saying you do not have to MAKE it work, not saying you do not have to work hard: you DO. But with the help of TierOne you got EVERY reason to become a CPT yourself. There's zero excuse not to! :)
Oct 22, 2018,
Registered user

Great platform!

This is the best forex educational platform there is. The mentors are very helpfull and realistic. There are allot of scams on the internet letting you believe you will be a millionaire after 3 months. These guys are the opposite they really let you see what it takes to be consistently profitable trader. They answer each and every question you have. This platform also contains more financial education and wealth building strategies than only forex. A great platform! Just try it yourself for only 1 dollar !
Davy Theysmans
Oct 22, 2018,
Registered user

If you got this far you might as well read this. ;-)

After being on a journey in Forex land I came across one of Jason's many video's on the world wide web. Seeing it's raw power and potential but still sceptic as I am I went to consult Dr Google for reviews about their Tieronetrading website. My first search result brought me here. After reading all reviews and being sceptic I classed this as a potential scam. Flagged and put aside.

A few signal services, scams and Euro's later I was fed up with all of it but the market still appealed to me. Stumbled upon another video of Jason and I decided to reach out to him. We had an awesome chat about trading and everything around it and altough I wasn't a member he still put lots of effort and time in me. Feeling respected and wanted I went for the trial membership which was only 1$/2weeks. Two days in I went from being a trial member to a premium member! I knew straight away they were and still are the real deal. The way Akil Stokes and Graystone Jason teach are unseen! This is the first time I've seen such a transparency in a bussiness. We have live trading rooms daily in which we don't only talk about trading but everything that comes with it. We're seeing the way they get involved and see the losing trades as well. If you still think trading is only about winning and get rich quick schemes you might be in for a dissapointment but following a vast set of rules, mindset and determenation which you get thaught in the course you will get profitable! It's not only the mindblowing amount of courses that makes it stand out! For me it's the community. Like minded people who help eachother achieve greatness. I'm still taking steps in my journey but I just wish I joined them straight away instead of reading these awfull reviews sending me to lose lots of euro's. In the end of the day I think both Akil and Jason are the real deal! But don't just believe me. Come and have a look for yourself.
To quote an inspiration of me: "Plan your trade, trade your plan!"
Oct 7, 2018,
Registered user

I like them, I recommend them.. but don't take my word for it. Test them yourself.

I get asked to endorse many brokers, signal providers and educators but I can not in good faith endorse ANYONE with whom I have no personal contact or relationship with what they are selling. THESE GUYS WERE NO EXCEPTION.
However I can tell you that after personally spending months reviewing their web site and it's training content as well as interacting with them in real time in the live rooms, that these guys are legit as far as I can tell.
I am very impressed with what they are doing and I am not easily impressed. The shear volume of training videos and tools to use that are made available to the full subscriber is somewhat overwhelming at first.
I see other negative reviews on here that I can only assume have been made by competitors. I know of no other reason for such outrageous lies. However I DO NOT want you to trust tier one trading for anything that I have to say here. Instead I would recommend that you try limited access to their site for 1 dollar for 2 weeks.
Their refund and cancellation policies are at the bottom of EVERY page on the site. If after two weeks you think it is nothing more than a money grabbing scheme with no real trading educational value then by all means come back here and leave an honest review of your experience. Not just some claims with no details.
However if you think you got your dollars worth then come back here and share that also.
Make no mistake a full subscription is not inexpensive. However, if you apply what is taught at tier one, I think it is some of the best money you will ever spend on a forex education. In just the short time I've been there I have seen vast improvements in some traders as they progress through the course... But don't take my word for it.. spend a dollar and find out for yourself.
As far as the personal attacks on Akil Stokes and Darren Oglesbee.. they do not need me to defend them. Anyone that knows either of them knows their reputation for professionalism and honesty. Any one who would suggest otherwise only makes themselves look foolish.
I wish you all the best in your forex trading journey.... Pip pip..