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SoarFX is a forex broker. Soar FX offers the MT4, Web Trader and Mobile forex trading top platform. offers over 25 forex currency pairs, shares, indices, gold, silver, cfds and commodities for your personal investment and trading options.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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Yorkshire, United Kingdom,
Jun 18, 2018,
Registered user

Conned by soarfx don’t get involved with these people, they have false platforms they manipulate them take your money

I Deposited money with soarfx, I gave them authority to trade for me. Gains were made and I deposited more. The they convinced me to deposit more money for a quick play on Amazon profit announcement. They rang me and said my position was at risk I needed to deposit more. I did put more in. At this point I found FPA and found soar Fx was a scam or boiler house. I started asking for my money back once the amazon play made money. They told me I was in a pool of clients and a bot was making the trades and it wasn’t that easy to get to my funds. I carried on asking to withdraw funds but they said my account wasn’t doing to well I needed to find my account. I refused and told them I wanted some funds back. I noticed then that they had set the leverage to 1:1000 my account balance went from £17000 to minus £685 in days. I rang them and told them they were a boiler house scamm they said no we are a good company the market turned against you and you lost a bit of money on the market! We haven’t got your money it’s lost in the market .
Jan 30, 2018,
Registered user

SOAR FX. They are Thieves. They had stolen 10000 EUR from me in a week

This is a fake broker. they had stolen 10000 EUR from me. I never had the chance to get my money back. I discover in a week that is all a big scam. mr alex gustavsson , sebastian larson and lotta braganza had contact me from sweeden phone numbers and uk numbers. IS OWNED BY BLUESTAR INTERNATIONAL ACQUIRING LTD. the account were i had transfered is DENMARKhe account where i wire the money is BIA LTD NUMBER DNCS-20180107-IXN0-TXNO SP- 52292521-0

When i discover is all a big lie i confront them and they never call me or answer an email any more. i filled 3 request for withdraw the money (10000 our) on line but never got the money. is a fake broker, they claim to be offshore , they are unregulated so no records for the transactions they do in your account. Avoid them. they are Thieves
UK, United Kingdom,
Jan 5, 2018,

Very orgainsed frausters- Avoid (also operating as cryptorise)

Very orgainsed frausters- Avoid (also operating as cryptorise)

I was contacted by Soarfx agent last month (Mid November 2017) for forex and Bitcoin trading... I saw the advert on Facebook and signed up.

I was contacted by one "Mr Micheal Patrick" who is apparently a business sales manager with Soarfx and eventually an opened an account for me on their platform “ then he convinced me to make an initial deposit. via their online platform. He mentioned I would be contacted by a trading/account officer who will coach me and a compliance officer who will verify my identity.

A certain "Lotta Braganza" who is apparently the compliance officer contacted me via call and email to verify my identity (utility bill, drivers license, bank card & transfer details) for compliance reasons. She said this is due process and that they are regulated by the FSA so they have to ensure they have my correct identity before I could start trading. Lotta Braganza is apparently a lady.

After this I was able to start trading lessons and did my first trade via their platform. I was contacted

My account officer a one "Mr Christopher Churchill had a couple of sessions with me to teach me how to trade..

I made 4 different transactions to their account via their provided online transfer facility on their website. I traded on my opened account with them & and grew my portfolio as domiciled on their platform. I now know they are fake and manipulate their figures. To look genuine
When I was firstly contacted by Mr Micheal Patrick I could reach him on the number he called with 02031500619. But later on after my first deposit I noticed I could no longer call the number and also the advertised numbers on their website do not go through either. I emailed Michael Patrick and they said they are having IT issues with their phone numbers and that I can always reach via email as the best option and they will always call back.

Later on I noticed my account balance has been wiped out wiped out and reading €-37000 and I have no access to my money and no ability to trade and review my open bitcoin, litecoin or XRP trades.

I tried contacting their csm service agent online (as they claim to have agents on their website but the chat facility does not work and the numbers do not go through). I sent an email to Mr Churchill and to their csm service email but no response. I sent a reminder to Mr Churchill on Tuesday (19.12/17) Morning and he responded later in the day that it was IT issues..

On wednessday he said my account and balance has been restored however my account was in the red and my balance has grossly depleted. They seem to have manipulated the trades to their advantage.

I proceeded to try to withdraw my money from their website (as they provided a platform for withdrawal) and it will not even allow me.. I sent further emails and have not received any response. They can only call me via an apparent outbound UK number which I cannot call back..

They have since ignored my emails and refused to call me. I cannot withdraw my funds from their account they have apparently made away with my funds. I cannot call them on their advertised numbers...

02031500619 (used in calling me.. Michael Patrick and Christopher Churchill)
0046108848543 (Lotta Braganza used in calling me)
02921680230 (As advertised on their website)
07513110195 (As advertised on their website)

also operating as cryptorise