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Updated: Mar 3, 2024
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Ankara, Turkey,
Dec 8, 2023,
Registered user

Cannot withdraw from my Exodus wallet

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I have been using Exodus wallet for around 3 years. Once I lost my password and wrote them, I got very quick responses explaining why I should forget about my coins. Luckily, I found my password later and kept using the wallet.
Last weekend, I tried to use mobile app to send Zcash to my Binance account. When I click withdraw, the app is stuck there and close automatically.
Then I decided to use web wallet, I could not find Zcash there.
Then lastly, I decided to use desktop version. I found my $ZEC there and tried to withdraw. Then software crashed many times, showed me an error code.
I sent this code to exodus support. The support wrote me lots of times many years ago when I lost my pass, convincing me to forget about it, did not even get in contact me yet for 4 days.
Then I wrote it to some other review site and they turned me like nothing happened and wrote that the problem was caused I had mining gains on my account. I said it was not mining and they were rewards and all they suggested is sending ZEC partially with minimal amount. When I do that, it did not work too but even it worked, I had to pay 0,45 cent for each transaction.
I believe they are lack of funds, they don't have any coins and trying to slow down withdrawals this way. Seems like they're turning to a scam soon.
I worked with various FX brokers, Dex, banks, and I saw many scams in my life. But this is the perfect scheme I have encountered in my life making you feel they try to do something behind but all of their apps are slow, faulty and trying to make mistakes to lose your coins or give up.
I work in embassy and I will start procedures next week for an investigation with them to block their site and apps in my country but I wanted share my experience for other people live in other countries.
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