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1.723 · 18 REVIEWS
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Vancouver, Canada,
Oct 2, 2018,

Real Trader just want to take your money !!!

Real trader is a scammer. Before the platform change, the email response is already super slow. Takes days for response or sometimes no response. No live chat. No mobile trading. Now is even worse after the trading platform change, the modified MT4 trading platform is very bad, missing lots of MT4 features and you cannot close a position. You have to set take profit or stop loss and have to be at least 10 pips away. Try to make withdraw and you find yourself out of luck because you cannot log in the private cabinet. Stay away!!!
Līgatne, Latvia,
May 16, 2018,
Registered user

SCAM !!! Is not real company !!! There is no person in this world who get withdrawal of profits.... No telephone, no email response, they look only to stupid people who will deposit money and never will see that money again......
Iraq, Iraq,
Mar 27, 2018,
Registered user

only a ghost

please beware , they are group of scammers and they haven't any regulation , I have an account holds the number 26841.
They will never answers any email .
Their phone is fake and no ringing !!!
I had made withdrawal request of $55 only and no respond and never will be.
run away and save your money !
punjab, Pakistan,
Feb 16, 2018,
Registered user 100% Scam Scam Broker , BY God this is complete Scam broker , even not give you back your initial deposit, they cheat my 924 usd . 
Gargzdai, Lithuania,
Feb 9, 2018,
Registered user


Riga, Latvia,
Feb 20, 2017,
Registered user

Expierenced broker

One of the best broker i have ever trade with. Low fixed spreads, nice support, however servers could be a little faster.
, Germany,
Nov 9, 2015,

Complete SCAM broker. Execution is fast and everything goes well as long as you stay unprofitable. Once you make profits, they will ALWAYS be canceled by one of their hilarious terms and conditions at:

First I did scalp and all trades were canceled by point 4.4.3 of their Trading Terms, which means:

"4.4.3. Market Order was closed in 60 (sixty) seconds (inclusive) or before the 5th tick from the moment of opening an Order;"

After this happened, I made sure ALL trades were at least 60 seconds long. Then they decided to cancel all of them again, taking away ALL profits. This time they simply used point 4.3 of their trading terms:

"4.3. The Company has the right on its sole discretion to cancel all or a part of Orders executed by an expert advisor."

This simply means, you will NEVER be able to make any profits with this company. As per their trading terms, they will always have a reason to cancel your profits, regardless how you make them - of course none of the losers have been canceled.

This is as much of a definition of a SCAM as a SCAM can be. And you can´t really do anything about it as they are completely unregulated (offices Seychelles, Moscow, Latvia, etc...). They don´t own a single license for their "business". The only recommendation is STAY AWAY from them as FAR as you can.

Screenshots of the cancellations (note again that while the losing trades would also fall under their "no scalping" and "we can cancel any trade by any expert advisor", they did ONLY cancel the profit trades):
new delhi, India,
Jan 20, 2015,

Is Realtrade Scam or a Real company? Real trade doesn't provide any Live support and the phone numbers provided has never been working. Cancelling almost all profitable trades under Trading terms 4.4 and its sub-clauses. Every request should be made only by email and it will take a number of days to respond. sometimes there wont be any response, especially if it is withdraw request. I have proof and evidence for all the above said matters. So, Is Realtrade Scam or a Real company?
california, USA,
Oct 7, 2014,

They totally ignore all my requests to withdrawl funds. I have tried for months via withdrawl request, email, FB and phone. They still send me daily statements and I lost over 40k with them, I just have $2500 left. They emailed me 1 time, asking me to keep the money in, and offering me a big credit bonus to trade with. When I said no thank you, it was the last personal contact I had, that was two months ago. When I call, there is no answer, all my requests o unanswered.

2014-10-06 1Star I have had my account with for several years. I love most of it about $40,000. I'm down to $2500. My friend Mike was able to withdrawl a couple years back. "Anna" was always very accommodating when I made deposits but they are totally unresponsive to my withdrawl requests. I have done many withdrawl requests, sent emails, called, messaged on FB, all to no avail. They seem intent on keeping my last $2500.
Pulic Enemy,
Nov 9, 2009,

It's good for demo account only, but not for real. Even if you play with 0.01 Lot- you will be guilty if something wrong with broker platform or connection. They so grid and not honest, they take from me 2 pips (0,2 $ with 0.01 Lot) and whiter for me- it's "order has been canceled compliance with the clause trading rules!"
Why they don't cancel my bad trade with minus? Just Russians- don't trust in them!!!!