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EasyLinePro is a forex broker. Easy Line Pro offers the Mobile forex trading top platform. EasyLinePro.com offers over 50 forex currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices for your personal investment and trading options.

EasyLinePro.com and MMFinacialExpert.com appear nearly identical.

EasyLinePro is part of SolutionsCM LTD group. Known members of this group include Known members of this group include BritonPrice.com, CarterFX.com, OriginalCrypto.com, Bitcoinoie.com, LockwoodINV.comCryptoFG.comPrimeXClub.comWestwoodOFE.com.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Jan 7, 2019,

Easyline is a Scam. Please be warned.

A broker from easylinepro got in touch with me and convinced me that they are professionals and they can safely manage my account with them and help me make lots of money. So I opened an account for €1000. A week later my account had grown to €6000!! So I thought, wow; these people are good at this. But then the broker explained to me that, he had borrowed €3000 from the company to supplement my account because €1000 was too low. This he called margin loan. Then he said, in order for me own the amount on my account, I have pay off the margin loan - I told him to pay that from the account. But he said, that is not how it works!!! I have to transfer €3000. Only then will my account standing at €8000 at the time be mine. Stupidly, I made the transfer. About four later days, my broker (Daniel Vin) phoned me that they had a bad day trading and my entire account was exposed and lost!! And then he said, he was going to work with his company to recover what I lost. Later that day, he phoned me that his company had extended a loan of €5000 to my account to start trading again. After a month or so he said, ‘your account has grown to about €22000 - now you have to pay off the loan of €5000 to the company’. Then my account would be standing on €22000. Again I was stupid enough to trust them. So transferred the €5000. About 2 days later, same story. I got a call from another person (David Forbes) saying he was the manager of my broker. He said, the entire account was exposed and lost.............this was so devastating to me. I had over ten years worked hard to save the amount I lost in just a few crazy months. Since then I have had to borrow to make ends. Am angry and broken....please help.

Note: Transfer method
- €1000 wire/bank
- €3000&€5000 coin based
Daniel V,
Sep 13, 2018,

Companies like this are not needed by anyone

Easy line pro is a big scam. Keep away from them, lost big money because of them.
They are really bad people.