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Updated: Sep 3, 2018
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8InFX.com is owned by 2Dots.com.

8InFX is a forex broker. 8InFX offers the MT4 and MT4 Mobile forex trading top platform. 8InFX.com offers over 50 forex currency pairs, equity indices, futures, cfds, energy contracts and precous metals for your personal investment and trading options.


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Sep 2, 2018,

Help !

Hi, I have invested Euros 12,000 in my account and currently sitting at 37,468.15 Euros. This fully fully managed by my relation ship manager. Often i found the transactions are closed with non factual rate to show profit. On questioning, the answer was since they got access to ECN platform which operates with many liquidity providers there could be price difference, which are often 2 to 3 pips ! Now they are insisting to invest another 10 K to avoid 35% taxes and to open a tax free account. I have withdrawn 100 euros money from this account as a test and it worked and is well before the first 10 K Eruo investment. I am suspicious about the modus operandi of this company. I will not be investing any more money in to it for sure. I would also like to know how can i protect the capital. any suggestions ?
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Before depositing more money to qualify for a tax free account, we suggest doing 2 things...

1.  Try to withdraw 25,000 Euros to see if they'll really let you withdraw more than you've deposited.

2.  Ask them to provide links to the exact government regulations which would permit a larger deposit to qualify you for a tax free account.  If they do provide links, ask a tax accountant to check and see if the tax regulations really permit this.
Jun 30, 2018,
Registered user

8infx is scam

High warning for everybody, they are scammers! They work in very clever way, they don't ask to invest more money, but when you try to make withdraw everything change. I think they keep all money themselves. When i tried to withdraw, they just make a trade in my account, without any permission, and then account went on minus. So i lost everything what i had there. Simon Jansen was my account manager and they co-operate with 24stox, where the guy is Frank Carbone. Also they tell people that they are part of Nasdaq, just to try people to trust them. High warning for everybody, don't loose your money with them, as i did