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60OP is a forex broker. 60OP offers the 60op online forex trading platform. 60OP.com offers over 5 forex currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities, cfds and cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.

Website is down.  Company appears to be out of business.

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May 3, 2018,
Registered user

Stole 15000€ of my savings,

I invested 15000€ with this company, They do not make updates of my account, and I have not heard of them In whole april month. Last time my "senior manager" called was last week in March. The first sm I had called himself Tony Marcowitz, he disappeared and somebody called David Guzman came instead . He made me take a loan in Bank Norwegian and invest 12500€. Now I cannot see my deposits, they have disappeared from my account page and I cannot make withdrawals.
Mar 29, 2018,
Registered user

Scam wont pay out my money. Need help to get my money back!
Wont answer my phonecalls or email
Mr M,
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 10, 2018,

*** They failed to demonstrate professionalism to me ***

***Please read ***
I received a call from Connor o' Sullivan over the weekend trying to 'sweetalk' me in making a deposit.

Me: before i make a deposit kindly demonstrate some professionalism?
Connor: what do you mean professionalism?
Me: Show me real results of trades that your automated system has made over the course of 2-3 weeks. This way it will give me confidence as i have been scammed other dumb arsed brokers in the past and do not want to see the same from you.
Connor: Sorry, i cannot do this. Make a deposit with me and if you lose little bit then i will refund your money.
Me: no - so what is the harm in showing me REAL result first?
Connor: sorry, i cannot do this, please make a deposit!
Me: I am not a fool to make a deposit.

I got sick of this individual and hung up. I simply have better thing do do then being scammed for the nth time in a row.

Unless Connor can call me back and demonstrate professionalism i will change my mind.
Steve Rhodes,
United Kingdom,
May 8, 2018,

60op scam

I have been scammed too by 60op everything started off fine my so called broker benjamin meyer had 16 years experience he claimed and i was really down on my luck so saw this as a living
We did a few trades and he proved to me all good so i bought the patter and decided this was for me i maxed my credit cards and believed everything he said was going to happen in a few weeks time
Luckily for me i couldnt get a loan as im currently unemployed still the trades werent all successful so i was on his case but then he put in or so i thought his own money which had lost so again i believed him but then he said to trade bitcoin and litecoin but sell them as they were already low i did question this but yet again he convinced me they were gonna fall lower
Well they never so hence all my money barring a few hundred euros which i cant withdraw is gone my trading balance reads minus 69000 euros but i actually put in about 20 k of my own money
Avoid this platform like the plague
Phone number doesnt work now and no contact through email
Holbaek, Denmark,
Jun 8, 2019,
Registered user

60op.com is scam

I have been waiting for 3 month for my withdraw. No sign of life from the company. No-one call me, and no-one answer my emails, and my balance is €216.050, so we are talking of a lot of money. Mr. Benjamin Mayer has promised me 'huge profit and easy withdraw'. Hot air and big scam. Read my story here: https://60opscam.com

May 30, 2019 - 1 Star Fell into their trap September 2018. Big mistake and big scam. 'Forced' to loose money, and bring in a new deposit to raise the balance. If not, I would loose the total amount. And I was naïve and stupid enough to believe them! False premises!
Closed my account March, 13. 2019.
Denied withdraw since March, the 13. 2019.
€216.050! No reaction. No contact. No liquidity. No money!
Alert! Don't trust Mr. Benjamin Mayer. He is 'brainwashing and lethal.'
I have notified it to the Danish Police and to Europol. My bank have initiated 'charge back'.
Stanley Mills,
Taranaki, New Zealand,
Jul 27, 2018,

60op accepts your money, but will not pay out on withdrawal requests?!

i requested a withdrawal of my initial deposit available balance on 7 June and it is still not paid out as at 26 July ... i had not done any trading thank goodness ! it seems they will only accept your money, and not pay out ! this smacks of unscrupulous dealing with client monies and I caution anyone not to deal with 60op at all.
Jun 14, 2018,

I paid only 250 euros, so David called me up that there was not enough money to trade for. He persuaded me to deposit EUR 2750 more. He invested for me and things went well and not so good. stupid as I saw immediately, he gets frankened me extra 80000 euros so it went fine but I had my suspicion had come at 12000 euros I would have paid them. Then he acted for me again and in 15 minutes there was only 600 euros left, he would not pay.

Jeg betalte først 250 euro så ringede David mig op at det ikke var nok penge til at handle for. han overtalte mig til at sætte 2750 euro mere ind. han investerede for mig og det gik først godt og så ikke så godt. dum som jeg så umiddelbart er så får han franarret mig yderlige 80000 euro så da det gik fint men jeg havde min mistanke var kommet på 12000 euro jeg ville have dem udbetalt. Da handlede han for mig igen og på 15 min var der kun 600 euro tilbage dem vil han heller ikke udbetale ..