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Updated: May 14, 2019
2.176 · 10 REVIEWS
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EuropeFX.com is part of MAXIFLEX LTD group. Known members of this group include Dualix.com.

EuropeFX is a forex broker. Europe FX offers the MT4 and Mobile forex trading top platform. EuropeFX.com offers over 65 forex currency pairs, indices, cfds, shares, bitcoin and other cryptocurrenices for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.176 · 10 REVIEWS
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Gordon Allenby,
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 18, 2019,
Registered user

Do not give EuropeFX your money!

I Started with a balance of £ 200 as I was a complete novice in trading, I found interesting small currency trading and I was trying to learn as much as I could and wanted to take it slowly. Soon after I'd deposited my first cash sum, my account was handed over to a senior account manager.
I was encouraged to screen share so they could ultimately show me much larger golden opportunities that do not lose! They barraged me with hard sales tactics to entice me into depositing further funds. "Invest in NASDAQ, it just climbs, you can not lose !! It seemed good to be true but these other accounts I was looking hopeful.
The manager proceeded to inform me of the opportunities available with much bigger balances.
conversations continued on a daily basis with my account manager, telling me how much I could earn and I would earn better interest than leaving it to bank account.
Against my instincts, I was convinced to invest £ 17k, then I was told to top it up if my margin fell below 100%, I eventually "invested" £ 20k, my life's savings.
Every time I contacted my account manager, I kept being transferred over to a 'VIP manager' (simply retention managers aiming for further funds) who consistently pressured me to invest more
I was Transferred over to an 'Education analyst' (Staff with a sole purpose of making trade clients, regardless of how the market is suited que at present time)
Misinformed Regarding opportunities and again pressured into investing further funds
Screen share tactics used to draw on screen and encourage you to open positions rather than telling you about the phone all conversations are being recorded.
Lack of support eleven funds have been deposited
Broker clearly uses very high commissions & swaps to ensure they only attract novices who will not understand these charges.
Futures Contracts Expire rather than roll over like all STP / ECN brokers. (I learned this 3 days before the expiration date, which cost me 6k)
Use of MaxiFlex as a liquidity provider rather than corporate banks, CLEAR conflict of interest.
Very reluctant to allow withdrawals and will come up with every excuse under the sun to prevent you from withdrawing. If EuropeFX is a genuine broker they would simply be making money from commissions and would not be interested in blocking withdrawals.
Obviously, most of the brokers are licensed under Cysec and lack any other entity as a regulator ASIC & FCA, etc ...
Boiler room tactics

I lost my life's savings and any chance of saving for my family's future.

I will not rest until my money is returned and EuropeFX are under investigation !!
cairns, Australia,
Mar 25, 2019,
Registered user

I am very dissatisfied with what seems to be their intention to defraud. Pushing me into opening positions that required more money to be invested whe

I lost over AUD100,000 with EuropeFX. My intention was to keep this account at a minimum but my adviser did a lot of hard selling. Pressuring me into opening positions and then when the positions went against me, saying I had to hedge and then requiring more money be put into the account. It was a horrible experience!
I believe I was scammed. My adviser and EuropeFX made a lot of money from swaps and commissions and did not adequately protect my investment. Their strategy was to manipulate me into opening too many positions so that I had to invest more money and meanwhile they were profiting from me.
London, United Kingdom,
Mar 24, 2019,
Registered user

Europe FX scammed me for £1m sterling

EuropeFX Scammed me and caused me to lose almost £1 million Pounds Sterling.
Now after 4 months of delays and deception,they send me an offer of £ 310,000
and expect me to accept?

They will lie to you, rob you , and then expect you to accept an apology and 30%
of your money back….

I will not rest until all or most of my money is returned.

Before you decide to invest with EUROPEFX ask yourself this question Why would they offer £1 ,far less £310,000 in compensation if they were not guilty/or at fault ?

See their latest offer below,

This Deed is made on the 20th of March 2019 between Mr. James Wright of 102 Eaton Terrace London
GB (‘Client’); and EuropeFX operated by MAXIFLEX LTD (the “Company”; together hereinafter the
(A) A dispute arose between the parties, which revolves around the service given to the Client (the
(B) MAXIFLEX LTD is registered as a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with the registration number
HE327484 and which is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with
licence number 258/14.
(C) The Client is the owner of a trading account # 10565475 with the Company (the “Account”).
(D) The Parties agreed by mutual consent to resolve the dispute, on condition that the Company shall
credit the Client’s Account with a sum of GBP 310,000 (Three Hundred and Ten Thousand
British Pounds).
(E) The Parties wish to swiftly finalise the Dispute without prejudice to either party.

Mar 22, 2019 - No Rating Late last year I lost 1 Million GBP with EuropeFX in under a month through fraudulent brokers with silver tongues who enticed me to invest such a large sum. I have subsequently found out that I was their biggest client at that time and no sooner was the money invested the entire trading patterns and personnel changed to quickly empty my account.
Before agreeing to invest this sum in Sept 2018 they offered me VIP trades and services from their most senior brokers and also alluded to inform me that I could double this sum by Christmas by them directly advising me on each trade with inside knowledge.
However their intent was the opposite and the goal became evident when large trades placed culminated in my losing all my money, bar £58k sterling. !
I then immediately contacted EuropeFX and Maxiflex demanding they give me my money back for on investigation I found out, after seeking legal counsel, that Europe FX had contravened all regulation instructions and requirements per the terms of their trading licence.,
My lawyers are now involved and I have lodged an official complaint to CySec .the regulatory body in Cyprus who are the body that issued Maxiflex, the parent company of Europe FX .This complaints has been submitted.
All of my claims and examples of malpractice and foul play are well documented and recorded, and have also been submitted to the CySec.
Subsequently a former employee of EuropeFX, who was one of my account managers up until I deposited into Maxiflex’s bank account circa £850k to make the trading balance up to £1.3m resigned from EuropeFX in disgust at seeing these practices. As soon as the large sums were deposited that contact was informed not to talk further to me and instead I was handed over to two more senior brokers, as alleged who then promptly set about to defraud me. That ex employee has been in touch explaining how their Ponzie scam works and apologizing for the deliberate and total losses EuropeFX led me to sustain.
The purpose of this post is to WARN and ADVISE anyone contemplating opening an account with EUROPEFX/MAXIFLEX to think twice.
The trading platform by which they operate is not a LIVE exchange so any loses you may sustain end up directly into Maxiflex’s bank account .This feature is not made known to clients and only ion investigation was this uncovered . Therefore any losses a client makes is thus Maxiflex’s gain unlike buying stocks and shares directly traded over a live exchange.

Dec 29, 2018 - 1 Star Over the past 6 months I invested more than 1Million GBP with EuropeFX,

Most of my money was lost, within a month of my joining their VIP club. Membership of this club required an investment of £1m

This all happened due to direct, and very BAD trading advice from their staff and account managers, David King,Tom Benita, Gabriel Keha , and a trader named Strahinja all from their Cyprus office.

Once I had made the largest part of my investment with them, and became a “VIP” I was instructed to buy and sell at losses,or low returns . All this time , they were making huge commissions and service SWAP charges accruing to £330,000 in this period with 90% of this figure being made in the last month , All with extremely high leverages that I did not even understand at the time.

Their account managers used remote screen sharing and Skype Messaging as a means of communicating with me and to show me directly what trades to open and close promising recovery trades and “special opportunities” that never came to be.

Within exactly a month of joining the VIP club ,my balance went from 1.3 million sterling to 52k !!

I have so far received only part of the recordings of these calls, after a month
of making constant demands to EuropeFX to release them to me.
From the recordings I have received, I have several transcripts of this mode of operation by the EuropeFX Staff.

Addendum and For your Attention:
Since this has happened, I have been receiving numerous calls and emails from companies and people soliciting and harassing me who obviously received my details through EuropeFX or possibly members of their staff.

Has anyone here had a similar experience with EuropeFX ?

If so what are your Suggestions please ?
Manchester, United Kingdom,
Mar 5, 2019,


Try leaving and deleting your details....impossible! They just ring you up time and time again asking for money and when you tell them you have left and request that your details are deleted it falls on deaf ears ..... EVERY TIME! Absolutely disgusting customer service. Stay well away!
cyprus, Cyprus,
Mar 2, 2019,

Great Broker , Trusted, Regulated, and good service .

Very good broker ! fully regulated and has a licence .
gives good , neutral service , education, and good platform .
Withdrawal process up to 2 business days.
I have traded with many firms before, and i see people bashing their name - its only because they do not know many things.
i would recommend this broker to all, fro EXP traders to beginners. 5 stars ! .
els jebbink,
Feb 27, 2019,
Registered user

My review of Lisa V.
Before Lisa I had Dennis Bossche, He promissed me a lot. It did not work out, I also had an uneasy feeling and I did not react on that feeling. He is a smooth / nice talker.

Lisa took over. And I heard that Dennis did not work anymore for EuropeFX.
Lisa took over and I had lost a lot of money, and I remember that Lisa reaction was when she saw how my goals were set up, that there was not a "stop" barrier was activated and some other things.
Lisa explained me in this short time a lot more. I am not capable to all this on my own,
So I wanted to stop the exchange. Lisa told me that there is an other way. I'm going to try that , only with less money and see how that goes. I don't expect anything and I will see what this brings. But I am glad Lisa took over.

with kind regarts Els
Koh Samui, Thailand,
Jan 30, 2019,
Registered user

Satisfied so far

Was easy to open the account, trade and then make withdrawals.
I had no issues depositing or withdrawing.
They offer leverage of 1:200 and even higher (but I don't have that kind of money to invest), but I would recommend everyone to study hard before jumping into the deep waters.
Trading is risky and without proper attention could be dangerous.
I'm getting sessions with their academy team that is helping me to improve my trading skills, still not 100% confident but I'm working on it.
Australia, Australia,
Oct 30, 2018,
Registered user

This is very much a scam company, pressure to deposit money, TeamViewer usage to do trades, no contact to close trades when profitable, high commissions, offers of discounts on commissions not followed through, trade disabled so cannot enter or exit trades.
Jun 2, 2018,
Registered user

Non existent Customer Service/ Very high fees and commisions

Stay away from this Broker! Terrible/Non existent Customer Service. Deposited 250 Euro. Lost a bit, tried to withdraw the rest and close my account but they told me I must leave some in the account?! Also heavy fees for withdrawing. Stay away!
United Kingdom,
Apr 27, 2018,
Registered user

Complaint statement & query

I had deposited in total: £11,500 and withdrawn £2.400 in my EuropeFX.com account no: 6271941 which was held approximately for 9 - 10 months during 2017 - 2018.
Withdrawals were easily accessed and prompt. Support for closing trades manually for end of contract assets i.e. CL were efficient and signals fine.

Once affiliated with The Brokers Academy coaching and tutoring on use of a platform was exemplary. Generally my experience as a newbie trader and investor was satisfactory until EuropeFX changed to a new server. There was only one incident of retroactive charging for CFD fees i.e. Amazon.

My EuropeFX account no: 6271941 balance was £7095.99 on 02.02.2018

On 06.02.2018 with EuropeFX changing to a new server my newly created account no: 10103115 did not have transferred my open trades, margin and balance. The final balance was £17.57.

During this lapse of time from Friday when markets close 02.02.2018 to Tuesday 06.02.2018 I was unable to log in and close or open trades. On Sunday evening 04.02.2018 with the markets opening, I attempted accessing the platform on both my lap-top and iPhone. Upon discovering my account was disabled, I skyped text Giacomo, educational specialist and analyst on Monday 05.02.2018 who instructed me to uninstall the old, reinstall the new server. This process further required a new password for which an email was forwarded to me by EuropeFX.

I had completed the "uninstall/reinstall" process on my own and then requested assistance from Giacomo as the balance of funds was not transferred. On Tuesday 06.02.2018 this procedure was repeated with Giacomo and funds still did not appear. Giacomo requested my mobile number.

Giacomo had referred me to Miltos Erotokritou, Senior Relationship Manager who immediately queried, upon accessing my new acc: 10103115 if I could access funds to trade on Nasdaq within the next 30/60 days to recover my losses. My balance had fallen from £7095 and while I watched to £414. Then eventually £17.57 as he negotiated with me.

Following I forwarded an email on 06.02.2018 @17:44 addressing Miltos Erotokritou via backoffice@europefx.com requesting my account be reinstated and my funds be reimbursed. I stated that my account no. 6271941 had been disabled causing me to have no access to close or open trades. Also that my request should be regarded as an official complaint which I trusted EuropeFX would respond to by putting matters right. I added that I would be reporting to CYSEC in due course. I received an "investigative call" from Richard the following day.

Since I have emailed including my supporting evidence to whistleblowing@cysec.gov.cy
In spite of reiterating my complaint to Gidon Shuman responsible for quality control @EuropeFX my requests for acknowledged receipt and a Unique Reference Number dated 05.04.2018 has been ignored. My initial complaint and first request for a U.R.N. was dated 06.02.2018 and 13.02.2018 respectively. The earlier request for a U.R.N. was also

Yesterday on Monday 23.04.2018, Michael an Accounts Manager of EuropeFX phoned to discuss my account and opportunites currently available to trade and invest on. We spoke of Facebook, Amazon and Google...and he asked if I had previously traded on these assets. My answer was affirmative. When I mentioned that I was reluctant to move capital into my account due to issues remaining unresolved he seemed uninformed of my situation. I explained in more detail to which his response was that he'd find out and also suggested that I had lost my capital due to a margin call.
London.com are loathe to validdontely I have screenshots of my trades prior to my account being disabled. Later shots of Giacomo’s instructions on Skype concerning installing the new server I’ve also retained.

In conclusion I welcome comments and advice.

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