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EuropeFX is a forex broker. Europe FX offers the MT4 and Mobile forex trading top platform. offers over 45 forex currency pairs, indices, cfds, shares, bitcoin and other cryptocurrenices for your personal investment and trading options.
2019-12-23:  ASIC has announced that it made an interim asset restrain order against Maxi EFX Global AU Pty Ltd (trading as EuropeFX) and BrightAU Capital Pty Ltd (trading as TradeFred), both of which are Corporate Authorised Representatives of Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd (trading as USGFX) (AFSL 302792).  CLICK HERE for more details. is part of MAXIFLEX LTD group.

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 30:1
Minimum to Open Live: $200
Established: 2013
Address: 46 Ayiou Athanasiou Ave. Third Floor, Office 301a, 4102 Ayios Athanasios, Limassol, 4102, Cyprus
Contact:, +357 24 022 444
Regional offices:
Regulators: CySEC #258/14
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, eFXGO, EuroTrader, TradeWorks
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (50+)
Cryptocurrencies: (5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (125+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Acapture, eMerchantPay, SafeCharge, Skrill, SOFORT
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Acapture, eMerchantPay, SafeCharge, Skrill, SOFORT

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2.764 · 19 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

London, United Kingdom,
May 22, 2020,
Registered user

A month to regret.

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I recently posted a review and since then have been in communication with EuropeFX to amicably resolve my concerns. I was contacted by Mr E Lem who mediated for us in a professional way to very quickly resolve my concerns and supported a valued EuropeFX customer.

Trust is very important with any investment and following this I have the confidence to start trading again, however the experience has taught me a great deal and I would like to share my knowledge and advice.

Trading CFD is risky and if you go into this with a get rich quick strategy you will burn your hard-earned money and quickly. Statistic show between 65% and 80% of CFD day traders blow out within 50 days of trading, so here are my recommendations before you start.

Firstly, find a good broker and EuropeFX is as good a platform as any and you will be assigned an account manager and ALWAYS remember it’s your money and any advice is playing with your money and if you’re unsure, not confident and feel you don’t have the knowledge DO NOT TRADE the market, it will reopen another day.
Remember whatever broker you chose they must make money as they invest thousand in training, research and knowledge so use all these education tools.
They also take a commission on every trade and SWAP which are not so clearly stated so ask for the cost as different trades incur different levels of SWAP and some over night cost are indeed high so make sure you calculate these.
Understand the key terms, Balance, Equity, Margin, Margin level and never over expose yourself.
Be cautious and always ensure your trading strategy has a balance portfolio and what I mean by this is for example, the NASDAQ, S&P 500 and DOW JONES mirror themselves and go up and down like the sun and moon nearly always together, so if one falls they all fall and for the benefit of being on these 3 positions you will be charged commission and swap on all 3, so it makes no sense.
Understand leverage and the impact as if say the DJ falls 3% you would lose X20 as this is your leverage.

Always use take profit and stop loss as they limit your exposure and risk to a level you can afford to lose but understand this and understand the calculations well.

Don’t jump in; build your knowledge and confidence before you start and if your unsure even as an experienced trader walk away and live to profit another day.

Even if you ensure you research and manage your account manager you cant calculate for the US president over night tweets (when were all tucked up in bed) and if he comments negatively on China for example, it will adversely affect the market and the effect can be catastrophic on Indices market, so be aware and trade safety for a long term growth strategy.

May 4, 2020 - 1 Star I lost £122,072 with EuropeFX and this would have been more unless my partner intervened and stopped me losing my life saving and inheritance.
My loss was a result of poor and unprofessional advice I received from my advisors Michael Pann and a boom and bust trading strategy using my money. This was accepted by EuropeFX and I was upgraded to VIP trading and assigned a senior advisor Tom Benita. I explained that I didn’t fully understand leverage, Swaps or their commission structure and he promised education and to review their internal training programme for new customers, which was unacceptable.

I was so looking forward to starting trading and promised education and hassle-free trading using their Meta trader 4 platform. I started on 17/06/2019 with a very cautious investment £200 and persuaded this was insufficient if we wanted to” make a lot of money” we needed extra investment and by the end of the day £22,500 was invested. A further £100,000 was pressured from me as my “margin levels” which I barely understood kept dropping. My advisor Mr Pann even suggested I take my computer with me when playing golf during a call on 1st August!

My account manager used remote screen sharing and my mobile phone as a means of communicating and showed me with an X on the screen what trades to open and close.
They suggested the amount I should buy and sell and when to take profit and loss and calculating the value of the trade was very difficult to calculate. They were guiding and influence every decision. It wasn’t until 11th September and by that time I had lost £122,023 that I was offered a simple margin calculator tool but had lost all confidence and too scared to risk further losses to trade with this unprofessional company.
There trading strategy was misguided and overexposed my positions and resulted in my financial loss and all the time Maxiflex their Cyprian holding company was making money on swap and commission which is illegal and called churning.
I formally compliant and they released all the telephone calls and internally reviewed these in their quality control department and found nothing wrong with their advice BUT offered me as a gesture of good will £10,000.
On further analysis of my recordings they accepted their advisor’s “made statements that reassured me there was no risk” and increase my compensation offer to £20,000 and was an acceptance that their unprofessional methods had resulted in my loss.

Behind the slick tonged rhetoric was lies, dishonesty and negligent advice and don’t trust these guys or you may well lose all your money and quickly.
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Naples, Italy,
Feb 23, 2020,
Registered user

Chose EuropeFX after 4 years

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I’ve been trading for over 4 years, I’ve lost a lot but I also made a lot of profits, I explored the web for many, many brokers, checked each one for every stat. And today I can say, after so much time and work, EuropeFX is for sure one of the best brokers out there.
Firstly, it’s regulated, so you know it’s like a bank, it’s all legal, and my money is safe, all that I know for sure. Secondly the fees a great, the customer service is one of the quickest I’ve seen so far, and they’re pretty helpful too, and the interface is awesome, really easy to use and really user, and I believe, beginner friendly.
As a man who has some experience with trading and other brokers, I guarantee it’s one of the best if not the best, and if you’re a professional or a beginner, EuropeFX is the broker you’re looking for.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Sydney, Australia,
Feb 7, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

Pressured to invest, many many many phone calls with Australian caller id, attractive website sponsoring local reputable rugby league club, registered with Aus regulatory body, acc mgr did dummy run of depositing and withdrawing money successfully, initial investment in commdities on US market positive, pressured to put in more money to get better rates and service, original acc mgr on holidays suddenly, new female acc mgr called, I said I would wait on his return, another acc mgr attempt, I became frustrated with them, all of a sudden my original acc mgr has returned from holidays, then he offers great opportunity, Ive been able to get you special vip access to top broker in firm, accept, vip broker asks for more money, better commission, introduced to forex, few successfull trades, encouraged increase trade values, things going bad, ask questions to learn more, vague or deflected answers, defensive and aggressive when I questioned ethics, made me feel stupid, waits a few days, get a call about a trade, trade goes other way, try to contact broker and admin by phone, email and text, no response, Im in a blind panic, I wait and wait, losing money rapidly, I feel out of control, freeze and do nothing, over next couple of weeks I try to trade out of it, asking for advice, getting nothing, commission and swaps increase, I lose AUD75k. You tell me what you think?
London, United Kingdom,
Feb 5, 2020,
Registered user

The Saga with Amanda Eliasch

Service use: Live


Dec 28, 2019 - 1 Star The ethics of this company are questionable. Yarel Kehas known as Gabriel (they all change their names which under CYSEC is illegal. I am in litigation with them as they stole my money amounting to 1,100,000, I then made during the 20 month period with them 9,000 and took 500,000 out. Yarel came along and gave terrible trades which I knew were wrong. I wanted to believe him. Do not trust Europefx or Maxiflex. Your money goes like a sieve through Ben Givon's set up and Antelope Systems into the nefarious pockets of the money men behind the scenes. They are in trouble in Australia and were attached to Big Options as a lot of their traders came from there eg @RoyAlmagor @LeeAlbaz is in prison for 22 years. DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR SALES TALK. There is no quick way to make money. SHAME ON COMPANIES LIKE THIS @bengivon is young 28 years old and he also had @10markets.

Dec 28, 2019 - 1 Star Today I learned that Europefx, 10 markets because they are roughly the same and owned by Ben Givon have every intention of burning your account within 6 months. I also learned in my case my broker got between 7-10% of the 1,100,000 I deposited as commission yet he denied making anything. There is also another problem with this company that they take money from the trader that is helping you if you do well and withdraw your money. My trader was even congratulated when he got me as a client. He was told he was the best trader ever.
The structure of this company and many others is not trustworthy to invest in. You are warned. I also on the day I was burned by Gabriel, 1,800,000 up and I had taken 300,000 out. Yet they do not count the profit I made for them. They are a complete con. Careful when investing. June 2018 was a good time for Gabriel aka Yarel Kehas they all change their names and change the terms of agreement without a care. They want your money quick. If only they had been honest and correct. They were not.

Dec 18, 2019 - 1 Star Today I have been officially conned by Gidon Shumon aka Danny Morgan. He did not pay me back my Bitcoin money that he stole. I was sitting with him in Cyprus two years ago, when he deliberately organised taking my money. Danny/Gideon was being charming, fun while he held my computer and emptied the bitcoin account, I then had known him for one year. His name was at the time Danny Morgan.I wanted to believe him, I also paid him separately £16,000 for teaching me.

I have since found out that he nearly told the truth. His brother is called Danny Shumon. He told me that he had no family and that his family had died. Yet I have found that he has a mother Orna Shumon who is a lecturer, a Father Howard Shumon a homeopathic doctor. They live in Israel with two brothers. Jonathan and Danny. For months Gidon has said he would pay me back and not to worry. To think I believed him? At first he denied stealing but Bitstamp told me it was him. I sent £120,000 in August 2017 with the promise I would make millions. I had done at the time pretty well with Europefx, but they too turned out to be a scam that he worked for. Gidon Shuman aka Danny Morgan rang me ten times a day for two years while he primed me for a big theft. I thought we were friends. We were anything but a friend. Everything was fake, taught by the best.

He picked me up at the airport bought me flowers and yes sometimes I thought it was odd. I have since checked his CV which clearly says that he worked for Big Options and therefore Lee Elbaz who is now in prison for 30 years for stealing $145,000,000. He worked for Ben Givon and therefore Nir Weitzman. It is a sorry tale of corruption as pointed out here with Mr Lem after being given terrible trades by Yarel Kehas brother in law to the Weitzman's. He did it quite deliberately and it was in the opposite direction to what I believed. We were told that Ben Givon was not involved but we knew all along he was. His murky fingerprints are everywhere.




I am sure like most scammers, they were charismatic, but this time I was definitely conned. Since then through many organisations I have found that first Gideon worked for Big Options, then 10 markets, where I first met him, and then Europefx.

So much is a lie. The big cars, the flash women, the boasting, the good looks, the aggressive sales pitch, the back end of the company which is like a sieve to their pockets. The shame of all of this is could have been so different but Europefx, 10 markets, Gidon Shumon had other ideas. As I have said before I am a very good friend but an even better adversary.

I will follow through and I will make it a life mission to stop this happening to someone else. The end of friendship is always a shame but these people were the worst of the worst, taking from elderly people check Forex Peace Warrior. At least I have a good lawyer and now I will report it to the Israeli police. If only I could say meeting this lot was a fabulous inspiration and tell all my friends to do it too. Instead I get that "told you so" look as I tell them the sorry story.

Dec 16, 2019 - 1 Star My reviews are not good because this company is neither honest or helpful. Today I was meant to receive my money from Gidon Shumon who stole my money through. Bitcoin/Bitstamp as well as Europefx. Today I was meant to receive £130,000. which is far too little for the amount of pain he has caused. It all started out so well but now I realise that they were trained at Big Options and nothing surprises me.
Do not invest here whatever you do.
The names change as often as their goodwill and honesty does not exist.
Stay away..

Dec 1, 2019 - 1 Star Using Europefx was the worst thing in my life check my other reviews but these companies were linked either by owners or the people working there. They changed their names. Ben Givon was behind Europefx and 10 markets. Hidden but there he is young and not straight. Investing money they scam into football clubs, fast cars and more scams. Nir Weitzman who owns Browns hotels is hidden away too. Gideon Shumon who called himself Danny Morgan, my broker was an expert scammer, worked for 10 markets, Europefx and Big Options. Yarel Kehas alias Gabriel was a brother in law to Nir Weitzman. all linked and not to be trusted, It took me several months to find a good lawyer,I now have one. I am using an Israeli lawyer as. this lot are Israeli's. Big Options was closed down as was 10markets. Sad it could have been a good idea. I will make this my life's mission to make sure these people do not cause anymore pain to others. On top of that Gideon Shumon stole my Bitcoin money I Invested. He is due to pay me back on the 15th December, if not there will be further trouble. They also scammed my other good friend James Wright. He sort of resolved his case, but not satisfactorily. These people should be stopped along with Roy Almagor from opening trading companies in Cyprus. Gidi Shumon or Danny said Forex in Cyprus was like Beverly Hills House Wives on steroids.. I think so too. They broke every ethical rule.

Sep 9, 2019 - 1 Star I am now going to sue Europefx/Maxiflex, Ben Givon about the conflicts of interest that exist between all the companies involved with my investments, including 10 Markets. This company last week sent solicitors letters to me regarding the work relationship between Big Option scammer Lee Elbaz and Roy Almagor. Roy Almagor is the supposed front person of Maxiflex which is like the bank for Europefx , they are all in the same building so integrity looks compromised. . Then the endless conflict of interest that exists behind everything hidden away shows Ben Givon's name. He has money to pay for Football teams, Rugby teams, etc yet not enough money to sort out my very sordid case. Shame on all of them. I will be going to court. I was warned that everything is corrupt in Cyprus and with CYSEC apparently take bribes. I will check that out too. Altogether not a good place to put your money. The press have picked it up so hopefully people like this company can stop causing havoc with clients finances. I will print all their correspondence to me. Mr Lem admitted that Ben Givon works at Europe fx. I have all recordings of conversations, Gideon Shuman even stole my bitcoin money, changed their names and ages. DO NOT TRUST.

Aug 19, 2019 - 1 Star Mr Lem is threatening to sue me on behalf of Roy Almagor the “owner” of the license holder of EuropeFx - Maxiflex - for expressing my right to freedom of speech - saying that we are “blackmailing” him - when we are simply telling the truth.
In our last conversation with Mr Lem - we inquired about Ben Givon. Ben Givon is not actively involved by name in any company that operates the EuropeFx/Maxiflex operating structure. EuropeFx - at the time - was operated by Batchimo Limited - owned and operated by Yarel Keha. Maxiflex is owned and operated by Roy Almagor.
So the pertinent question to ask is why did Mr Lem state that Ben Givon was the owner of this structure & then refused to say exactly what company he owned and why. Givon operates Antelope Systems Limited - a CRM provider for EuropeFx. CRM is a service provided to a company. It does not mean you own the company you provide a service to. However, Mr Lem stated that Ben Givon was the “owner” when asked who Ben Givon was and what he did. Why does this matter?
It matters because the EuropeFx/Maxiflex structure is designed to dazzle potential “clients” into believing that EuropeFx is an impartial broker that makes money solely on commission. Implying that EuropeFx make money when you do well. This is a false premise. If Givon is the owner as Mr Lem described - then the swap charges and the equity of the client are all collected in the same place - not partitioned as advertised - i.e commission to EuropeFx and Swaps to Maxiflex. This means EuropeFx is not impartial - since there is more money to be gained on swap charges than commission. Since you can change the swap charges by changing the terms and conditions if you are the license holder of this structure. Maxiflex is the license holder. Meaning it is in the interest of the owner of EuropeFx/Maxiflex for the client to lose because they will make more money by changing the terms and conditions aka “Swap Charges” than a set commission rate. The “swap charges” make it look like the client has lost because of their own poor trading decisions instead of a pre-determined calculated decision taken by the EuropeFx/Maxiflex ownership structure to sabotage a clients trading positions in order to take their trading balance.
There is no distinction between EuropeFx and Maxiflex - they are simply storefronts for the same scheme. In my case, they advised me to put as much of my money into this structure by promising large profits. They then changed my terms of conditions without informing me - which is illegal. Terms and conditions include swap charges. The swap charges on the positions that were given to me by Yarel Keha - AKA “Gabriel” - were the swap charges that ultimately destroyed my trading balance. EuropeFx then removed all liability from this - by stating they do not receive any of the swap charges. But they do - since Ben Givon owns this structure. Why would a high level employee - such as a client relations manager - someone who deals with legal disputes - disclose the owner and lie about it. Every person on earth who works for somebody - knows - who they are working for. They know who their boss is. So there it is. Ben Givon is the real owner behind this structure. His other company BAFF Affiliate is also registered to the same Cyprus office address as EuropeFx. He then hid his “Whois” address for BAFF Affiliate to prevent us from finding out this information. We have this evidence. Likewise he was formerly the director for the operating agent of the German tied agent SF Financial Services. CC markets also provides “CRM services”. We also have evidence for this.
Please also note that they used fake names to hide their identities.

Aug 12, 2019 - 1 Star On April 18th this year I was certain I was scammed. I had deposited over a million euros with EuropeFX and Maxiflex in 2017n because I trusted this company to do their best for me on a visit to Cyprus. The office looked real, new and they backed a football club. Very disappointing.with Fake names and fake ages, fake charm. Bad trades and endless companies all joined together and disappear in mid air. First I did well and then they make sure you are comfortable they demand more cash. The money disappears on their platform quickly. You trust them because they are charming but nothing is real. Swap charges change and terms of agreement change with no notification. They give you horrendous advice. They then sell the debt, it was a nightmare. They took the same amount from a friend of mine too. He had a different experience but still as disagreeable. . I am a 59 year old woman . Yarel Kehas is called Gabriel number one bad news, Danny Morgan/Gideon Shumon number 2, Roy Almagor attached to Lee Elbaz a binary trader now in custody in America for big option scam. I also had my bit coin money stolen by Gideon Shumon/Danny Morgan which he says he will pay me back. I spoke to him 20 times a day. Plenty of evidence and they promise they will resolve it yet they offer me insulting amounts like $36,000. They made me sign a document which they claim to be a disclaimer. Their platform is not live.They put you onto another man who is overtly charming yet never contacts you.. My advice would be do not do it.

Aug 6, 2019 - 1 Star EuropeFX conned me out of my money by giving me terrible trades from Yarel Kehas known as Gabriel.
Danny Morgan was really Gideon Shuman stole further money from my Bitcoin account. I trusted him.
I went to visit them in Cyprus but have since discovered that they are not honest.
The case is with my lawyers.
The swap charges changed without me knowing it.
Terms of Agreement changed.
Bad trading advice
Roy Almagor has some sort of relationship with Lee Elbaz who is up for fraud/ binary options in USA.
They are attached to Browns Hotels in Israel and Nir Weitzman who is brother in law to Yarel Kehas aka Gabriel. . They are all Israelis and quite young.
Danny Morgan/Gideon Schuman however it is spelt, was only 28 yet he told me he was 38 and so on. I thought they were trustworthy but they are not.
They took all my money.

Jul 18, 2019 - 1 Star RED ALERT CAUTION

This company is totally unethical the first year I did well, making me feel I could trust them and then I was given terrible trades which is against the law by people whose names changed and who did not use their correct identities. Why would any operator use false identities? The swaps and commissions regularly changed without letting their customer know. They sell your debt without informing you.. I had built up a relationship with them but in the end they were totally untrustworthy and I am seeking help with solicitors to return my funds. They have links to big businesses in Israel and in a hotel group and the tentacles run to Australia and Germany. They are attached to people whose reputations are much to be desired and they have owned other FX companies eg 10 markets . Do not trust their charm or good looks, if in doubt stay out..

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Brisbane, Australia,
Dec 3, 2019,

No problems here

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I think they definitely do pressure you into making trades and putting more money into your account (can you blame them, it's how they make money)! but in saying this I'm the one responsible for doing so, I lost a lot of money (my own fault) then decided to have a break to re-group so I withdrawal everything that was left and had the money in 3 days leaving my account at $0, no worries! their support is quite helpful and for a complete novice like myself I've learned a lot. although my first experience trading didn't end the best way I cannot criticise the company, they've been nothing but courteous and professional. I'll be back.
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Nov 3, 2019,
Registered user

A good potential partner

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

In light of all I read about brokers, here and in many other places, I was very skeptical and apprehensive to invest in the beginning, generally, and specifically with EuropeFX. But I came to realize that there will always be a frustrated customers that will complain, in many cases just because they didn’t understand what they were doing and how to use the services offered to them.
Although EuropeFX contacted me almost immediately after my initial investment, which I made online and alone, i was still not 100% convinced that they are the place to be putting my money. Then i spoke with Sara who did everything possible to calm me down and make me feel at ease. I was not in a very good place financially before i started with them but she gave me some tools and helped me build a strategy to aid my financial situation over the next couple of months. Of course, I understand now that trading is not magic and you need time and knowledge if you wish to do things right. Sure, you can get lucky, if this is considered a strategy for you.
I took a chance with EuropeFX and Sara, but it proved well. Until now i am very happy with the results, and they are calling me periodically to updates on the progress of my investment and that makes me feel even more comfortable. I am also getting online materials that I try to follow and get directions from. I will certainly continue to listen to Sara as she always pointed me at the right directions, highlighting to me what things worth my attention.
I Would recommend to anyone who is looking to improve their overall financials to check this option and can recommend EuropeFX as a good partner. But please, this is not an easy thing and you should respect what you do with your money. Do it right, listen to them, and you have a good chance to make progress and even enjoy.
Cyprus, Cyprus,
Oct 31, 2019,
Registered user

Good line continues

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Here I am almost two months after, still with EuropeFX, still happy.
I made some more deposits, but more important I also made some withdrawals, and all were handled like magic with no delays and no games.
They didn't bother me with annoying push calls like other brokers used to, but when I needed support, I got it fast.
For me, this is an entirely new experience and I am so happy about it.

Sep 11, 2019 - 4 Stars I tried trading a few years ago, got confused and left it all behind, but I recently came across EuropeFX and had the urge to try again.
Registration was very easy and the approval process was very welcoming and fast. The trading experience is far better than anything I have seen so far. It's very responsive and terms are really fair.
They provide a lot of support channels and great service. Without bothering me too much, they make me feel I am not alone and will always get the help I need.
This all new experience is very interesting for me, although I still trade carefully to gain some more knowledge.
Hope to update with good news soon.
Monza, Italy,
Oct 1, 2019,
Registered user

Best I saw until today

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Trading is not for the faint of heart and for sure not for those who believe in ferry tales of becoming rich just because they invested something in complex trading tools. If you really want to become rich, you better plan for a bumpy ride ahead and put your time and mind to it.
Having said that, I do find EuropeFX the best I encountered so far. They offer a very simple and easy to use environment. All their services are available across all platforms and are understandable. Costs are fair and the whole trading experience feels just welcoming, especially with their support team. And most important, it's a highly regulated environment which is government monitored, so it's all as secured as a bank. My transactions were always handled promptly and I never had doubts about my trading account reliability.
All together, if you want to trade responsibly, EuropeFX is the place for you, at least to my opinion. Sure, you will sometimes lose and sometimes win, but looking for the long run, I will want with me someone who can professionally support me, help me learn from my mistakes and train me to become a better trader.
London SW1, United Kingdom,
Aug 7, 2019,
Registered user

Open honest communication and negotiation lead to problem solved

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

In precis I had a relatively short trading experience with Europe FX lasting for six months from April -September 2018.

My earlier posts will testify to the troubles and trauma experienced at that time. Suffice to say it has taken ten months to come to a satisfactory arrangement but this would not have been achieved without the intervention of Mr Erez Lem of Europe FX.

Mr Lem is the senior officer in charge for internal dispute resolution on behalf of any client who feels they have a grievance and he will investigate and analyse each clients historical trading processes to determine and hopefully bring about a solution.

I would strongly recommend that if anyone else has an issue with Europe FX which needs resolving then they firstly use the internal dispute resolution division of the company ( , which investigates client claims and in many cases lengthy delays as in my own case could be prevented and both parties could be relatively quickly satisfied and an agreement reached.

Losing capital in this risky Forex industry is never an easy scenario to adjust to , and therefore many clients act emotionally and want to first share their experiences on line and defame companies good earned reputation.To those that consider to act that way I would advise firstly to try and hold their feelings and fistly give a chance to the company which is regulated and committed to impartial internal investigation .

As with many large organisations such as Europe FX they are only as good as the personnel employed and in this case and through my own direct experience I was able to substantiate to Mr Lem, who attentively acted as the honest representative of Europe FX. This has seen proactive changes brought about in their operating procedures which hopefully will ensure that going forward cases such as mine do not occur in the future . For Mr Lem and his calm handling of my case I am now able to award Europe FX five stars

Jul 23, 2019 - No Rating After considerable negotiation I have now resolved my position with Europe FX as posted on 24 March 2019. The matter should not have taken as long as it did to resolve our differences but the saying "better late than never "certainly does apply here.
Indeed I would have removed my earlier post but there seems nowhere on this platform of Forex Peace Army to do so, and despite emailing and sending a hard copy letter to the FPA's registered office in USA I have received no response or reply which is disappointing . We live and learn and I will certainly not do any more on line trading in my own life time and that is a certainty .

FPA Review Moderation Team Note:  James,

We've checked and can find NO emails from your address.  A letter arrived significantly after you left this review.  Bill was about to email a response when your new review came in on August 7th.  Since you've now left yet another followup, he'll wait for you to initiate any new contact with the FPA.

If you had clicked the Contact Us link on the bottom of any page in the FPA's forums or reviews, you would have only been 2 or 3 mouseclicks away from finding this...

As explained there, reviews cannot be removed except under the most extreme circumstances.  Instead, all you had to do at any time is what you have done now.  Just submit a new review explaining how the situation has changed.  As you can see, your old review has been nested beneath the new one.  You already updated your review several times, so we are very surprised you didn't figure this out sooner.

If you had still had any questions, that FAQ page contains a contact form.  You would have received an email reply within a few business days.

Mar 24, 2019 - 1 Star EuropeFX Scammed me and caused me to lose almost £1 million Pounds Sterling.
Now after 4 months of delays and deception,they send me an offer of £ 310,000
and expect me to accept?

They will lie to you, rob you , and then expect you to accept an apology and 30%
of your money back….

I will not rest until all or most of my money is returned.

Before you decide to invest with EUROPEFX ask yourself this question Why would they offer £1 ,far less £310,000 in compensation if they were not guilty/or at fault ?

See their latest offer below,

This Deed is made on the 20th of March 2019 between Mr. James Wright of 102 Eaton Terrace London
GB (‘Client’); and EuropeFX operated by MAXIFLEX LTD (the “Company”; together hereinafter the
(A) A dispute arose between the parties, which revolves around the service given to the Client (the
(B) MAXIFLEX LTD is registered as a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with the registration number
HE327484 and which is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with
licence number 258/14.
(C) The Client is the owner of a trading account # 10565475 with the Company (the “Account”).
(D) The Parties agreed by mutual consent to resolve the dispute, on condition that the Company shall
credit the Client’s Account with a sum of GBP 310,000 (Three Hundred and Ten Thousand
British Pounds).
(E) The Parties wish to swiftly finalise the Dispute without prejudice to either party.

Mar 22, 2019 - No Rating Late last year I lost 1 Million GBP with EuropeFX in under a month through fraudulent brokers with silver tongues who enticed me to invest such a large sum. I have subsequently found out that I was their biggest client at that time and no sooner was the money invested the entire trading patterns and personnel changed to quickly empty my account.
Before agreeing to invest this sum in Sept 2018 they offered me VIP trades and services from their most senior brokers and also alluded to inform me that I could double this sum by Christmas by them directly advising me on each trade with inside knowledge.
However their intent was the opposite and the goal became evident when large trades placed culminated in my losing all my money, bar £58k sterling. !
I then immediately contacted EuropeFX and Maxiflex demanding they give me my money back for on investigation I found out, after seeking legal counsel, that Europe FX had contravened all regulation instructions and requirements per the terms of their trading licence.,
My lawyers are now involved and I have lodged an official complaint to CySec .the regulatory body in Cyprus who are the body that issued Maxiflex, the parent company of Europe FX .This complaints has been submitted.
All of my claims and examples of malpractice and foul play are well documented and recorded, and have also been submitted to the CySec.
Subsequently a former employee of EuropeFX, who was one of my account managers up until I deposited into Maxiflex’s bank account circa £850k to make the trading balance up to £1.3m resigned from EuropeFX in disgust at seeing these practices. As soon as the large sums were deposited that contact was informed not to talk further to me and instead I was handed over to two more senior brokers, as alleged who then promptly set about to defraud me. That ex employee has been in touch explaining how their Ponzie scam works and apologizing for the deliberate and total losses EuropeFX led me to sustain.
The purpose of this post is to WARN and ADVISE anyone contemplating opening an account with EUROPEFX/MAXIFLEX to think twice.
The trading platform by which they operate is not a LIVE exchange so any loses you may sustain end up directly into Maxiflex’s bank account .This feature is not made known to clients and only ion investigation was this uncovered . Therefore any losses a client makes is thus Maxiflex’s gain unlike buying stocks and shares directly traded over a live exchange.

Dec 29, 2018 - 1 Star Over the past 6 months I invested more than 1Million GBP with EuropeFX,

Most of my money was lost, within a month of my joining their VIP club. Membership of this club required an investment of £1m

This all happened due to direct, and very BAD trading advice from their staff and account managers, David King,Tom Benita, Gabriel Keha , and a trader named Strahinja all from their Cyprus office.

Once I had made the largest part of my investment with them, and became a “VIP” I was instructed to buy and sell at losses,or low returns . All this time , they were making huge commissions and service SWAP charges accruing to £330,000 in this period with 90% of this figure being made in the last month , All with extremely high leverages that I did not even understand at the time.

Their account managers used remote screen sharing and Skype Messaging as a means of communicating with me and to show me directly what trades to open and close promising recovery trades and “special opportunities” that never came to be.

Within exactly a month of joining the VIP club ,my balance went from 1.3 million sterling to 52k !!

I have so far received only part of the recordings of these calls, after a month
of making constant demands to EuropeFX to release them to me.
From the recordings I have received, I have several transcripts of this mode of operation by the EuropeFX Staff.

Addendum and For your Attention:
Since this has happened, I have been receiving numerous calls and emails from companies and people soliciting and harassing me who obviously received my details through EuropeFX or possibly members of their staff.

Has anyone here had a similar experience with EuropeFX ?

If so what are your Suggestions please ?

Reply by EuropeFx submitted Jun 5, 2019

Dear James,

We are sorry to hear your experience with EuropeFX is not meeting your expectations.

In EuropeFX , we pride ourselves of the high level of service and commitment to your investment and to you.

We invite you to contact our dedicated Clients Relation team and request the opening of an internal audit regarding your claims.

Rest assured that as a regulated platform we take your allegations very seriously.

It is though important to remind the readers of this post that all trades are being placed by the trader himself, and sometime the outcome of the trades are not meeting the expectations by not reaching the originally "expected outcome".

EuropeFX is providing accurate feeds and rates and is at no point guaranteeing profit, as our Risk disclaimer prior depositing are clearly stating, therefore was the client to have lost some funds in trades, it doesn't reflect on the impeccable service EuropeFx is providing.

The life of a trader is composed of wins and losses, while the wins are of course the ultimate hoped for outcome. Although only the losses are being mentioned, the client also experiences some non-negligible winning trades, and it is important to state this fact as well.

Again, we will be happy to investigate this case and address your concerns.

Please contact our support through the available channels; Chat, email or simply through a phone call and we will continue providing you with our professional services.


London, United Kingdom,
Jul 22, 2019,
Registered user

Update.... Resolved

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

EuropeFX have invested quite some time working on a solution to our previous issue. They have offered training, guidance and a fresh practice account to regain confidence, and eventually work with me to build a healthy live account.
I feel they have acted responsibly in working to a resolve, hence this review and rating.

Apr 18, 2019 - 1 Star I Started with a balance of £ 200 as I was a complete novice in trading, I found interesting small currency trading and I was trying to learn as much as I could and wanted to take it slowly. Soon after I'd deposited my first cash sum, my account was handed over to a senior account manager.
I was encouraged to screen share so they could ultimately show me much larger golden opportunities that do not lose! They barraged me with hard sales tactics to entice me into depositing further funds. "Invest in NASDAQ, it just climbs, you can not lose !! It seemed good to be true but these other accounts I was looking hopeful.
The manager proceeded to inform me of the opportunities available with much bigger balances.
conversations continued on a daily basis with my account manager, telling me how much I could earn and I would earn better interest than leaving it to bank account.
Against my instincts, I was convinced to invest £ 17k, then I was told to top it up if my margin fell below 100%, I eventually "invested" £ 20k, my life's savings.
Every time I contacted my account manager, I kept being transferred over to a 'VIP manager' (simply retention managers aiming for further funds) who consistently pressured me to invest more
I was Transferred over to an 'Education analyst' (Staff with a sole purpose of making trade clients, regardless of how the market is suited que at present time)
Misinformed Regarding opportunities and again pressured into investing further funds
Screen share tactics used to draw on screen and encourage you to open positions rather than telling you about the phone all conversations are being recorded.
Lack of support eleven funds have been deposited
Broker clearly uses very high commissions & swaps to ensure they only attract novices who will not understand these charges.
Futures Contracts Expire rather than roll over like all STP / ECN brokers. (I learned this 3 days before the expiration date, which cost me 6k)
Use of MaxiFlex as a liquidity provider rather than corporate banks, CLEAR conflict of interest.
Very reluctant to allow withdrawals and will come up with every excuse under the sun to prevent you from withdrawing. If EuropeFX is a genuine broker they would simply be making money from commissions and would not be interested in blocking withdrawals.
Obviously, most of the brokers are licensed under Cysec and lack any other entity as a regulator ASIC & FCA, etc ...
Boiler room tactics

I lost my life's savings and any chance of saving for my family's future.

I will not rest until my money is returned and EuropeFX are under investigation !!

Reply by EuropeFx submitted May 27, 2019 Dear Gordon,

We are sorry to hear your experience with EuropeFX is not meeting your expectations.

In EuropeFX , we pride ourselves of the high level of service and commitment to your investment and to you.

We have been informed which our dedicated Client Relations team were already in contact with you and they are doing their best to review your dissatisfaction with us,

Therefore we would kindly appreciate your patient.



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