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4.583 · 16 REVIEWS
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SwingFish.trade profile provided by swingfish, May 30, 2018

SwingFish is a Non-Profit trader community, with the strict aim of removing the conflict of Interest totally. So all tools, help materials, codes, and services provided are free of charge!

Additionally, SwingFish is IB partnered with several brokers, but instead of pocketing profits gained from commissions, SwingFish returns those profit to the members, which leads to better a trading conditions.

In cooperation with EnFoid Singapore, SwingFish offers a Risk-Free Program where instead of speculative wins, simple Interest is being paid, which completely removed the client risks.

SwingFish is a registered brand owned by EnFoid.


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4.583 · 16 REVIEWS
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May 30, 2018,
Registered user

I've used several Trading room services, but none provide better Value to Price ratio than SwingFish.trade. (I forgot to say I work there)

I started using this service back in January 2018 so here are the pros and cons of SwingFish.trade

+Signals have good result, more than 50% success rate, and it's free.
+They also giveaways indicators and Auto Hedge Algo for free.
+Owner is responsive in chat during livestreams
+News Aggregator built into the chat room
+Useful bots command such as Currency Strength Indicator and ATR in the chat room.
+Bot notify members of upcoming economic events and market open/close in the chat room
+Solid education materials for new traders
+Helpful members, most of the times
+If you use the owner IB, he pay you back the commission he gained from the broker
+The owner keeps trading journals everyday, which are readily accessible.

-No Indicators and EA for Metatraders
-No Automated Signals following for Metatrader and Cmirror for Ctrader.
-Chat room can gets a little too toxic somtimes
Forex Peace Army
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Aqua Man,
United Kingdom,
Dec 3, 2018,

Best Discord Signal Group Ever definetly Suggest them to anyone who wants to start and learn Forex Trading and also Accurate Signals
Lagos, Nigeria,
Oct 11, 2019,
Registered user

Transparency, Dedication & Profitability

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I joined swingfish about 2 months ago and I have been able to take my trades to the next level. The ideology of risk management in the community is next to none and the team leading the community have been helpful, straightforward and very transparent. The dedication to traders on the platform and the support from other members is awesome.

I am now a better trader because of I am a member of the community. And the best part is ... Everything here is absolutely free.
May 29, 2018,
Registered user

great community of traders who share ideas and help you become a good trader! The website is great and chatroom is great as well. Mario is a good trader
Suan Luang, Suan Luang, Thailand,
Jul 12, 2018,
Registered user

Cozy small community - no bulls*** sales people, just traders try to become better traders

My Username on the swingfish community is known as franky-sir-candledick, im normally not the person leaving reviews - however after finding this section here I feel the need of doing exactly that.
I'm a member on swingfish for 10 months or close to 10 months, I'm located in Thailand just like the admin and we found each other on the well known website trading view, where we instantly find connection because it happened to be we both are German too.
he invited me to swingfish and told me about the concept to be a more professional counterpart to most boards forums or chats out there are mostly not really helping the learning curve but is more of a "I'm better than you" ranting space.
Those days swingfish was still small with just a few hundred members, within the 10 months of being a member at swingfish community we saw people coming and leaving, mostly the people can't give you proper reasoning about a trading idea or just are there to post their trading results left because that's what i guess none of the members rarely do like to see.
But the majority of members came in and stayed - from very new, to medium advanced to real pro traders because the idea of sharing pain or technical ideas and discussion of those is what made us all increase in learning speed or even see things from a new perspective (at least that counts for me because i was really new to trading before i entered swingfish)
To me what i like at the community is that nobody try to sell you s*** signals or lesions or things alike, you also don't find the average "blind callers" but the majority is there just for getting feedback or sharing ideas / concepts of trading - or in other words, what you have is the essential stuff one need to become a better trader and learn faster.
one last thing about the previous comment. because i know the person well and i find it extremely unfair that he blames the entire community while we tried very very hard to make him be able to connect to us, he ranted on female members, behaved very arrogant and ignorant and knowing that he is a bit sick we tried for weeks out very best to integrate him into our community because he is a nice person deep inside , just lack the understanding of what's rude or offensive - especially myself spoke i think days with him personally to help him, and it's a bit sad to see that with all the help what i or also others get is a blame :(
United Kingdom,
May 30, 2018,
Registered user

Helpful community, no selling, refreshing change.

A very cool community that is not trying to ram products down your throat. SwingFish seems to put it all out there for you with his live stream, trading logs and videos. I've found the discord channel helpful with news alerts and chat. After a few years going round in circles with Forex I have to admit it's nice to find a helpful place that isn't full of BS.
DE, Germany,
May 30, 2018,
Registered user

Great, openminded and very active community

I really enjoy being part of the Swingfish community. There are a lots of helpful and expirienced daytraders from all over the world, which share trading basics, trade ideas and trading results.
So you never feel alone, no matter what time it is. There is always someone who is trading and willing to help you.
Marios Website (swingfish.trade) offers great value articles, which helped me on my way to become a consistant trader and generate a second income stream.
Vienna, Austria,
Mar 16, 2019,

Best Discord Community

As a beginner of forex trading, this community have helped me so much becoming a better trader. People here always take time to answer my questions I was curious about. Also lots of amazing tools are available to any trader in the discord channel. I can recommend it to any beginner and experienced traders
Viet Nam,
Aug 21, 2018,
Registered user

Love this product!

+Signals have good result, more than 50% success rate, and it's free.
+They also giveaways indicators and Auto Hedge Algo for free.
+Owner is responsive in chat during livestreams
+News Aggregator built into the chat room

+ None
Moldova, Moldova, Republic of,
May 31, 2018,
Registered user

Solid community and great site

Great channel to learn and share anything related to trading activities.
I can honestly say that as someone new to trading, I learned the most from this site/channel. The community is welcoming and easily share any available tools.

Also there is no impression that there is any push marketing. Clean and solid stuff.