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Jay Meisler
Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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Aug 4, 2022,
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Not sure how to evaluate

Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months
I tried this subscription for a month. During that time I was lost as to how the indicator worked. I tried to go through the training, but watching older videos doesnt carry the ability to have questions answered.

I give it 3 stars because, while I am not sure how to use the indicator (does not mean the indicator doesn't work) rather it is because of the insatiable appetite many of these Vendors have with trying to get you on board with funding.

I want going to leave a review until the recent training webinar prompted me to. I signed up so I could give the Amazing Trader one last shot to get a general idea how it worked. But within the first 30 minutes the webinar spoke about funding.

But like my last review, it doesnt make any sense to me to get me funded if I cannot understand the indicator that helps make the money to pass the test. Am I the only one who shares this mindset? OF COURSE I want to get funded, but that comes AFTER I am seeing strategies work, right?

What I see is many Vendors making a profit off of the customer but using the easy approach. It is my understanding that this is lucrative for many Vendors because they get an "affiliation" fee. And that's fine, but in my old fashioned manner I want them to "help" the customer achieve a good trading status and not by simply throwing videos at us.

From my very little contact with the owners of the Amazing Trader, I think they are nice people and their indicator may work. But paying for an indicator and then having to pay another subscription for the "training area" is just endless ways for them to empty the wallet of those who dont have much money to start with.

If anything changes in the future I will certainly update the review.,
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